Rock Band 4 DLC for 9/21: Rick James & Switchfoot


This week’s Rock Band 4 DLC features two brand new songs from two very different artists, one of which is an extremely popular hit. Both songs will be available for $1.99 on Thursday, September 21.

  • Rick James – Super Freak *
  • Switchfoot – Float

* Denotes a track also available as part of the Rivals Season 2 Spotlight Pass for $13.49


3 Responses to “Rock Band 4 DLC for 9/21: Rick James & Switchfoot”

  • PTownBrave22™ says:

    Super Freak could be interesting, but thats a very curious (IMO bad) choice for Switchfoot….would have rather had Dare You to Move or even Dark Horses before I ever considered this odd ball choice….

    Makes one wonder what the room is like when someone pitches this one…

  • Scott says:

    I don’t listen to Switchfoot, but this song sounds pretty great and should be quite fun. Alongside Rick James I must say this week is actually not bad at all. Thank you for not garbage, Harmonix!

  • Croq360 says:

    Man, that Switchfoot track sounds like it is going to be hard on bass…