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Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
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Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Unbeknownst to music game fans at the time, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, released in September of 2010 by developers Neversoft (360, PS3), and Vicarious Visions (Wii), would be the final yearly release for the Guitar Hero series, as Activison chose to put the franchise on hold in early 2011.

The biggest addition to the series with Warriors of Rock, was the new Quest Mode, which took a cue from Harmonix’s original pitch for Guitar Hero 3, introducing a fantastical story to the standard tour/career mode from previous games. In the story, narrated by KISS bassist Gene Simmons, players must play through the songs on the disc to recruit characters, each of which has their own unique power that effects gameplay, for a final battle against the Beast, in an effort to save the Demigod of Rock.

While the story mode was generally looked at by most fans as a gimmick, one related announcement that garnered much interest was that mid-way through the Quest Mode, players get to play through the entirety of Rush’s 2112, featuring narration by members of the band, and special venues inspired by the song.

Additions from Guitar Hero 5, including the Party Mode, and the competitive modes all return, plus the addition of a Quickplay+ mode, which allows users to pick from any song in their library, and be presented with a number of different challenges, including those that use the characters from the Quest mode, with their special powers. Completing challenges unlocks more content such as venues, and additional outfits.

The soundtrack for Warriors of Rock is the largest of any game in the franchise, featuring 93 songs on the disc. However, despite the visual asthetic of the game leaning towards the metal genre, the songs were mostly chosen to fit in the Punk, Alternative, and Classic Rock genres. While retaining the band format introduced two years earlier, the songs were also chosen to lean back towards the roots of the series, with a larger focus on lead guitar.

Launching in September of 2010, Warriors of Rock was in direct competition with the third main game in Harmonix’s Rock Band series, and as such, the two games do have a few songs in common. However, because of Guitar Hero’s decision to shift focus back to the guitar as a main instrument, the overlap is only for four songs:

  • Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
  • Phoenix – Lasso
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Vines – Get Free

In addition, Warriors of Rock shares the most songs of any Guitar Hero disc with the releases on the Rock Band Network, also coming in at four:

  • Arch Enemy – Nemesis
  • Band Of Skulls – I Know What I Am
  • Drowning Pool – Bodies
  • Five Finger Death Punch – Hard To See

As noted in previous Setlist Checklist posts (and all future posts, as well), Rock Band 3’s setlist creation tool allows us to create, save, and share setlists, so we have included a Rock Band 3 setlist below that you can save to your profile if you would like to check out any or all of the songs! And as the holes are continually filled in by Rock Band’s weekly DLC releases, we will update this post, and keep it linked in the FAQ page above, for future reference.

With 46 of the 93 on disc songs currently being available in Rock Band, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has 46% of songs being available, just behind Band Hero’s 47%. It features the fourth lowest percentage of availability of any main series Guitar Hero game, beating out Guitar Hero 5 (43%), Guitar Hero II (33%) and the newly released Guitar Hero Live (26%).

