I May Finally Get to Sing “Uptown Girl!”

While the show is getting a little long in the tooth for my tastes, there was a nice little shoutout for our favorite game franchise last night on The Office. In an apparent effort to cheer Michael up, Jim and Pam invite Michael over to play Billy Joel: Rock Band… Maybe she meant to say Billie Joe, as in Green Day: Rock Band? (Yes, I connected the two… I’m just that good.)

Per Michael in the clip: “That exists?!” No… it does not. Harmonix, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity! You didn’t even feature Billy Joel  it in your recent band-centric poll!

Well, it’s probably a good thing. I guess if it did exist, it would just be a drunk driving simulator anyway… what? Too soon?

…and for you youngins that may not know the song… enjoy the awesomeness below. Best… music video… ever:

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