What We Know About Rock Band 4 (Part 2)

Rock Band 4

Well, instead of adding to our existing “What We Know About Rock Band 4” post, we figured we would create a brand new post, and we’ll try to have a post featuring all the Rock Band 4 news in the header at the top in the near future. In the meantime, the folks over at IGN this month will be featuring a whole lot of new Rock Band 4 information, and today we’ve learned the following info:

So tell me about the gameplay features!

It’s still a little early for that, but IGN described it as “Rock Band RPG.” Alli Thresher, Rock Band 4 designer, comments that they want everything in the game to feel like the player is living the story: “We want you to step up to the mic and interact with them, tell jokes, have them respond to your jokes, you know? Everything’s about all the stuff that all of us might have experienced, and want to share it with the people playing the game.”

What resolution will Rock Band 4 run at?

60 frames per second on 1080p.


What new features can we expect for DRUMS?

The drummer will have the ability to start each song in a band. Start tapping the green pad or cymbal peripheral and it will trigger to start your performance. And yes, the old cymbal peripherals will be compatible, and if you didn’t get in on that the first time around, there will be new ones for you to purchase.

Also changed are drum fills. Random drum fills will be thrown at you by the game. “If you have enough Overdrive power to complete playing the fills, the system will just serve up a random sequence of fills from a pool,” explained Greg LoPiccolo, Rock Band 4’s creative lead. “Every fill that you play is completely in time and sounds great. They are all authored, but you have the real experience drummers have of having to be random every time through the song.” It doesn’t sound like the fills are specifically authored for each of the songs in the Rock Band catalog, but rather pull from a pool of fills by genre: metal fills, pop fills, country fills, etc. This is backwards compatible, and applicable to all existing songs in the library.

What about for the vocalists?

OK, this is awesome. All existing songs in the Rock Band library are getting harmony upgrades! What’s most interesting is that this was not a result of Harmonix’s efforts, but rather Espher and the RB Harmonies Project (@RBHarmProj)! Head here for more info about the group. (Thanks to @pksage for the correction… and the coordination of the project!)

Also new is the ability for singers (and the hardcore will love this) to perform freeform melodies! So long as you can sing freeform melodies in tune, the game will give you credit for the performance. The game can track this by filling up your score multiplier meter both clockwise (traditional scoring) and counterclockwise (improvisation scoring).

Any artists confirmed yet?

Nothing confirmed, but read the article. They literally couldn’t put any more Bruce Springsteen references in it. (Although, it sounds like that may just be wishful thinking from the IGN author.)

Fine, what about everyone’s favorite peripheral… the STAGE KIT?!

I wouldn’t expect it to be includ… wait, what? It’s going to be?! HOLY SHIT. STAGE KIT SUPPORT WILL BE INCLUDED.

[via IGN]

Two More Songs Being De-Listed From The Rock Band Music Store


Another re-licensing update has been posted, with two more songs set to be de-listed from the store in the next couple of weeks. Those songs are:

  • Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch
  • Silversun Pickups – Sort Of

The songs are currently set to be removed as of May 12, but the usual de-listing warning applies to not wait until the last day, as the console manufacturers may remove the songs early. Also, as usual, if you’ve already previously purchased these songs, you will be unaffected by this announcement.

[Official Announcement]

Dance Central: Spotlight On-Sale This Week + DLC for 4/28


If you have an Xbox One with a Kinect sensor, and an Xbox Live Gold membership, but haven’t pulled the trigger on Dance Central: Spotlight, now is as good a time as any as it has been announced that Dance Central: Spotlight is 50% off for Xbox Live Gold members as part of this week’s Deals With Gold, through May 4.

In addition, you can pick up two new songs starting today as well:

  • Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  • Flo Rida ft. Sage the Gemini and Lookas – GDFR

The following legacy song is also available now:

  • Tag Team – Whoomp! (There It Is)

[Official Announcement]

Green Day: Rock Band Export No Longer Available After April 30

Green Day: Rock Band

Have a copy of Green Day: Rock Band? Haven’t exported it? You might want to get on that.

It was announced today on the Harmonix forums that the Green Day: Rock Band export will only be available until April 30, so you only have a little more than a week to do the export if you haven’t already. As with all licensing expirations, if you’ve already done the export, this will have no effect on you.

Also, as of right now, this has no effect on the other Green Day songs available on the store as DLC.

[Official Announcement]

Rock Band 4 Fan Playlist – @sgoast

Rock Band 4 Fan Playlist

We have another installment of our Rock Band 4 Fan Playlist feature, with this week’s contribution coming from @sgoast, a regional volunteer for Extra Life, the gaming fundraising event for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You can sign up to play games and help save lives at extra-life.org!

Feel free to talk about the selections in the comments, or discuss the playlist on Twitter! And if there’s anyone you would like to recommend for submitting a playlist, let us know!

Rock Band Sale on Xbox 360 This Week

Rock Band

Harmonix has announced a Rock Band sale on the Xbox 360 starting today, April 7 (with one exception), until April 12. The savings vary depending on whether you’re an Xbox Live Silver, or Xbox Live Gold member. The sale content, which includes both games, and DLC that you’ll be able to use in Rock Band 4 later this year, is as follows:

  • Rock Band 3 (Games on Demand) – Normally $19.99, Currently $11.99 (40% off) for Silver members, $9.99 (50% off) for Gold members
  • Aerosmith Greatest Dimension 6 Pack – Normally $9.99, Currently $5.99 (40% off) for Silver members, or $4.99 (50% off) for Gold members
  • The Black Keys Pack 02 – Normally $5.49, Currently $3.29 (40% off) for Silver members, or $2.75 (50% off) for Gold members
  • Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Pack 01 – Normally $6.99, Currently $4.19 (40% off) for Silver members, or $3.49 (50% off) for Gold members
  • Ozzy Osbourne 8 Pack – Normally $13.49, Currently $8.09 (40% off) for Silver members, or $6.75 (50% off) for Gold members
  • Rock Band Blitz – Normally $14.99, Starting April 10, $7.49 (50% off) for Silver members, or $6.00 (60% off) for Gold members

Also, while you’re shopping, if you’re a Kinect owner, check out Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved from Harmonix which is part of the same sale on either Xbox One, or Xbox 360.

[Official Announcement]