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Guitar Hero 3 Pitch Video (As Harmonix Envisioned It)
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Guitar Hero 3 Pitch Video (As Harmonix Envisioned It)

Well, isn’t this something. Coming straight off of Harmonix alumni @deliciousbees’ Twitter feed is a video from fellow Harmonix alumni Joe Kowalski (@codeloss). While he was working as a User Interface Artist at Harmonix, Joe helped put together a pitch video for Guitar Hero III in 2006 for Harmonix.

The problem here is that the Guitar Hero III Harmonix envisioned never happened, as the IP rights went with Red Octane to Activision before this game got off the ground, and Neversoft ultimately ended up making Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock instead.

This game would have been a radical departure from Guitar Hero II, and a much different tone from the rest of Harmonix’s games.

[via @deliciousbees]

32 Responses to “Guitar Hero 3 Pitch Video (As Harmonix Envisioned It)”

  • Elliott says:

    Before people start comparing story lines of other music games “Dystopian Futures” aren’t copy-written 😛

  • GreggD says:

    Holy shit…this seems awesome!

  • kitlerc says:

    Imagine if this game actually happened instead of Power Gig…

  • Nick says:

    One could theorize by the Rockapocalypse text, they would have pushed for some Iron Maiden on disc. Further, given the premise of the video, I would have imagined that 2112 would have been an obvious choice for the game as well (while it doesn’t follow the theme exactly, it’s story is similar).

    While I want to say its too bad that Harmonix never made (that) GH3, I’m actually glad they didn’t- since we got Rock Band instead. The GH3 we did get was the last GH game I ever played, and I didn’t play for very long. It started the demise of that franchise.

    However, the article text stating that it would have “been a radical departure from GH2” is intriguing- I didn’t see anything in the video indicating that it would have played any different, and I’m curious as to what the author means by that.

    • RockBandAide says:

      The first two Guitar Hero games had upbeat tones, and had no significant storyline to speak of. This is the opposite of that.

      • Nick says:

        Ah, given the statement that it would have been a radical departure, I would have expected some sort of gameplay changes, rather than some sort of story line (which honestly I’ve found more or less irrelevant in rhythm games, since gameplay is key).

  • King Arthur says:

    Breaking the lawww, breaking the lawwwww…

  • Headcase says:

    The tyrannical anti-music government melts down the world’s guitars into a giant gun used to destroy the moon. They should have shown this to Activision (or if they did, Activision should have used it).

    • Vampire-Jekyll says:

      So that’s what those Power Gig guys were planning when they chucked all those guitars in the volcano…

  • FT says:

    That screams so much awesome… too bad it didn’t happen. Rock Band 4 could have something similar but have ALL instruments & music deemed wrong. Good idea.

  • FrankieB says:

    This saddens me. I would very much like to see where GH3 would have been like by Harmonix now.

  • Peacemaker says:

    I love the “Houses of the Holy” reference in there!

  • MilesRose says:

    Reminds me of DC3, where HMX is going silly with story. It’s beautiful when they do. Love the Tarkus cover reference, and all of the art.

  • osteofight says:

    How does one melt guitars?!

  • Cymbalism says:

    I was watching this, thinking how corny it was, and how it reminded me of the crappy voice-over for Warriors of Rock. Then the riff for breaking the law started, I got all excited, and when the music swelled I got goosebumps.

  • Psymonkee says:

    That story seems awfully familiar.

    The musical We Will Rock You is pretty much that 😀

    (Go see the musical if it comes anywhere near you!)

  • Pancho says:

    For some reason, when HMX pitches the whole “become a rock god to save the world” doesn’t sound as crazy as when Activision did it.

  • Alex says:

    I really wish this game was made instead of the GH3 we got

  • non_zero says:

    So… HMX would’ve made Warriors of Rock come 5 years early.

    • Nick says:

      Only it wouldn’t have been awful and would have skipped all the nonsense Activision created in the meantime.

      • MilesRose says:

        WoR wasn’t completely awful. Fun gameplay, fun setlist, and excellent outfits. The… powerup and such stuff was odd though.

        • Cymbalism says:

          Powerup stuff was over the top, and the voiceover and story was horrible. Gameplay was the best until Rock Band 3 came along, and I still prefer the guitar gameplay of the GH series over the RB series.

        • Nick says:

          Disagree. Story was bad, had typical bad GH charts, and the setlist was bad*.

          *except for 2112, the only reason to buy it at the time. Even that they didn’t do right, and Harmonix removed any reason to even thing about WoR once they released 2112 full version.

  • Jacob says:

    I see some Boston cover art!!!!

  • Irish Buddha says:

    There’s some interesting hidden (or not so hidden) gems in the artwork. Specifically the Houses of the Holy-esque scene, and the horizon lines between the hero and the city that are blue, red, green, yellow, and orange.

  • samjjones says:

    Good thing this didn’t happen. THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN license holders would’ve had a field day in litigation! 😉

    But seriously…this was a pretty good pitch/premise. If the setlist reflected the “apocalyptic” or “dystopian” type songs and iconography (like 2112, “It’s The End of The World As We Know It(And I Feel Fine)”, Petty’s “You Got Lucky”)…could’ve been really interesting.

  • D1Matman says:

    Att: Harmonix
    Just make that your Rock Band meets RPG pitch. I’ll be here waiting with my wallet open. See you on the other side.
    Peace out.

    • Nick says:

      I would so buy that. Rock Band is among the very few non-RPGs I play, and to have a Harmonix RPG would like gaming crack for me.

  • Folkeye says:

    Looks like I would have enjoyed that so much more than GH3.

  • aaron says:

    I’d love it if harmonix did a music game like this, especially if it would have voiceovers as well, for me, i’m a blind gamer so text-based story would be useless for me.