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Rock Band Blitz Debuted on X-Play
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Rock Band Blitz Debuted on X-Play

Looks like the NeoGAF post was accurate. A short time ago, Matthew Nordhaus from Harmonix was on X-Play showing off some gameplay action of the new title Rock Band Blitz. Rather than talk about it first, let’s just watch the video of the announcement.

The game will feature 25 new songs (see the first five songs announced below) that will also be playable in Rock Band 3. It will be available via Xbox Live and Playstation Network this summer. It is important to note that this single player game is played via standard controllers ONLY (no peripheral usage), and will incorporate ALL existing Rock Band and Rock Band Network DLC.

  • Blink 182 – Always
  • Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks
  • Great White – Once Bitten, Twice Shy
  • Quiet Riot – Metal Health
  • Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl

Big thanks to @kitlerc for hosting an online stream of G4 for us to watch!

207 Responses to “Rock Band Blitz Debuted on X-Play”

  • Andre says:

    Well, color me disappointed. At least it might be a cool 25 songs pack. Still waiting for a Rock Band title with cool storytelling built in a much expanded Career mode.

    • Xanadu says:

      As much as I agree with you in terms of expectations, this actually looks like fun. I really like the fact that all my DLC works in it and the over the top pinball thing looks cool. Then again, it also looks like Rock Band PSP version 2 HD. If I buy it, it will probably be for the game and not the sound track (unless they have unreleased Rush, Shinedown, Metallica and/or Led Zeppelin in it)

    • Saeglopur says:

      Not interested in this game either. But it’s nice to get Pumped Up Kicks and Always for Rockband.

  • theluigi1022 says:

    the one thing i want to know is if the wii owners will receive these songs in a track pack later on

    • Ben says:


    • ComplicitOwl says:

      Probably. Considering we’ve had what, FIVE releases to look back on as precedent for ‘will be DLC after release exclusivity’?

      • NV_Mathemagician says:

        Where does it say that this is a track pack and not a game. If it’s a track pack, then yes the Wii should probably get the songs eventually. If it’s a game then Wii owners will most likely miss out.

        • mcmax3000 says:

          It’s both. It’s a separate game but the 25 songs that come with it can be played in Rock Band 3.

          • NV_Spartan says:

            That doesn’t make it a track pack. How is this different from L:RB?

          • Mcmax3000 says:

            In terms of what it means for the main Rock Band franchise, nothing is different.

            And for the record, the original poster never said that it WAS a Track Pack, they said that they hope the Wii gets the songs AS a Track Pack.

    • WiiDrummer says:

      They should be able to release this game on the Wii U once that comes out this winter!

  • Cian says:

    The game looks like it will be really fun. Hopefully the remaining 20 songs appeal to me a bit more than these do though. But hey I said that about RB3’s setlist and walked away loving that one.

  • RandydG says:

    To be honest, when i first saw the game it was a pretty big let down, but the idea of the fact that the songs will be exportable makes the game grow on me. A new DLC pack with a mini game, kinda cool.

    And im sure that the pissed off people will shut the hell up once they see the whole list of songs, watch it will be songs that they have been wanting for years.

    Let the cards land as they may.

    • samjjones says:

      Yes, 90% of the people who are disappointed in the RB Blitz reveal (myself included) are still going to buy just to use the songs in RB3. So in the end, everybody will be happy, right?

      It will be a shame that ultimately many will ignore the work that the developers did on this title, and I hope they understand the headspace that many RB gamers are in. Nothing personal, guys. I also never played a single game of Green Day: Rock Band either before exporting to RB2. I’m sure I’m in the minority in my usage patterns, though.

      • RandydG says:

        Yeah, i got the GD:RB game also but i think i did play a little, and i mean little before exporting the game for RB3. Havent touched it since, just like the country track pack 1 and ad/dc track pack. Only thing for me to go back to GD is for trophies.

        As for the songs of the new game, now it will be part 2 of being exciting to see what they will be.

      • gladiatory2k says:

        Between Metal Health and Once bitten, I already want the game just for those songs….doubt I will touch the actual game though

      • D1Matman says:

        I am similar in my RB export acquisition habits. Didn’t play 1 game of Green Day, didn’t play a single game in Lego RB either. Export… hells yes. Will definitely grab this on XBLA, primarily for the export of course, but heck I might even have a couple of games just to see what its like. Then head over to RB3 to rock out right and proper with my new tracks.

    • T says:

      That’s how I view this too. RB Blitz is basically the return of Frequency/Amplitude to consoles with the ability to work with your RB3 library. And in an attempt to placate some fans, HMX made it so you can play the Blitz songs in RB3.

      With the success of RB, HMX is painted in a corner. Had they announced Blitz as a standalone IP they still would’ve faced the cries of “BETRAYAL!” by people who expect them to only work on RB titles and DLC for RB.

      It’s a wonderful compromise on their part.

  • BathTub says:

    I think I’ll be using it as a trackpack, already full of songs I want.

  • Abe says:

    I was initially meh, but when I saw the playable in RB3 I am on the boat.

  • Ben says:

    Intresting idea, but since I own a Wii a downloadable game wasn’t in the cards for us anyway. WiiU?

    • ComplicitOwl says:

      Nintendo imposes a size limit on downloads. High-quality audio like Rock Band uses really pushes that. That’s why longer RB Wii songs are so much audibly worse. Unless they change that for the WiiU, there’s no chance.

    • WiiDrummer says:

      We can only hope!

