Rock Band 3 Difficulty Charts

Even before I explain what this is, I have to give a massive shout out to Diablocon on Scorehero for compiling the following information from the Gamescom video released by Harmonix today. He pulled the difficulty ratings for each instruments for most of the Rock Band 3 songs (with a few exceptions where the screen was obscured)!

He also notes the following items:

  1. Of these songs, 14 don’t have keys.
  2. Of these songs, only one doesn’t have guitar.
  3. The Who are now the only band to have been in every numbered Rock Band game. However they are tied for most on disc appearances with the Foo Fighters and Bon Jovi if you count LEGO Rock Band.

The list is long (83 songs long), so I’ve included it after the jump!

Note: ? are where the video was obscured, and N is where the instrument is not used for the song.

Amy WinehouseRehab
AnthraxCaught in a MoshN
At the Drive-InOne Armed Scissor N
Avenged SevenfoldBeast and the HarlotN
B-52'sRock Lobster
The Beach BoysGood Vibrations (Live)
Big CountryIn a Big Country
Chicago25 or 6 to 4
The CureJust Like Heaven
David BowieSpace Oddity
Deep PurpleSmoke on the Water
Def LeppardFoolin'
DevoWhip It
DioRainbow in the Dark
Dire StraitsWalk of Life
Echo & the BunnymenThe Killing Moon
Elton JohnSaturday Night's Alright for Fighting
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis
FilterHey Man Nice ShotN
Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
ForeignerCold as Ice
Golden EarringRadar Love
HIMKilling Loneliness
Huey Lewis and the NewsThe Power of Love
HypernovaViva la ResistanceN
Ida MariaOh My God
INXSNeed You Tonight
J. Geils BandCenterfold
James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)
JaneΒ’s AddictionBeen Caught Stealing N
Jimi HendrixCrosstown Traffic
Joan JettI Love Rock N' Roll
John LennonImagineN
JuanesMe Enemora
Lynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird
MetricCombat Baby?
The MuffsOuter SpaceN
Night RangerSister Christian
Ozzy OsbourneCrazy TrainN
ParamoreMisery Business N
PhoenixLasso N
The PoliceDon't Stand So Close to Me
Poni HoaxAntibodies
Pretty Girls Make GravesSomething Bigger, Something Brighter
PrimusJerry Was a Race Car Driver N
The SmithsStop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before?
The SoundsLiving in America
SpacehogIn the Meantime?
Steve Miller BandFly Like an Eagle
Stone Temple PilotsPlush?N
Swingin' UttersThis Bastard's Life
T.Rex20th Century Boy?
Tears for FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the World
Tegan and SaraThe Con
Them Crooked VulturesDead End Friends?
Tokio HotelHumanoid
Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersI Need to Know
The VinesGet FreeN
WarLow Rider
Warren ZevonWerewolves of London
The White StripesThe Hardest Button to ButtonN
WhitesnakeHere I Go Again?
The WhoI Can See for MilesN

[Diablocon on Scorehero via @toymachnesh]

67 Responses to “Rock Band 3 Difficulty Charts”

  • Britten says:

    wtf? Beast and the Harlot doesn’t have keys? I swear i’ve heard keys in that opening.

  • Dude, just epic. Thanks for posting this.

  • MCA says:

    Can’t wait to sing One Armed Scissor, Good Vibrations, Killing Moon, Etc….
    October 26 can’t come too soon!!!!!

  • SebastianSB says:

    The sorting options are a bit…odd. If you sort by difficulty it goes

    0 – 6 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – ? – N

    • RockBandAide says:

      It’s not perfect, sorry. It sorts it based on the image name. I can redo it with just numbers, but I thought this would look better. The list is not complete, either. It’s the best that could be done in a hurry.

  • SaikoSakura says:

    I don’t see Queen or Doors here. There are also many typos. I don’t expect these tiers to be final considering album artwork were missing on most of the setlist.

    • Bishop says:

      I think the reason you didn’t see album artwork in the video is that when the artist’s name is selected, it shows a standard Rock Band image instead of any album art.

  • You are missing quite a few songs in this actually.

