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OMG! “Awesomeness Detection” is Actually…
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OMG! “Awesomeness Detection” is Actually…

…nothing?  Yes, that’s right.  It doesn’t affect your score, it doesn’t impact timing windows, and it isn’t a leftover stand in for the oft-rumored “Jukebox mode.”  It’s just an inside programming prank.

According to Rock Band 2 Senior Designer Dan Teasdale, “Awesomeness Detection” was somewhat of a last second addition to the Game Modifier menu by Dan prior to release of Rock Band 2.  According to Teasdale:

“I think I spent two minutes putting it in, like just defining it in our code for modifiers…”

“Part of it was us being complete dicks! But the other half of it was seeing all the things people see placebos when they do all this stuff.  It was amazing.”

Ha! I never thought much of it, because if it did do something, I’m sure I would have heard about it.  I’ve typically stayed out of the modifier menu, unless I’m hosting a party… then I’ll turn on No Fail Mode.  I’ve heard of people being obsessed with discovering it’s true meaning, and I have a feeling there were still be a few out there that refuse to accept this red herring, and will continue to explore this modifier.

Check out the full (second half of the) interview with Dan Teasdale on the bi-weekly official Harmonix Rock Band podcast.

6 Responses to “OMG! “Awesomeness Detection” is Actually…”

  • PikminGuts92 says:

    So, I enabled it all those time for nothing?!?! 🙁

  • PunkAaron says:

    Every time I turn Awesomeness Detection on it matches me with good players… I guess that could just be in my head.

  • Anex says:

    Ah you know I never go to that screen.. everyone was talking about it the other day and I’m like “WTF is that?” apparently I’m not awesome :p

  • Francesco Poli says:

    If there’s one thing that is being underestimated by the whole world, it’s the placebo effect. I guessed right away that it did nothing, but I was quite sure it was a placeholder for the (cut) Jukebox mode. That it wasn’t is the only news to me.

  • dpritch says:

    AARON AND CORY LIED TO ME! But I seemed to get matched up with good people too…Seriously. And when I don’t have it on, I get paired with noobs…so confusing…a guy on BQP got a 98% on Afterlife when I had it on. ;A;

    @Anex And yes. That was funny. Pounce and I were talking about it and you were just like, what is awesomeness detection? :O Funny stuff. :3

  • daddenboys says:

    That is too funny! When playing online, everyone seems to serve as their own Awesome-Ness Detector anyway.

    Rock on, funny programming dudes!