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John Drake Answers Your Questions at PAX
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John Drake Answers Your Questions at PAX

Tiffany AKA ElektraFi was able to steal John Drake away from the madness that is PAX to ask John the questions you guys and gals submitted. Unlike my conversation with him at PAX East, Tiffany got the entire thing on video, and thus I’m including it below.

I’m also including the questions asked and John’s paraphrased responses (with links directly to the instance in the video) after the video, so check that out if that’s your thing!

Beatles DLC?!?!

Nothing’s currently planned, but never say never.


See Beatles DLC above.

Will RB3 have any improved matchmaking capabilities for finding online players with the same DLC as you, or at least those with a larger volume of DLC?

If you play a friend’s setlist, and you are missing a song, Rock Band 3 will give you the option to buy the song so you can complete the setlist. John also commented that “I’m also fairly confident we didn’t solve the problem to the community’s liking,” but said that he will find out more from Brian Chan, as there may have been a few things he may have been inadvertently leaving out.

Can the new road challenges (the 30 minute – 3 hour tours) be done online, or only locally?

Online works the same as normal band career, so yes.

Is there more to ‘regular tour’ aside from doing a boatload of challenges? Is there a structured tour to play?

It’s more challenges than a linear tour. The nice thing is that no matter where you play (quickplay, trainer, challenges, etc.), when you sign your band in, you’re constantly racking up a score for your band, similar to leveling up in an RPG.

Does the online mode support up to 5 players so everyone gets scored, or is it just like local play where everybody except vocals get scored?

You can’t have a fifth player scored in your band, as each instrument needs to be assigned to a controller, with a max of four, so the fifth non-scoreable player by default becomes the vocalist in the “All Instruments Mode.”

Please elaborate on character creator. Do we get to start with the familiar pre-fab faces and alter from there if we so choose?

More details soon, but the options make it so you can change MUCH more than in previous titles. I’ve heard there are additional details in this month’s Edge magazine, so definitely pick that up.

Will all the clothing/hair from RB1/2 still be there to re-create our favorite bands?

Yes, most of the character assets and pre-fabs will be updated for the new visual styles and carried over.

For custom characters, can their animation style (rock/punk/goth/metal) be changed after creation?

Animation style has been removed from the character creator, as the animation style for the characters will be more closely tied to the song itself.

Only 4 characters on screen at once, correct? How are the 4 chosen when playing alone or with a full band?

There’s still some confusion, so John said he will check, as he’s seen some Rock Band 3 builds with 4 and some with 5 characters on screen. (Tommy to send an email to remind John.)

If I make a setlist and choose a male song to sing I will see a male singer character, or is it gonna be a random female character singing this male song?

There’s some confusion around the answer to this question, so go check out John’s response.

Can we share our characters with our friends, or at least, our designs (similar to how we can share playlists)?

Characters are stored in the save game data, so you’ll be able to do that by only restoring someone else’s save game on your machine.

Can you give use details on Rock Band 2 exporting for the consoles (possibility, songs, prices, Wii-inclusion)?

Exports for all three consoles, and like Rock Band 1, there may a few songs that cannot be exported due to re-licensing issues. More details from Harmonix in the next few days.

Will the new DLC be the same price?

DLC pricing for normal charts (including keys) will remain the same, but there may be an additional fee for Pro-charts (specifically Pro-guitar and Pro-bass).

Will there be clothing and instrument DLC?

More news coming in the next few weeks regarding this.

Are the GameStop pre-order songs also available as “purchase-able” DLC, for those of not taking advtange of the GameStop promo?

They will be available to purchase once the exclusivity period has ended (no word on how long that may be).

Will there be a super bundle (Squier + Keyboards + Pro Drums Cymbals + Game), or is that in MadCatz’s discretion?


Can you use the Mustang and Squier to play non-pro guitar songs?

Mustang yes, Squier no.

Any possibility now or in the future of a 4 string pro bass controller?