    Heart of Glass
    Get Up, Stand Up
    False Alarm
    China Grove
    Break on Through (To The Other Side)
    King George
    Oye Mi Amor
    The Beautiful People
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    No One Knows
    Du Hast
    I Wanna Be Sedated
    Last Dance
    Portions of Foxes
    Don’t Bury Me… I’m Still Not Dead
    The Look
    Before I Forget
    Walking on the Sun

    • RockBandAide says:

      Yeah, thanks. Again, it’s not perfect. This was taken from a 1:30 minute video with multiple camera angles. I’ll update when we get a better copy.

      • Totally understandable, but you did list up there that you had difficulties for “all Rock Band 3 songs”. Might want to edit the post so it says something like, difficulty for “65 of the 83 Rock Band 3 songs”. Just a suggestion.

        Keep up the good work!

  • Patrick says:

    what song has no guitar part?

  • JODIsBack says:

    Killing Loneliness is 5 dots on guitar? Uh… wut.

  • JODIsBack says:

    and I’m happy that Llama is the Painkiller of this game. Woot for Phish

    • RB3ANTICIPATOR says:

      I had never heard Llama before. But I listened to it, and it sounds hard, cool, and funky! Also, Roundabout on keys will be fun and difficult!

  • zigs says:

    Dave Grohl has had two appearances in each of RB1, RB2 and RB3’s setlists.

  • Johnny A. says:

    Interesting how Beast and the Harlot is devil-tiered for bass, and not guitar.

  • skydog says:

    some of those seem wrong.. like killing Lonliness.

  • CircaNow says:

    Lasso is definitely not five stars on guitar.

  • Shane says:

    Considering the last time we got a Full Band devil tier was a metal song (painkiller), I never expected Llama to be the next one to do that.

  • Nekka-Lucifer says:

    Hi RockBandAide. I hope you update your list. Here is what I came up with going through it. It includes most of the songs you have left out. πŸ™‚

  • MajorMane says:

    Hmm, I wonder how, assuming it makes a return, the endless setlist will work for guitar. Will they just leave out “Imagine” or will this be your time to go run to the bathroom? πŸ˜›

    • skydog says:

      *Over Intercom*”Guitarist please go take a dump.. Thank you” LOL… sorry couldn’t resist πŸ™‚

  • Natters says:

    i find it amazing that out of all the who songs they’ve managed to pick the one song without keys lol

    • The Witticus says:

      That took some talent… Or they’re saving the really good keyboard parts for the Who Rock Band. (rumor)

  • James! says:

    I don’t like the fact that their are songs missing parts on the setlist. Especially since the two instruments missing are guitar and keys – two instruments that are essentially the same. I don’t see why, for songs missing a particular part, they didn’t just chart the other instrument to the missing chart? For example, why isn’t the keyboard part in Imagine also charted to the guitar. Or at least leave the songs missing parts for DLC, so if you’re a guy like me who plays either solo guitar or with a guitar/drum/vocal band, can choose not to have a song missing my instrument in the game.

  • jekoup says:

    Before I Forget charts:
    Guitar 6
    Bass 6
    Drums 6
    Keys 0
    Vocals 0

    Pro Charts
    Guitar 4
    Bass 6
    Drums 6
    Keys 0
    Vocals 0

    Walking On The Sun
    Guitar 0
    Bass 1
    Drums 0
    Keys 3
    Vocals 3

    Guitar 1
    Bass 1
    Drums 0
    Keys 3
    Vocals 3


  • Anex says:

    UGH NOT another Paramore song! >.> as if one in RB2 wasn’t annoying enough..

    Anyway you KNEW someone was gonna sit there and put that together, it was just a matter of time πŸ™‚

    • Whizzer says:

      ‘Misery Business’ should be a lot more fun than ‘That’s What You Get’. Difficulty should be a bit higher. Don’t judge anything before you’ve had your hands on the game. Unless it’s Beastie Boys of course.

      • skydog says:

        Exactly, and paramore is better than something like Miley Cyrus.. so lucky we got a good girl fronted band!

        • Xzyliac says:

          I like Paramore but there’s about a billion better female fronted bands.

