Rock Band Community Nights: Bush (360 Only)


Fancy winning some more DLC? We have 10 codes for the Bush 01 pack for the xbox 360 to giveaway. You know the drill, answer one of the ten questions below for a chance to win! Here’s what you’re playing for:

  • Bush – Comedown
  • Bush – Everything’s Zen
  • Bush – Machinehead

Now here comes the trivia. Best of luck, and remember to quote the question and respond as quickly as you can!

  1. Where did the name “Bush” come from?
  2. What was the band originally called in Canada?
  3. How many studio albums have the band released?
  4. What’s the name of their latest album?
  5. What’s their highest charting song on the Billboard 200?
  6. “Into The Blue” featured on the soundtrack to what film?
  7. What band was Gavin Rossdale a member of before he left in 1992?
  8. Who was the band signed by in 1993?
  9. What was Razorblade Suitcase’s working title?
  10. What reasons were cited for the bands break up back in 2002?

Quote the question and answer below. Be as quick as you can, and best of luck, guys!


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