There’s always a possiblity in the future, however it’s probably not going to happen for a number of reasons (John explains perfectly in the video).

Is there a tab reading mode or something similar for regular guitar owners who want to learn the guitar tabs included in every song but can’t afford the pro guitar?

Sylvain is writing a ‘Zine article on RockBand.com coming out soon about game modifiers, but John did give us this:

“There’s a mode in Rock Band 3 where you can turn on a modifier… so you know how the finger wave shows you where your index finger is, if I remember, and the rest is just a shape? There’s a mode that you can turn on that will actually show you where every finger should be in the shape, so it will for a power chord, or for a bar chord, it will say, if you’re on the fourth fret, fours for everything except for the notes that are higher, it will have sixes for those and fives for the ones above that. So it gets really complicated. We show you the position of every single fret in that chord. The reason we didn’t include that in the normal mode of the game, is because it is terrifying! It is like hundreds of notes and numbers screaming down the screen at you. It’s like if you’re a real pro-guitar player, you’ll be totally used to it, but if you’re not, it’s like unfathomably complicated. The design team did a lot of work and did a great job. I’m excited about it. But that modifier is there if you’re trying to figure out something.”

Since the announcement of the Rock Band Pro feature, have there been any changes in how bands react, when approached about licensing their songs for the games? Meaning: Have bands, that weren’t going to have anything to do with rhythm games now become open to being in Rock Band, just because of the Pro-Feature?

Not yet. Hopefully after launch.

Will Rock Band 3 have full band tiering?

He will check and get back to us.

Will there be bass solos?

John is pretty sure there is, but will double check.

Are there new calibration settings/options?

Very similar, and will be fine tuned.

Are “big rock endings” still included in Rock Band 3?

Not in the video here, but yes.

99 Responses to “John Drake Answers Your Questions at PAX”

  • AnimeCow says:

    John can be such a jerk in such a good way.

  • We can make fat characters.

    My dream. .-.

  • HeXcoda says:

    It’s worth noting that in the video itself, for “Can you play five people online?” the answer is “Only four players.” So, even though he goes on to explain how All-Instruments mode works, looks like it’s limited to four online in general and we won’t see online AIM.

    I’m all for that, frankly; if I’m doing vocals online I don’t want the band to fill up and suddenly I don’t matter anymore and may as well go make a sandwich.

    The “Pro charts may cost more” throws up some alarms… I still think the number of people going Pro guitar will be limited, but if Pro keys are also extra…

    • HeXcoda says:

      Scratch that — in the video he specifically says pro-guitar and pro-bass. So, pro-keys and pro-drums would be in the basic DLC unit.

    • non_zero says:

      The thing is 4 players is not technical a limitation of online play for any game, so if they enabled 5 players online there’s no reason the 5th player wouldn’t be able to contribute to score.

      • HeXcoda says:

        Except that involves a LOT of special case coding in the game just to allow 5 players in one specific instance, including changes to the overshell to allow five UIs, since basically the whole game is playable online without needing to go to a special “online mode”.

        On top of that, the leaderboards will be wrecked to hell if the only way you can possibly top them is if you play online. Local bands that kick incredible amounts of ass would appear maybe halfway up the list, at best.

        If you can’t do it off, you can’t do it on, for purposes of fairness and efficiency.

        • non_zero says:

          If special case coding is the only way to make a system that doesn’t disenfranchise vocalists then that’s what they need to do, in my opinion.

          Oh well, maybe in RB4.

  • Sorixas says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to wait almost 2 months.

  • SebastianSB says:

    The new look for guitar solos will take some getting used to.

  • goronhead says:

    So the Wii is finally getting exporting, that’s good. But then is it safe to assume that there’s going to be SDHC card support for RB3?