The incredibly lengthy full list is available after the jump…

ArtistSongDate in Rock Band
AFIDancing Through SundayN/A
Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy ****N/A
Alter BridgeTies That BindN/A
AnberlinThe Feel Good Drag04/06/2010
Arch EnemyNemesis09/14/2011 ***
Avenged SevenfoldBat Country09/01/2009
Bad BrainsRe-Ignition (Live)N/A
Band of SkullsI Know What I Am03/18/2010 ***
Black SabbathChildren of the GraveN/A
Blind MelonTones of HomeN/A
Blue Öyster CultBurnin' for You ****N/A
BuzzcocksWhat Do I Get?N/A
Children of BodomIf You Want Peace... Prepare For WarN/A
Creedence Clearwater RevivalFortunate Son11/20/2007 **
The CureFascination StreetN/A
Deep PurpleBurnN/A
Def LeppardPour Some Sugar on Me (Live)08/09/2011
The Dillinger Escape PlanSetting Fire to Sleeping GiantsN/A
Dire StraitsMoney for NothingN/A
DragonForceFury of the StormN/A
Drowning PoolBodies03/17/2010 ***
Edgar WinterFree Ride ****01/17/2012
Fall Out BoyDance, Dance08/16/2011
Five Finger Death PunchHard to See07/02/2010 ***
Foo FightersNo Way BackN/A
ForeignerFeels Like the First Time ****06/30/2009 ****
George Thorogood and the DestroyersMove It on Over (Live)N/A
The HivesTick Tick Boom11/03/2009
InterpolSlow HandsN/A
Jane's AddictionBeen Caught Stealing10/26/2010
Jethro TullAqualung09/14/2008
John 5 ft. Jim RootBlack Widow of La PorteN/A
Linkin ParkBleed It OutN/A
Lynyrd SkynyrdCall Me the Breeze (Live)N/A
MegadethHoly Wars... The Punishment Due02/09/2010
MegadethSudden DeathN/A
MegadethThis Day We Fight!N/A
Metallica & Ozzy OsbourneParanoid (Live)N/A
My Chemical RomanceI'm Not Okay (I Promise)09/28/2010
Neil YoungRockin' in the Free WorldN/A
NickelbackHow You Remind Me11/22/2011
Night Ranger(You Can Still) Rock in America ****12/01/2009 ****
Nine Inch NailsWishN/A
The OffspringSelf Esteem10/07/2008
PanteraI'm Broken05/19/2011
A Perfect CircleThe OutsiderN/A
PoisonUnskinny Bop06/28/2011
QueenBohemian Rhapsody10/26/2010
QueensrÿcheJet City WomanN/A
RammsteinWaidmanns HeilN/A
The RamonesTheme from SpidermanN/A
Red RiderLunatic FringeN/A
R.E.M.Losing My Religion03/10/2009
Rise AgainstSavior07/21/2009
The Rolling StonesStray Cat BluesN/A
The RunawaysCherry Bomb ****11/20/2007 *
Rush2112, Pt. 1 - Overture12/31/2011
Rush2112, Pt. 2 - The Temples of Syrinx12/31/2011
Rush2112, Pt. 3 - Discovery12/31/2011
Rush2112, Pt. 4 - Presentation12/31/2011
Rush2112, Pt. 5 - Oracle: The Dream12/31/2011
Rush2112, Pt. 6 - Soliloquy12/31/2011
Rush2112, Pt. 7 - Grand Finale12/31/2011
RX BanditsIt's Only Another Parsec...N/A
Silversun PickupsThere's No Secrets This YearN/A
Slash ft. Ian AstburyGhostN/A
SlayerChemical WarfareN/A
SoundgardenBlack RainN/A
Steve VaiSpeeding (Vault Version)N/A
Stone Temple PilotsInterstate Love Song01/08/2008
Strung OutCallingN/A
StyxRenegade ****04/21/2009 ****
Sum 41MotivationN/A
TeslaModern Day CowboyN/A
Them Crooked VulturesScumbag BluesN/A
Third Eye BlindGraduateN/A
Tom Petty & the HeartbreakersListen to Her HeartN/A
Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It ****05/31/2016
The VinesGet Free10/26/2010
The White StripesSeven Nation Army03/09/2010
ZZ TopSharp Dressed Man (Live)N/A

* – Cover version.
** – Cover version. Master track version released on 07/06/2010.
*** – Denotes tracks only available through Rock Band Network.
**** – Denotes a re-recorded version of the track.

NOTE: A cover version of Black Sabbath’s version of Paranoid is available on-disc in Rock Band 1, however it does not export.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Main Setlist for Rock Band 3

33 Responses to “Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock”

  • dlauthor says:

    Oh, Stray Cat Blues. Criminal that there’s only one Stones song in all of Rock Band.

  • Shift Breaker says:

    So many good songs in this one. But there are also so many songs that I’m indifferent about. And Dragonforce is a big no no for me. It’s a weird song list, that’s for sure. Not sure where I’d rank it among the other main series GH games.

  • Jeff Atwood says:

    Wait, what? There is a Foo Fighters track that is NOT in Rock Band?


  • Mcmax3000 says:

    Been wondering, now that we’re done with the main Guitar Hero games, what would people like to see next for this?

    I have an idea for the next feature (which is so big, it will probably need to be split into a few parts), but after that, what does everyone want?

    – Other rhythm games (Rock Revolution, RockSmith, Power Gig, etc)
    – The spin off GH games (DS games, single band games with the bonus songs from other artists)
    – Other music games (like dance games for example)
    – Non-music video games with well known soundtracks (like GTA for example)

    I’m open to other ideas as well, but I feel like my list above kind of spells out most of the main ones.

    • Nathan says:

      I think the best method for continuing this is to simply update the lists constantly, and post an update every year or so to see how many more songs are used from Guitar Hero that are now in Rock Band.

      • Craig M. says:

        I second that. I use these lists to see what I can buy in rockband, so having an updated list would be great.

        The next logical step would be other music games on consoles, though 🙂

        • Mcmax3000 says:

          The lists do get updated when new songs come out.

          I just recently updated the GH:80s list to reflect that ‘I Ran’ was released, and updated one of them (I think World Tour?) when the 311 pack was updated.

          A regular article like Nathan suggested (either once a year, like he said, or maybe every six months) that points out the updates is definitely something I could do if people are interested.

          That would give me something easy to put up while I work on my next checklist.

    • I’d personally love a GTA list. Some of my favourite soundtracks.

      • DVD Smith says:

        This. With the 10th anniversary of Vice City coming up next weekend, I would love a VC checklist (although maybe limit it to the four main stations – V-Rock, Flash FM, Emotion 98.3 and Wave 103 – since the rest were rap/samba and unlikely to feature in RB any time soon).

