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Rock Band iOS App Saved From Untimely Demise
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Rock Band iOS App Saved From Untimely Demise

It looks like the initial story FIRST featured here on Tuesday, and subsequently everywhere else on the web yesterday, about the Rock Band iOS app being “no longer playable” at the end of the month got the attention of EA. They contacted several outlets , including us, to let us know that apparently the message was “sent in error.” The app will continue to be playable after the original May 31st expiration date.

According to an official statement sent to us directly from EA:

Rock Band for iOS will remain live – the in-app message users received yesterday was sent in error. We apologize for the confusion this caused. We’re working to clarify the issue that caused the error and will share additional information as soon as possible.

And if you go in to the app now, you are also greeted with the new message above.

Nice job to everyone that spread the word, and a respectful thank you to EA for doing what’s fair in the end.

18 Responses to “Rock Band iOS App Saved From Untimely Demise”

  • Felder71 says:

    The only thing they were saving is their ass. This is EA backpedaling after the negative publicity. If no one noticed, they would have gone ahead and shut things down.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Can’t argue with that. I actually had a phone call with the news editor from Joystiq early yesterday morning, and his first comment to me was “Man, you started quite the fire storm!” Glad to see that all the attention (eventually) resulted in something positive, even if the motives are for EA to attempt at saving face.

      • RickC32 says:

        Good practice for the EPIC fire storm we need to create when DLC does not transfer to the next-gen consoles. 🙂

        • samjjones says:

          Let us gather our armies and prepare our torches!

          I work in software development, and am pretty level-headed about all of this stuff, but yeah, that will be an interesting conversation when it happens. Obviously RB DLC is an unprecedented kind of thing in the world of console DLC. So new problems = new solutions.

      • samjjones says:

        Fight the power, brother man!

        Seriously, good job bringing this issue to light, and I’m glad that EA was able to reverse course/fix the error here. I have no horse in this race, but I like to see companies do the right thing by their customers.

  • Razputin217 says:

    Crisis averted.

  • RickC32 says:

    Ha! I wonder if we’ll ever find out if this was an, “Oops. Honest mistake,” or an, “Oops. We did not realize there would be so much gamer outrage.”

    At least we know the licenses are not expiring.

    • samjjones says:

      We’ll probably never know for sure, but if you were a betting man, which would you put your money on? 😉

  • Azure says:

    I’d believe the “sent in error” story if it hadn’t been a message clearly tailored to Rock Band players. “Thanks for rocking with us!”

    • RockBandAide says:

      Yeah, it’s a pretty poor attempt at damage control after the fact.

    • ricecake says:

      Especially given the questions they put on the FAQ (which have since been replaced).


      I’ve heard ROCK BAND will not be available after May 31. Is this true?
      Yes, we will be suspending support of ROCK BAND after May 31 and focusing resources on other EA titles. We thank everyone for playing ROCK BAND, and we encourage you to explore some of the other exciting titles in our mobile line-up.

      Can I still play ROCK BAND if I’ve already downloaded it?
      The ROCK BAND servers will be live through May 31, 2012. If you have already downloaded the game, you can continue to play until then.

  • samjjones says:

    All – I still want to burn down EA due to the fact that NHL Hockey 98 sucked so bad for the Playstation…so I’m still up for some burning and looting if anybody else is.

  • DJ Gryph says:

    I got that error message as well and found it pretty disconcerting. I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as an expiration date for an app. If there is, and if publishers are not required to disclose it at the time of purchase, I feel like I will tend to think twice about whether I really need iOS apps I’m downloading in the future.

  • Conriocht13 says:

    Looks like EA’s April Fools joke triggered a month late.

  • Nico the Ryhthm Addict says:

    I was thinking this initially: Perhaps EA closing the game wasn’t happening. Instead they were closing the servers like those other games, and since the message was misinterpreted by the public, they decided to clarify and keep online servers just to make up for it?

    It’s possible that either every time we thought it was the game, it was the server referenced, or the message was dictated unclearly to the typist on the support page and the app, who typed it to refer to the app itself.

    Either way, nice to know for owners of the game. I got Reloaded, so this hasn’t directly affected me.