    • Zaphod42 says:

      SO damn glad to read this! Now I only hope that the official announcement coming shortly will clarify, if that includes exports from RB1, L:RB, GD:RB and the track packs. I don’t see a reason, why it shouldn’t, but it’s always good to hear it directly from Harmonix. Heck, even if a song or 2 are left out, I’d still take “most exports” over “no exports” anytime! ! !
      As for SDHC: I’d be extremely surprised, if that wasn’t supported, but let’s wait and see…

    • Matt says:

      WAHOOO! I’m curious to about what exactly will be exportable, but I’ll take some over none right now.

      And I’m almost 100% positive that SDHC will be included. In fact, I’d be surprised if they even had an option to not include it.

    • Ty says:

      SDHC I’m 110% positive RB3 is gonna have it. Beatles has it and the only reason RB2 didn’t have it was cause the Wii didn’t support SDHC when the game came out

  • Bionic92 says:

    I would buy a Pro Bass. There really is a different feel between a guitar and a bass.

    • Xzyliac says:

      I would on the basis that (A) real bass kicks so much more ass than RB bass, (B) basslines just feel so fucking cool, and (C) I actualy really need a bass. 😛

      • Spiff Bat says:

        Absolutely! I just bought a Squire to start learning guitar, but my fave in Rock Band is bass, so I planned on learning real base after I got the basics of guitar down. If my first bass could be the Pro Bass, that would be great.

        Also, take that, haters! I started learning real guitar because of a video game!

  • Mcmax3000 says:

    Definitely yes to big rock endings. The group that played in front of us at PAX had one at the end of their song.

  • Zaphod42 says:

    Thanks ElektraFi and Tommy for getting this video up so quickly! Great new information! Now let me go through all the coverage from the panel to see if I missed any info on the Squier-connecting-through-MIDI-adaptor / console-neutrality question. If there hasn’t been anything yet, could you possibly include the question in your follow-up E-Mail to John Drake? Thanks again! ! !

  • skydog says:

    Awesome information, thank you to John Drake and RBA, and PAX of course 😛
    Anyhow… I watched the freebird video.. and that solo looks uber awesome!

    • Spiff Bat says:

      And as the voice-over noted, drums and bass are no slouches either. In other news, I couldn’t see the keys avatar anywhere in that video; further evidence to a 4-avatar limit, or just a demo build?

  • Darrel says:

    okay, so if they have to re-license songs when they port them from RB2 to RB3, does that mean they’ll do pro guitar, drums and keys for those songs?

    • Bionic92 says:

      It does not mean that. Re-licensing does not involve re-charting the songs for Pro mode or adding a keys audio stream.

  • comp says:

    Stay awesome, JohnD.

  • BravoGangUS says:

    Are the leaderboards fixed this time around?

    When playing online is there a way to ONLY show songs that everyone has? Rather than seeing a ton of grayed out songs on your screen.

    Also, no questions asked about ps3? 🙁 Come on, need answers to questions like:

    Will PS3 support a True Full Band (Vocals Get Scored), since the PS3 can support like 7 Controllers at once? [Doubt it though cause they favor 360 more :P]

    Will PS3 have REAL voice chat support (hear people talking through headset rather than TV)?

    Will it have Players Met Functionality, so we can see everyone we played online with?

    Is the invite system any better? In RB2, you have to slowly scroll through a list of all your friends rather than maybe using the XMB Friend List.

  • Xzyliac says:

    Characters finally switch out when the singer’s gender changes?

    For some reason that just made me go “Badass!” It’s such a simple little thing but for some reason that totally made me happy. Great question.

    • BathTub says:

      It didn’t really sound like he said that, I am fairly sure it will be the same as it ever was.

      • Xzyliac says:

        His answer was a simple “Yes”.

        Unless the question was just worded weirdly and I misread it but I just read it 3 times again and I’m preeettty sure I’m reading it right.

        If I’m playing Walkin’ On the Sun there’ll be a male character and if the next song is Heart of Glass a female character takes his place.

