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DLC Review 8/2 (311)
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DLC Review 8/2 (311)

Here’s this weeks review and playthrough for the 311 DLC. Included below are playthrough videos of the DLC from the always awesome thenewnoelisoncruz. Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

All tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99). Pro Guitar/Bass charts are noted below where applicable, and can be purchased for an additional 80 MSP ($0.99).

Review is after the jump.

311 – Down (Pro)

Guitar was really chordy. Chordy to the point of being annoying. Chordy to the point of making the song just a gateway to a hand cramp. I don’t recommend it, unless you like loads of chords.

Given the fact that I strongly disliked the guitar part, it would seem virtually impossible for me to think the bass is worse. Fortunately, it wasn’t. In fact, it was actually quite fun! Filled with HOPOs alongside a fairly simple, but effective, pattern, I’d definitely come back and play this part again!

I found drums to be annoying. It’s the sort of part that a skilled drummer might love, but to anyone else, it’ll just come across as annoying. I think tier 4 is too low for the difficulty.

Harmonies are very lacking, in fact, I don’t think the two parts are together in any section. The harmony part is just talking. The lead vocal isn’t bad, but in all honesty, I enjoyed the harmony more!

This was pretty fun to play on Blitz. I used Super Guitar as my powerup, but I think that virtually any of the super instruments would work well here.

311 – Beautiful Disaster

I don’t often say this, but I felt that there were some very questionable charting decisions in this guitar chart. I am by no means a guitarist, so I don’t really like to bring up if I feel a chart is bad, but the really glaring error I saw was the fact that the guitar sections before the verses start up again were marked as solos. I didn’t really think they were. They just sound like a guitar riff to me. Either way, I liked the guitar chart. It starts out with some HOPOs across the Blue and Orange frets, before going in to HOPOs on the Red and Yellow frets. The whole song is verry fun and I recommend picking it up.

Bass was, in my opinion, better than the guitar. It keeps the cool HOPO section, but then when it comes to the verse, there’s a more constant amount of playing, instead of the chord-pause-chord-pause part of the guitar chart.

Drums were OK. For pretty much the whole thing you’re just playing a very basic pattern, with a roll put in every so often to break up the pattern. It wasn’t anything special, and I wouldn’t play it again.

Keys were incredibly boring. The whole song was just a series of slowly paced chords, followed by a lot of waiting. Not recommended to any keys player out there.

The harmonies on this song are also quite lacking. The vocals themselves are actually rather enjoyable. They weren’t all that hard (for me, save for the Beautiful Disaster line. I just couldn’t get the pitch of the Disaster down.

Blitz is fun for this song, except for the fact that the keys aren’t very prominent, and therefore will screw you up when trying to level the tracks. Super Guitar is the best for this song, due to the two solos (that really shouldn’t be solos).

311 – Amber

This is probably my favourite guitar part of the week. It’s quite a mellow part, but don’t let that make you think it’ll be an easy FC! It’s littered with HOPOs and some somewhat complex chord changes! I strongly recommend this song!

Bass was pretty relaxed. It definitely wasn’t as challenging as the guitar. Most of it was just playing a fairly simple pattern over and over again. It was a bit disappointing, if you ask me!

Like Beautiful Disaster, the drums just followed one main beat for pretty much the whole song. It wasn’t terrible, but once again, I was bored by the end.

The keys part is incredibly fun on this song. The part will take you all over the keys with some challenging, but not hard, sections that make up the section. I strongly recommend this to the keys players out there!

This is the hardest vocal song of the pack. At least for me it was. I don’t know why, but I had trouble getting the pitch down throughout the whole song.

This song also plays well in Blitz. There’s a solo on the guitar, so you might be inclined to use Super Guitar, but Super Keys will net you way more points!

Pick of the week: Amber
What should you buy: Get the pack

8 Responses to “DLC Review 8/2 (311)”

  • HM says:

    I’ll take your word on the vocal parts. I seem to be at the same level you’re at.

  • Nico the Ryhthm Addict says:

    Censored =/= Family Friendly

    Not to mention “I know a drug store cowgirl so afraid of getting bored” and “I’m on some old reality tip; so many trips in it”. I wonder how Beautiful Disaster got away with it. Then again, I wonder the same about Do You Want To, so maybe it’s a precedent.

    • HM says:

      Was it censored? I can’t find it in the video but when I played it, something sounded censored. What was it?

      • Nico the Ryhthm Addict says:

        “I might do that stuff if
        it didn’t make me feel like —-”

        Which is right before the line about trips, which makes me even more suspicious.

        • T says:

          It’s all about context. A “drug store” is by no means a bad word. It’s just a small store that also has a pharmacy. Walgreens is a drug store. Heck, many Target’s now have drug stores as well. And a line about trips? So what? “Trips” is a dirty word now?

          It’s not like Alanis Morrisette saying “going down” which is a very specific slang for a sexual act.

          It’s like “Mary Jane”. If you have a line about “smoking Mary Jane” odds are it’s going to be cut, but if you sing an entire love song to “Mary Jane” it could be one big drug reference but if you never explicity mention drug use you’ll be fine.

          It’s like why the lone “Goddamn” in El Scorcho isn’t cut, but every single one of them in This Ain’t a Scene is because it’s part of the refrain and thus has to be evenly edited to avoid distraction.

          • T says:

            To add to my previous comment about context, look at You Oughtta Know vs. All My Life.

            All My Life is (by all accounts) one big song about performing oral. Yet it’s perfectly acceptable in RB because it’s a vauge enough metaphor.

            Meanwhile Alanis puts her line in about “going down on you” and there’s no two-ways about what she’s referring to. So it’s censored.

          • Nico the Ryhthm Addict says:

            I wasn’t saying a drug store was a bad word either. What I’m saying is exactly the same point you’re making: context.

            From what I can tell, that whole verse is alluding to psychedelic drugs. The drug store cowgirl is “afraid of getting bored” and is “always running from something” that others ignore. Now this doesn’t imply it alone, but then the next line “I might do that stuff it didn’t make me feel like…” strikes the point home, along with the next line about being on an “old reality tip” with “so many trips in it” seemingly makes it even more obvious.

            Now, as a precedent, I’d cite Low Rider. Its psychedelic references are even more vague, yet it warranted an SR. I’m not saying the verse be censored any further, just that the song got the wrong rating in my opinion.

          • Did they censor going down in You Oughta Know? I always thought it was left in.