DLC for 7/12: Third Eye Blind and Brian Setzer


In what some people consider a strange turn of events, we’ve gotten the original version of a song we previously got as a rerecord through RBN back in Rock Band 2(and 3). We’ve also got a completely expected rerecord from Brian Setzer that sounds very good.

  • Brian Setzer – Rock This Town
  • Third Eye Blind – Jumper

All songs are available for $1.99 each.

3 Responses to “DLC for 7/12: Third Eye Blind and Brian Setzer”

  • James! says:

    I was expecting Bastille in time for Bastille Day

  • tenswired says:

    Don’t we already have Jumper in the store? Jumper ’09 or something like that?

  • Dananon says:

    @tenswired That’s the RBN version. Rock Band Network is dead. This is pretty much the nail in the coffin if you ask me. But apparently it’s the original and not the re-record, so there’s still a small glimmer of hope out there.