        Right? Otherwise that question is either misleading or my brain is seeing things it wants. 🙁

        • skyttskytt says:

          I can’t respond to a reply that already exists for some reason, my submit button disappears, but anyway…


          You’re reading too much into what he said. He only answered based on a single song example, not gender changes mid-setlist.

          The paraphrasing isn’t correct (if RBA wants to change that). “If I make a setlist, and I choose a male song to sing, will I see a male character or is it going to be a random female character singing this song?” is the question he was asked, and he answers with essentially yes, you’ll get a male character.

          The “but if the next one is voiced by a female singer, will the in-game character singer change to a female one?” wasn’t asked, and he didn’t respond to that.

        • DJ-MAT says:

          “If I make a setlist and choose a male song to sing I will see a male singer character, but if the next one is voiced by a female singer, will the in-game character singer change to a female one?”

          I wrote that question, and I don’t know exactly if Drake understood perfectly that. I tried to do the question as good and concrete as i could xD (I’m from Spain, my english is not perfect). Reading the written answer looks good, but looking at the video I understand that if you have a female character in the band, not the singer, that female one will sing. Am I right?

    • Aw says:

      BathTub is right. All Drake said in the video interview is that you can assign stand-in characters for your band, like in Tour Mode of RB2. Neither Tiffany nor John really understood the question.

    • Xzyliac says:

      Well I am officially confused as all hell. So I’m just going to assume nothing’s changed and be very very sad.

      Would be nice if Tiffany or RBA stepped in with a little damage control/clarification/fixination. It seems like there’s more than just me who are confused.

      • RockBandAide says:

        I prepared the questions, Tiffany asked them, and John answered them. There’s always some room for error, but we’re all trying our best to get you as much info about the game as possible at this point.

        If my paraphrased answer is incorrect, this is why I included the entire video, as well as a link to the question and answer on video. Interpret as you will (you’ll see that it’s not as easy as most people assume it is).

        • Tiffany says:

          I was also trying to be respective of John’s time while holding the cam in one hand and my iPhone with the questions in the other. No easy feat…let me tell you. 😉

          We can add this as well as other items to the follow-up email to see if we can get a more specific response.

        • Aw says:

          It’s totally understandable that there would be some confusion; the way DJ-MAT worded the question makes it a little tricky to understand. And it might even have to be more long-winded to come across properly. If you guys do ask John in a follow-up email, maybe you could ask it this way…

          “In Rock Band 2, prefabricated vocalist characters join the player’s band when no one is playing vocals locally or online. During a setlist, a prefab vocalist character will sing both male and female songs, regardless of their character gender (prefab character gender is determined by the first song in the setlist). The community would like to know if prefab vocalists in Rock Band 3 will automatically “swap out” for one another mid-setlist based on gender, i.e. a male prefab singing a song by David Bowie will be replaced by a female prefab if the next song is by Joan Jett.”

          It’s a lot of text to explain an incredibly minute detail of the game that apparently bothers, like, 30 people.

          • Tiffany says:

            I was looking back through some of my videos from PAX and I do not believe that is the case whether you’re in a setlist or not, at least in the all instruments mode. I saw the same female singer for songs like Cold As Ice and One Armed Scissor which should have had male singers if I understand the question correctly.

  • MCA says:

    So online vocals scoring counts, but offline it doesn’t? Did I get this right? Hope so, coz all I do is sing, don’t want to left out online.

    • HeXcoda says:

      Not quite.

      Offline, once you have guitar + guitar + drums + keys you’ve maxed out the band. Vocals are added in but are unscored and another player selects difficulties for you since you have no controller. They’re just an extra on top of the rest. Alternatively you can dump an instrument in favor of full scored vocals.

      Online, any four instruments can play, so you can’t have all going at once.

      • skydog says:

        I just watched videos of it.. and they have all 5 instruments going at once and all being scored (what I saw….)
        It’s the freebird guy’s channel.
        Don’t know if i saw it wrong though………

  • SamFo says:

    If anyone ever gets a chance can they ask about the Pearl jam project?