  • LolMunnchy says:

    This list, out of all of them, has the most songs on it that I want in Rock band. There are at least another twenty on here that I would happily pay for.

  • From this, I’d still like to see Cryin’, No More Mister Nice Guy, Re-Ignition, Children of the Grave, Tones of Home, Burnin’ for You, What Do I Get?, Fascination Street, Burn, Money for Nothing, No Way Back, Move It On Over, Slow Hands, Love Gun, Bleed It Out, Call Me the Breeze, Sudden Dearth, Uprising, Rocking in the Free World, Wish, Jet City Woman, Waidmanns Heil, Theme From Spiderman, Lunatic Fringe, It’s Only Another Parsec…, There’s No Secrets This Year, Chemical Warfare, Deadfall, Black Rain, Modern Day Cowboy, Scumbag Blues, Graduate, Listen to Her Heart, We’re Not Gonna Take It, and Sharp Dressed Man.

    Let’s see… that’s 34 songs I still want from this game. Like Rock Band 3, the setlist is better than I remember.

    • LolMunnchy says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with this list. It’s pretty much what I want here as well…. Plus bloodlines.

  • guss says:

    Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller is 59.99$ for ps3 & 69.99$ for xbox 360 on Amazon.com

    Just sayin’ xD

  • Matt says:

    The Outsider, Suffocated, Tomes of Home, Graduate, Children of the Grave, Fascination Street, Money for Nothing, Uprising, Love Gun, Sharp Dressed Man, Burnin For You, Wish, Scumbag Blues, Motivation, Bloodlines, Sudden Death, This Day we Fight.

    Theres enough there for me to keep popping in the WoR disk from time to time to play those 20ish songs. I wish they would all come to Rock Band PARTICULARLY money for nothing, Children of the Grave and Burning For you

  • expertwinSH says:

    I wish HMX were the ones that licensed Aerosmith and we got a huge pack. I’m cryin’ (pun intended).

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      It’s possible that we still could. I have to imagine that exclusive license has expired by now.

  • Numskull says:

    I shake my fist at the fact that THEY got Money for Nothing and Fascination Street while WE got Walk of Life and Just Like Heaven. I find it astounding that we still only have one song by The Cure, and that we didn’t get it until RB3. I’ve heard nothing about The Cure being an “off the table” band.

    • Plainclothes Man says:

      I agree we need more Cure!!!

    • Ospero says:

      Don’t forget that THEY also got Sultans of Swing in GH5, which in my opinion is the far bigger hole to fill.

      As for the Cure songs, I at least knew Just Like Heaven. Why Fascination Street, Activision? Were there so few iconic Cure songs? Lullaby, A Forest, Boys Don’t Cry, Friday I’m In Love, Lovecats…and that’s just off the top of my head, and I’m not even a particular fan of this band.

  • Xanadu says:

    No Neil Young, Burning for you and hardly any rolling stones in RB, what a shame.

    Also, this list got me thinking: locomotive breath would be an epic song for rock band. The masters obviously exist because the 40th anniversary edition is completely remastered and makes the song a shining example of how remasters can truly perfect older songs.

  • Comet says:

    Great post, I appreciate the work that goes into compiling it. I think it might also be worthwhile to go through the DLC that was released for the GH from 2 onward and noting which of it has come to Rock Band.

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      Shhhhhh… There was a reason I didn’t mention that in the list of what to do next. 😛

      Though I think I’ll skip GH2 DLC, because if I remember correctly, it was all songs from GH1, which has already been covered.

      • IA Rocker says:

        Actually, only the first 4 packs were GH1 tracks. There were 4 other packs released after that. I don’t think any of them are RB DLC, but it’s worth a look to see if one snuck through the RBN.

        • Mcmax3000 says:

          Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll look them up, and add them to the already gigantic list.

    • paul says:

      This. I would like to see the DLC released compared to what’s available in Rock Band as well.

  • Ubuyo says:

    I still can’t believe Rock Band still doesn’t have any Dethklok songs.

  • Plutarch says:

    Lots of songs on here I would like, but “Burn” is the one that really stands up. WE GOTS TO GET THAT ONE. HMX seems to be able to afford about one Deep Purple song a year, maybe we’ll get lucky.

  • HM says:

    A little late to this, but for me, the setlist that even got me listening to music has to be from Cold Case. Sure, a CBS procedural, but every episode had about 5 songs in it, reminiscent of the time. Its catalog is simply enormous and probably the reason why it hasn’t been seen on DVD. A full list is here: http://www.coldcasepedia.com/artist-list

  • Rockox says:

    Still no Queensryche in RB. Sigh.

  • aaron says:

    What about some articles that show songs featured in films? I can see a few, the one that sticks to my mind is that this game has a few songs from the transformers series of films: green day’s 21 guns, and lynkin park’s what I’ve done and New divide. Back to the future’s The Power of Love, and there must be more.