          I wouldn’t judge the inclusion of Paramore on “It’s a female led band, hurray!” I think their inclusion can stand on it’s own right.

          If we’re talking about female led bands (of which the game has several) I could list you at least 75 right off the bat right now that I’d prefer before Paramore. I mean if this is all about the band being female fronted.

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      I’m extremely happy Paramore made it into the game. Would love to see more of their stuff as DLC.

    • JODIsBack says:

      Yeah, Paramore is pretty bad, but who knows? Maybe this song will actually be fun this time.

  • Xendran says:

    No way in hell is Jerry was a racecar driver tier 2 on guitar and devil on drums. The guitar is way to hard for tier 2 and the drums are way to easy for devil

    • Xzyliac says:

      You’re crazy man. Seriously. Guitar you might have a point but those drums could definitely be devil’d.

    • kangaroo62 says:

      Not to mention that it’s only a 5 on Bass. I hope the tiers for that one are wrong. Guitar and Bass should both be devils. Drums should probably be tier 5 though.

    • JODIsBack says:

      It doesn’t sound difficult at all on drums. And it’s not really that hard sounding on bass.

      • kangaroo62 says:

        Not that hard sounding on bass???????????????? Are we even listening to the same song???

        • Finalizer says:

          Do keep in mind that there are separate tiers for normal/pro instruments. My guess is that, even if it’s difficult to play on real bass, it just doesn’t translate to anything really hard when reduced to a normal chart.

        • Xzyliac says:

          In all fairness you have to remember Claypool’s style. Because of his style of playing he gets a certain sound and vibration out of his bass that can make really simple basslines sound incredibly deep and complex.

  • Chucklestyle says:

    I am going to sing the hell out of Space Oddity.

  • link343 says:

    So is Llama the new Visions?

    • kangaroo62 says:

      It’s the new Painkiller. Crazy Train has the same tiers as Visions.

    • Yankeesniper57 says:

      At least llama is fun

    • RB3ANTICIPATOR says:

      I HATED VISIONS SO MUCH! It was a piece of crud and senseless guitar and random drums. And the singing was disturbing!

      • sanyo says:

        You kind of have to be a fan of metal to be able to audibly comprehend it. I can make out the guitar/bass and drum parts perfectly (and play them in RB okay) and they’re far from random. Visions is actually one of the most technical songs in RB2. In short: don’t be hatin’ on my brutal tech-death metals. ;P

        In other news, I’ve met Abnormality’s bassist a couple times and he’s a real cool guy.

    • Xzyliac says:

      I will forever go on record as being the only person on earth who liked Visions.

      It was such a ball of compacted raw energy. Love, love, loved it. I still throw it into my iTunes playlist sometimes for shits and giggles.

      Also, their singer is CRRRAAZZZYYY attractive.

  • xerrt says:

    i dont think lasso and fly like an eagle are tired right on drums
    and the one problem with the setlisy…NO RUSH!!!
    songs like la villa strangiato or subdivisions would be great for this game,but what we get instead?rehab by amy whinehouse.

    • JODIsBack says:

      We should’ve gotten Subdivisions or Digital Man instead of Imagine.

      • Yankeesniper57 says:

        I think imagine is the new eye of the tiger. At least i will never have to play it since someone in my band always plays guitar

  • Natters says:

    Another interesting fact is that Dave Grohl is the only artist in rock band to appear in all 3 games more than once

    • Shane says:

      Rock Band 1: Learn to Fly, In Bloom and Go with the Flow
      Rock Band 2: Everlong and Drain You
      Rock Band 3: Dead End Friends and No One Knows

    • Whizzer says:

      He’s in LEGO Rock Band too, but only for Foo Fighters, I believe.

  • ChiefSlayer says:

    Fuck i just realised too, theres no Rush song…. Dissapointing.

    I guess Geddy meant theyre getting more rush DLC?

  • CommonCriminal says:

    David Bowie has also been on 3.

    Suffragette City (RB1)
    Let’s Dance (L:RB)
    Space Oddity (RB3)

  • BStu says:

    Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned, but The Police are also in three games counting Lego Rock Band. Next to You, Every Little Thing, and Don’t Stand So Close.