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Fun., P!nk, Hot Chelle Rae, and Andrew W.K. Coming to Rock Band Next Week?
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Fun., P!nk, Hot Chelle Rae, and Andrew W.K. Coming to Rock Band Next Week?


In the past, these sort of leaks have been proven that they can go one way, or another. A couple different sources have let us know that the DLC for December 30th seems to have leaked in the store. A couple of the songs are repeats from Rock Band Blitz, but a couple of them are new tracks! The tracks leaked are as follows:

  • Andrew W.K. – Party Hard
  • Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe – We Are Young
  • Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight
  • P!nk – Raise Your Glass


[Thanks to Steve V. and Nick C. for sending us the pics!]

40 Responses to “Fun., P!nk, Hot Chelle Rae, and Andrew W.K. Coming to Rock Band Next Week?”

  • SotYfan says:

    I’ll be extremely disappointed if the only Fun song we get is We Are Young 🙁 But I have a feeling this is true…

  • ninjasweetheart says:


  • Dogmatic says:


  • Robert says:

    I enjoy Party Hard, but seriously if don’t release Some Nights with WAY…

  • The Dave says:

    They can’t all be winners.

  • Brownd says:

    Oh God, I can’t believe Andrew is finally coming to the game… I hope he gets more tracks later (I Want To See You Go Wild would be a blast to play)

    • GreggD says:

      I have a handful of requisites, if we do end up getting this and/or more. She Is Beautiful and I Love NYC are at the top.

      • Brownd says:

        A live version of NYC would be a blast, it sounds way better when they play it live.
        Maybe She Is Beautiful too for the guitar solo intro 🙂

  • joey says:

    oh if they don’t release some nights along side we are young i’m gonna rage!!!! lolz

    • Then you’d better get ready to rage, because I’m having serious doubt that it’s coming.

      • Zindash says:

        Ditto on the raging. I was starting to get hopeful we’d see a 3-pack after Elton John and My Chemical Romance, but I was also expecting to be disappointed when they just release them in a 3 single pack like These Days, One Week, and Death on Two Legs.

        What the hell do I have to do to play my favorite song of the year on Rock Band?

  • LCS says:

    Nice, this completes the crappiest set of DLC we’ve had in any December.

  • RhythmGameAddict says:

    Hmmph, I remain wondering why the people didn’t take photos of the MCR Pack…that would’ve proven/debunked this with a guarantee…

    • RhythmGameAddict says:


      There is a grave misassumption here: the DLC for the two weeks don’t come out until 1/2 for the Wii, yet this “leak” uses the 360 dates. While 2112 was a weird, mistake date (12/2), there is no reason there should be the normally scheduled date for these 2 releases. I call fake.

      • Shteev says:

        Two of us took pictures that have both the Dec. 30 songs and MCR pack, what more are you looking for?

        • LolMunnchy says:

          All he means is that we’ve been burned before with a “Leak” and there are a few people out there that are a bit sceptical about this.

          At least I think. I could be wrong….

          • RhythmGameAddict says:

            Indeed, I remember being excited with Burnin’ for You, then being utterly “burned” once Linkin Park was announced. Now that I’ve seen these comments from the photo taker, I can lend some more credence to this leak, but I remain somewhat wary and ready to be disappointed Friday.

            Tonight Tonight, if it is coming, will probably be gotten by me quickly after it comes to the PS3 if it gets a good review.

  • HellWithoutSin says:

    It looks like a New Year’s party theme.

  • crash53456 says:

    Are we sure Tonight Tonight isn’t the Smashing Pumpkins song? If not, I really hate the song it’s said to be.

  • Dustinator says:

    I’ll snag the Tonight Tonight song, skip on the Andrew W.K. if this is true. Not a bad week IMO. They all can’t be winners guys…..(and gals)

  • that one guy says:

    ‘Bout damn time we got some Andrew WK in here.

  • WonderWaageUS says:

    If true. What a month.

  • desperadokilljoy says:

    will be the worse week in dlc for 2012..rather the kida get bieber

  • EposNamenlos says:

    Yes Andrew wk!!:D
    Maybe one day I can belch out
    “ya better get ready to die!!!”
    Maybe… *sniff* maybe

  • Sidd masand says:

    Super excited for andrew wk and hot chelle rae

  • James! says:

    Didn’t we already get “We Are Young” with Blitz?

    Also, the irony of that fun. song is that it’s not.

    • Plainclothes Man says:

      Yes, HMX stated that the Biltz songs will coincide with the regular DLC. This gives the people the chance to buy them and to the Wii players who didn’t get Blitz.

  • GloofiE says:

    Hot Chelle Gay

    • Ospero says:

      Oh, how utterly mature and thoughtful.

      In case anyone is interested in a rather better criticism of that song: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/tis/tpsr/32455-ep-26-qtonight-tonightq

      • GloofiE says:

        They repeat “oh” and “la” excessively to an almost unbearable breaking point. I don’t mind pop-rock, but I feel this song spat in the face of its own genre. Also, the people at my school blew this song way out of proportion, with one guy even doing a few covers of it. It made me sick. I apologize for my primitive comment, but this song really hit me hard… REALLY. It was like I couldn’t escape it. …now it’s on Rock Band. X'(

        …and I completely agree with the guy in the link you posted.

        • Ospero says:

          So do I (God, what an annoyingly bland song). But that comment looked like the typical whine of a member of the why-do-they-release-DLC-I-don’t-like crowd, coupled with all the thought and maturity of a Youtube commenter. You can do better, obviously, so why not put the effort in in the first place?

  • Matt says:

    No chance that Tonight, Tonight is by the Smashing Pumpkins? That’d be a fantastic pickup.

    • GloofiE says:

      If only, Matt… if only… Now when people speak of “Tonight, Tonight” it refers to Hot Chelle Rae’s poppy single, rather than the Smashing Pumpkins melodic and heartfelt masterpiece. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY?!?!?!?!

      “Mayonaise” would also be a good choice. …and “Here Is No Why”. …and “1979”. …and “Galapogos”. …or anything from their first three albums.

  • Randrac says:

    If true, that will be another majorly disappointing week.

  • Glosoli says:

    Never anything worth wasting money on! Its been 2 years + without any good indie.