Even more tracks leaving the Rock Band store in December (UPDATE)


It would seem that the next quarter has brought on the next announcement of tracks leaving the store. Rather than do another write up, let’s just get to the list of songs we’ll be losing. It should be noted that because of the upcoming holiday schedule, it’s likely these tracks will be pulled earlier that scheduled.

On December 30th 2013, the following songs will be leaving the music store:

  • Crooked X – Gone
  • Naked Brothers Band – Body I Occupy
  • Naked Brothers Band – I Don’t Want to Go to School
  • Scars on Broadway – They Say
  • System of a Down – B.Y.O.B.
  • System of a Down – Toxicity
  • Tokio Hotel – Ready, Set, Go!

UPDATE: Looks like we’ve gotten some more info about the upcoming pull.

  • We’ve gotten word from SCEA (aka Sony America) to expect a 12/17 pull date for the affected tracks. No word on a timeline from SCEE (aka Sony Europe) yet, but it’s likely they’ll have the same schedule. So be aware that tracks may / will likely be pulled earlier than the initial 12/30 date.
  • System of a Down’s “Toxicity” was available as DLC for Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP, but it will be pulled in this round of re licensing as well. In the future, RB DLC and RB U DLC share the same licenses so if a track is pulled from one it should be pulled from the other as well.

[Official announcement]

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6 Responses to “Even more tracks leaving the Rock Band store in December (UPDATE)”

  • Dustinator says:

    Don’t think I have the Scars on Broadway song, but I do have the SOAD ones. Gonna pick “They Say” then just cause

  • smacd says:

    Alright, time to pull out the spreadsheet and give these songs a listen and the charts a peek to see if any of them I don’t have are worth a pick up.

    smacd Reply:

    Eh, none of the ones I don’t have (just the System of a Down tracks) are really worth grabbing.

  • xX666Xx says:

    I’ll pick up the SoaD songs. Don’t care for the rest.

  • Sky says:

    These aren’t nothing “horrible” to lose.
    SOTD charts aren’t fun IMO.

    paul Reply:

    System of THE Down??