  • skyttskytt says:

    Huh, guess that reply worked, even though I didn’t tell it to reply there. This thing is bugging out on my browser.

    • Jochem Kooistra says:

      I’ve seen the same issue appear. It appears the submit button turns invisible, but is still there, at the usual spot. You can select the text to see where it is located. Hope that helps!

  • Folkeye says:

    So sad about losing character attitude. It’s what gave them some uniqueness. Now we all get to be song generic. Joy. At least it sounds like we can rebuild our characters (‘most’ stuff is there).

    Guess we can assume we can assign our own band stand-ins (be it 4 or 5 band members) since they have yet to figure who is on screen or if it’s a 5 avatar game (but four online since one would be left out of the score)?

    Thanks for asking questions for us though 🙂

    • Andre says:

      Yeah, I’m sad about losing the “character attitude”. I was even hoping they’d include MORE options, certainly not remove it completely. Oh well.

  • ATonyVideo says:

    Whats going to happen to vocal talkies?

  • McCrae says:

    Hehehe his face at the end

  • Folkeye says:

    I guess one more thing if any other questions can be asked/e-mailed/ or have know answers. The in game cutscenes of your band… will they be re-watchable at leisure like in Lego RB? 🙂

  • LoopyChew says:

    DLC pricing for normal charts (including keys) will remain the same, but there may be an additional fee for Pro-charts (specifically Pro-guitar and Pro-bass).

    Wait, does this mean we have modular DLC? We can purchase Pro-guitar/bass charts apart from normal DLC?

    …does anyone else think this is how RB/RB2 DLC will be retrofitted with Pro charts (assuming this happens, and it IS a big assumption), and how maybe RBN charts will be retrofitted post-RBN 2.0?

    • Jochem Kooistra says:

      Could be. It’s possible they would include (pro) keys and harmonies in updates to older songs.

      But I don’t like the idea of paying more for Pro Guitar/Bass. They didn’t use this strategy before, when drums and vocals were new. While I realize this is different and there’s probably more work involved, I’m shelving out a lot of money for a Pro instruments, yet I have to continue paying more to be able to actually use it. Does not seem right to me. Harmonix have probably given it plenty of thought, but I hope this is not true.

      • LoopyChew says:

        They didn’t back when drums and vocals were new because they’d never done DLC before; it was Activision handling the pricing for GH2.

        It’s also true that those of us shelling out hardcore money for the hardware aren’t going to be the majority of the gamer base, unlike the original base instruments. And really, the only thing this is going to affect is Pro Guitar/Bass, which as they’ve pointed out basically takes up as much work as the charting on all other instruments. Pro keys and drums are included in the original DLC package (pretty much literally, when it comes to pro drums).

        I find it intriguing and am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

        • HeXcoda says:

          What’s really gonna burst your noodle is: If the pro charts are a separate DLC package, how does this affect online play? What if you have the pro chart for a song but nobody else does, can you still play pro?

          • argyle says:

            You know, I thought that all DLC going forward was going include pro charts.

            Now that I’m hearing about this pricing structure, I’m wondering the same things you are about playing online. Assuming you can play pro charts with someone who only has basic what I’d like to know what the person who doesn’t have the pro charts version sees on their end when you’re playing.

            Also, what happens if you suddenly decide to play pro 6 months into the game but all the DLC you’ve bought in that time period is non pro. How will the difference in pricing be handled? Will a player have to buy all the songs again? It seems like this price increase/difference could be messy.

            If I were HMX I would leave the price of new DLC unchanged and firesale the old DLC at 50% off. They’d make hell of a lot more money that way, though their Rock Band Store servers would probably crash.

