Rock Band 4 DLC for 7/06: Ghost & Disturbed


As tomorrow is Independence Day, our usual announcement schedule is a bit early. Also, as it’s the first release of the month, we should be getting at least a partial list of songs coming in July! Exciting stuff! So, what’s in store this week? Some chart topping pop? A classic 90s jam? Something else? Let’s see!

  • Disturbed – Down with the Sickness (Originally featured in Rock Band 2)
  • Ghost – Cirice

All songs are $1.99.

[Official announcement]

2 Responses to “Rock Band 4 DLC for 7/06: Ghost & Disturbed”

  • PTownBrave22© says:

    They put Ghost in and don’t do Square Hammer?! What the F…For shame HMX!

  • RickC32 says:

    While the facade of evil and Satanism (and perhaps irony – it seems likely, but they play everything so close to the vest) that coats Ghost can obscure it, they are actually fantastic pop song writers. “Cirice” is a brilliant song.