More Mainstream RBN Artists Announced

Soon to be featured in Rock Band?

With the impending announcement of a open beta Rock Band Network announcement today, and a sooner rather than later full go-live of the Rock Band Network Music Store, it looks like some of the artists and authors currently making tracks for the RBN are drumming up excitement. According to a post over at Kotaku, it appears that RBN author WaveGroup, who was actively involved in some of the original Guitar Hero games, announced that they will be contributing tracks by the following artists below!

Will Littlejohn, President/CEO of WaveGroup commented, “We’re honored to be working with such amazing musicians, and bringing their music to RBN.   Our job is to make the music look and feel authentic in the Rock Band environment. As musicians ourselves, we go to great lengths to make the experience of playing these songs fun and engaging.”

  • Steve Vai
  • Widespread Panic
  • Gov’t Mule
  • Reverend Horton Heat
  • Stroke 9 (got my fingers crossed for “Kick Some Ass” and “Little Black Backpack”)
  • Bif Naked (likewise fingers crossed for “Moment of Weakness” )

I was also able to track down which tracks from the previously teased RBN artists will be featured.  According to, these are the specific tracks that we should see soon in the RBN:

  • Evanescence – Going Under (I LOVE this song)
  • All That Remains – Days Without
  • All That Remains – Forever in Your Hands
  • All That Remains – Undone
  • Flight of the Concords – Business Time
  • Flight of the Concords – Demon Woman
  • Flight of the Concords – Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
  • Ministry – Let’s Go
  • Ministry – Life is Good
  • Ministry – Watch Yourself

OK, can we just get the RBN Music Store open already?!  I can’t wait to play all these tracks!!!

[via Kotaku]

10 Responses to “More Mainstream RBN Artists Announced”

  • JimmyInnernets says:

    Very cool. My only worry is artists will be releasing whatever new songs they are promoting off new albums. I used to be a big Widespread fan, but anything after ’94 I’m not really interested in buying for Rock Band. Hey, at least I’ve got my $10 ready for Tom Petty today, hehe.

  • Yes Wavegroup!

    OMG Steve Vai! :O

    Just release RBN to the public already

  • Witticus says:

    Steve Vai and Reverend Horton Heat!!! Oh my freaking god!!! Oh and you say 2 of my favorite Flight of the Conchords songs and my favorite Evanescence song as well!? I think I’m gonna ask for extra hours at work to pay for all these. (I’m sure there’s also a few surprises as well)

  • cashOD says:

    Gov’t Mule. Man this is awesome! Hope they can get everything over the PS3 for me.

  • JimmyInnernets says:

    Ok, so if the RBN open beta starts today, does that mean that mean that these will be released today and we can buy them? Shit, I can’t spend more on songs right now? If so, will they only be available as long as the open beta is going (and if I’m lucky enough to get into the open beta?). I’m cornfoozed.

    • RockBandAide says:

      No, it only means that the tools you use to chart and test songs are now publicly available, instead of on an invite-only basis. You still need to have an Xbox Live Creator’s Club account ($99/year), Xbox 360, PC, and Reaper. But in theory, if you have all this, you can could chart any song that you have the master stems for on play it on your local Xbox 360. (This is all still pending an official Harmonix announcement.) The RBN Music Store is not expected to go live today, which is how ANYONE could purchase songs to download to their hard drive and play.

  • JimmyInnernets says:

    Ok, that makes more sense. As tempting as it is to get that creators club account and maybe try to chart a song for a buddy’s band and play the new stuff, I just don’t think I’d really have the time to do it now. Grrr. Thanks for the info.

  • Gary Harwell says:

    The whole list of artists is on WaveGroup’s facebook page.

    Steve Vai
    Widespread Panic
    Gov’t Mule
    Reverend Horton Heat
    Stroke 9
    Slightly Stoopid
    Bif Naked
    Assembly of Dust
    Nick Gallant
    Kid Beyond
    RX Bandits
    Jet Black Kiss
    Doug Doppler
    Austin Willacy
    The Humans
    Rain Dogs

  • AltStrum says:

    Oh snap, RX Bandits. Please be All the Time, please be All the Time, please be All the Time…

  • Fuelie79 says:

    Looks like you got your wish for “Kick Some Ass” by Stroke 9. It’s an ’09 rerecord.