  • Quina says:

    I play nothing but vocals on Rock Band, does this mean no one’s going to want to play with me now? 🙁

    • HeXcoda says:


      In general the game acts like RB2. Four instruments play, four instruments are scored. The only time vocals are unscores is when the four instruments in specific are guitar+bass+drum+keys. That means NO vocalist game controllers active. In that situation, they ADD vocals just as an unscored extra feature. So, in effect, you’re never really playing five players, just four.

      Whenever an actual vocalist is signed in with a controller, online or offline, that vocalist will be scored.

  • Aw says:

    Overall, these were some pretty fantastic questions. Some really in-depth nuggets of information that only us Rock Band nerds would give a shit about. Nice job.

  • Asphyx1ateD says:

    It should be possible to score all instruments on PS3, given we can have 7 controller ports (wirelessly). I hate how ’cause the 360 can’t do it, the PS3 isn’t “allowed” to. I was looking forward to seeing “real” full band FCs (G/B/K/V/D).

    • RockBandAide says:

      People on the leaderboards would FREAK if their band scores on the 360 were less than those on the PS3 because of a difference in programming the SAME game.

      • BravoGangUS says:

        If it was the other way around things would probably be different.
        If the 360 could do it and the ps3 couldn’t they’d make it so the 360 version has it without any regard to ps3 people

    • ThatDudeBo says:

      As always, Rock band Aide, you’re right. I mean, c’mon, imagine if they actually made that Rock band network thing they’ve been talking about, but couldn’t do, because the Ps3 didn’t have anything similar to XNA. people would FREAK, if the number of songs on the 360 were less than those on the Ps3, because of a difference in programming in the SAME game.

      Oh no wait a sec…

      • RockBandAide says:

        A similar update could probably be rolled out to the PS3 (not the Wii) if there was a comparable platform to the XNA on Sony. Staggering feature sets on two similar gaming consoles is slightly different. Think of it from this standpoint (and you’re not going to like this answer if you’re on the PS3 or Wii): There’s more (quantity-wise) passionate (and DLC-buying) players on the 360 than the PS3 and the Wii combined. Leaving out a feature for the Wii or PS3 is going to piss off LESS people than if you slighted your larger fanbase by including it on the others. Either way, somebody’s gonna be pissed.

        I’m sure there’s more to this than we know, but I can see where they’re coming from (like it or not… and yes, I have a PS3). Just trying to explain where they’re coming from. No need to shoot the messenger.

        • I’m a PS3 player and someone who did competitive band play for two solid years, and yet I have to side with RBA on this — I don’t like the idea of allowing 7 players on PS3 when 360 will only have 4. I would LOVE for there to be 7 if it was feasible for all systems. And although I realize that technically the leaderboards are separated by system, we always liked checking our scores across all consoles to get a better idea of where we stood. If I’m participating in a competitive band for RB3, I would not enjoy the inability to compare across consoles that would result from having my system able to score up to seven players while the others could only score four. The competitor in me wants the comparison to remain fair.

          I think the four-instrument limit could be a fun element to play with from a scoring perspective. It means not just pathing but figuring out which four instruments could yield the best score. I’m betting that will vary widely, and that could turn out to be especially fun to figure out on songs where the scores between two instruments are pretty close.

        • RockBandAide says:

          And don’t get wrong, either. For a platform like Rock Band, I’m against advocating exclusive content/features on specific consoles.

    • ThatDudeBo says:

      I just realized how i failed miserably by writing 360 instead of Ps3, my point still stands though.

      • Aw says:

        Is your point that Harmonix is willing to work closely with Microsoft to profit off of exclusive features because the 360 has a bigger install base and a user content creation platform?

        Because, then… point taken.

        But if your point is that Harmonix should spend development time and money making exclusive gameplay features for the PS3 version of the game because they’ve played favorites in the past, well. That’s silly.

