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No Drum Fills for The Beatles: Rock Band

My First Drumset

It didn’t look like there were any during any of the E3 coverage, but Casey Malone from Harmonix confirmed that thinking today on Twitter. Instead, drum overdrive is activated simply by hitting a glowing green note.  The entire path will begin to glow green just before the note is to be hit, so you’ll know that it is an activation note.  What do you think? Can you do without the drum fill overdrive activation in The Beatles: Rock Band, or do you prefer the game more fiction-based with Ringo rocking out impromptu-style on the drums?

Lego Rock Band Demo Video at E3

Lego Rock Band

It seemed like most of E3 was devoted to The Beatles: Rock Band, but Lego Rock Band was also there getting some face time. Gamespot was on hand getting some of the details for us. Watch towards the end (at about the 9:00 mark); looks like some of the bugs still need to be worked out! Looks great, though!

Beatles: Rock Band Cameo on Jimmy Fallon

The Beatles: Rock Band and a few of the Harmonix staff make a brief appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night as Jason Sudeikis from SNL tours E3.  Pretty good stuff…

Harmonix Folks E3 Closing Comments

Harmonix at E3 Booth

Casey Malone from Harmonix managed to grab a number of his cohorts last night, the final night of E3, and get some closing comments via AudioBoo. Check them out below:

Nate Stoddard AKA NateACLRecovery – QC Coordinator:

John Drake AKA Johntdrake – Manager of Communications and Special Projects:

Hope’s P!nk Sweater (Brock, Joey, and Ryan) – Pepsi’s E3 Drink Up, Rock Out Promo Winner:

Josh Randal and Stephanie Myers – Creative Director and Publicist for The Beatles: Rock Band:

Aaron Trites AKA HMXHenry – Associate Manager of Community:

Mr. Pope, HMX Veng, and HMX Thrasher:

John Pardo – Audio QA:

Caleb Epps AKA Nekkobus – Composer/Sound Designer:

Casey Malone AKA HMXCasey:

The Beatles: Rock Band Opening Cinematic (Better Quality)

The good people at Joystiq have been able to get a little better info on the opening cinematic:

One of the best things we’ve seen at E3, hands-down, has been the cartoon introduction to The Beatles: Rock Band. It was directed by Pete Candeland, of Gorillaz and Guitar Hero II animation fame. Seriously, this thing just makes our jaws collectively drop every time we see it, and we wish this was what the game actually looked like.

The animation magazine Frames Per Second has the most accurate description of the trailer: “They manage to tell the career-spanning, mind-bending story of the Beatles in a couple of minutes, seamlessly blending well designed 2-D and 3-D styles of animation.” We agree.

Here’s the cinematic again, in better quality:

[Via Joystiq]

Harmonix on Jimmy Fallon Tomorrow (6/4)


Well… not Jimmy Fallon himself, but rather his show.  I’ll try to record it and post a video the day after!  Be sure to watch or set your DVR.  Just watch anyway, it’s a good show!