        They won’t support the 7 PS3 inputs because that would be a HUGE change in the game to make for one platform and yet the majority of people who buy the game won’t really notice the difference. Timed-exclusive DLC makes money, then the DLC goes to everyone. RBN makes money, then the RBN songs trickle to the other consoles. 7-player score gameplay would only excite the most hardcore players, it would cost a lot of resources to implement, and it would only be for the PS3 version.

        It’s not worth the trouble.

  • Rob says:

    Really hoping he is right about Bass solos since my main instrument in the game is Bass.

  • Croq says:

    I am *VERY* disappointed that the Squier won’t support non-pro songs. That’s really going to adversely affect my band’s get togethers if I tell everyone, “Sorry, I can’t play that song because my guitar doesn’t support it.”

    I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now…

    • Folkeye says:

      You can do what you’ve always done. Keep a plastic guitar on hand for the older goodies 🙂 and work on all the new stuff at first. Or is that beneath people now? 🙂

    • RockBandAide says:

      Yeah, what Folkeye said. How do you play with guitar and bass now? Just keep your guitars.

      Also, get yourself a Mustang so you can do both. The Squier won’t be available for awhile anyway.

      • Croq says:

        I’ll keep my current guitar, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

        If I get together to play with some others, then if I want to play my Squier, we can only play songs that offer pro guitar. To play anything else, I have to change my guitar, which means I have to turn off the Squier, turn on the plastic guitar. Then, we can play everything, but I get stuck having to play plastic guitar/5 button style.

        Regarding the Mustang, that would be an option, but that means I’d have to fork out $150 right away and then another (probably) $300 to get the Squier. Too much money.

        • Folkeye says:

          Sadly if you HAVE to play the Squire with friends, you’ll be out of luck. You might just have to solo it for a while, or seriously come up with some house rules or something.

          1. For the next hour or two we’ll be playing the new songs so I can play with the real guitar. Then we can play some of the older stuff as ‘normal’. You’ll just have to give a little or have your own personal practice time without them. 🙂

          Thats what I’d do.

          • Croq says:

            Still sucks though, I can’t imagine it would be that hard to figure out a way to support it on the Squier.

    • Aw says:

      Why don’t you just buy the Mustang and skip the Squire?

  • D00k13 says:

    Stupidest question ever, but I wonder if Gibson instruments will be included on the game, seeing as Green Day and Beatles had them.

  • Anex says:

    I’m glad some questions were asked about Character Creation.. that was the ONLY thing I liked more in GH than in RB.. (even if the characters were ugly in GH).

    I’m a bit sad about the attitude of the characters being gone as that was something that made you a little more unique but oh well.. They could have taken the idea from GH (I know I can’t believe I just said that either) where you get to choose their animations for failing, doing well etc.

  • Kirksplosion says:

    lol, his response to the Muse question was priceless. I met John Drake briefly in New Orleans once – really cool guy.

  • Loozers says:

    I got busy and didn’t submit my question in the original thread. If you guys think this is worth asking in the follow-up email, I’d love to hear the answer.

    Can Pro-Guitar charting be shown on the screen as in a practice mode without the pro-guitar controller hooked up? I’m asking because a lot of people would like to use their real guitar to practice until the Fender Squier comes out. There’s several threads on the RB forums, but I haven’t seen anything from HMX, only a lot of speculation from the players.

    • folkeye says:

      I too wondered about this one and forgot to ask. Can we show the pro bass/guitar charts without the pro instruments to use as scrolling practice-play-a-long tab?

      I’d be all over that, and my bass would get some much needed attention.

    • sanyo says:

      This is actually the same question that was asked, but John didn’t seem to understand exactly what it meant. I’m wondering this too. With the news that the Squier won’t play non-pro songs, I’m definitely going to skip it and just get the Mustang instead, so I don’t have to constantly switch instruments during sessions. But I still play my normal guitar and I’d love to have normally styled tab in a practice mode to learn some of these songs.

  • Folkeye says:

    Was there any clarification yet on if the build of the game we’re getting will have 4 or 5 avatars on screen?