  • MilesRose says:

    This easily exceeded my expectations. I can play my entire library in a different setting and game? Very cool, as well as getting the 25 songs from Blitz itself onto RB3.

    • Ashai says:

      This, I’m in!

      • bonet says:

        Harmonix can make any game at all in a variaty of genres, music/arcade, music/simulation, music/puzzle?, music/mystery?, that works with my huge rock band library. That fact alone makes any $40 dollar game that is even slightly appealing seem like a steal.

  • Adam says:

    I’m in, if just for the songs. Looks like Rock Band Unplugged for PSP a little?

    • MaximusDM says:

      You mean a lot? They seem to be identical.

      • Mcmax3000 says:

        They’re not identical by any means (only one lane had notes at a time in the PSP game, that lane had four notes instead of what looks to be two in Blitz, there were no powerups in the Unplugged & the PSP game had a traditional RB visual style whereas this one seems to be more bright & vibrant) but definitely similar in core concept.

        • MaximusDM says:

          Well there is overdrive which was the only powerup and probably going to be the only one worth getting in Blitz because it doubles score.

          There is also a mode to have all tracks scroll in Unplugged, possibly through the extras menu I don’t remember. But in that mode all tracks scrolled and you had to manage to keep them all from failing.

          And then again, another mode that had them all scroll and you could play whatever you wanted. You’d get higher scores that way than you would normally by blasting tracks by finishing them.

          I honestly didn’t even notice the 2 note highways until now. I was thinking it was 3.

    • T says:

      Basically the same thing. But putting it on the console gives them access to the full RB library. So that’s a huge plus.

  • Numskull says:

    Something else that has recently occurred to me: If I like this game enough, I will have incentive to buy instrumentals. Since I spend lots of time on vocals, the only one I have is YYZ, which was part of a full album pack and therefore effectively free.

    • samjjones says:

      Yeah, go buy Frankenstein immediately.

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      I’m the same. I mainly play vocals and the only instrumental I own is YYZ. Hadn’t thought about that aspect of it until your comment.

  • bwp23 says:

    I’ve played a little Frequency/Amplitude (and other games of the kind) – they are fun enough, but the instrument side of things in rhythm games is definitely where my interest lay. Still a $20 (max) track pack of 25 songs, with a mini game compatible with my existing RB songs, is a pretty good deal as far as I’m concerned.

    For me not to get this, the songs will have to be pretty terrible. But with Pumped Up Kicks and Jessie’s Girl, the setlist is off to a pretty positive start (I don’t like Blink-182, and don’t know the other two songs).

    Probable buy, at this stage.

    • Gam30ver says:

      I guess you don’t know your 80’s rock. Those are two big hits that are making this a possible must buy for me

      • bwp23 says:

        Actually, I LOVE 80s music, but I’m more into the indie/alternative/synth-y side of things rather than hair metal. If it were some R.E.M., Smiths, Talking Heads etc., I’d be incredibly excited.

        Having now listened to the two songs, they aren’t really my bag (Metal Health is better than Once Bitten, Twice Shy) but different strokes etc.

      • NV_Mathemagician says:

        Metal Health , Jessie’s Girl and Once Bitten make this a must buy for me. I’ve wanted these songs in Rock Band forever it seems.

        • ryumitch1 says:

          sign me up for some Talking heads or REM! haha…although, i’d much rather have Stop Making Sense in its entirety by talking heads…. and REM, i know this will never happen because they hate the song, but i want shiny happy people, please? XD

  • Pood LeFache says:

    3/5 songs are already awesome (Once Bitten, Twice Shy is a welcome surprise)… but you know what would really be awesome? Protar upgrades included with these for Rock Band 3. 🙂

    That this game works with all of the existing DLC is beyond clever. Anything that keeps the Rock Band ecosystem going is a win.

    • RandydG says:

      Hum, didnt think about the pro aspect of it, im sure that drum and keyboard would be included, this would just make it an even better deal! Thanks for pointing that out.

  • The Furizzly Bear says:

    Does this count as a public reveal because if so then will there be a second game announced on Saturday?

    • RockBandAide says:

      This is it. The original reveal was planned for PAX East, but that was months ago since the panel was submitted, and things have changed since then to reach more people.

  • drummerockband says:

    Aw, I was hoping it was going to be Rock Band board game instead of Rock Band Blitz.

  • The Beef says:

    I’m really disappointed to see all this disappointment. This is easily the best thing they could have possibly announced as far as I’m concerned. 25 tracks for $20 max, a spiritual successor to Freq/Amp that isn’t ONLY ON PORTABLES (ugh), and he said over 3,000 songs, so I assume RBN is somehow supported. I haven’t been this excited for anything ever. Not to mention the game just looks fun as all hell.

    • Pood LeFache says:

      Agreed, and yes, RBN songs are supported. Not surprising as the tracks have to be programmatically generated to support the existing song library.

    • Twoflower says:

      I played the hell out of Freq and Amp, but from the video above… I’m having a hard time associating what I’m hearing with the two-note gameplay lanes. It just looks like a random mash, like a bad AudioSurf track. It does not look fun.

      So yes, as a GAME, it’s very disappointing. But this isn’t a game aimed at anyone who even knows a site named RockBandAide exists — they’re roping in people who are HURR DURR DUN WANNA BUY PLASTIC GUITAR in hopes of marketing DLC at them, and maybe eventually converting them to standard RB players. The bone being thrown to standard RB players is the track export.

      And as a track export… I reserve judgment. I like some of what I hear so far, but value’s always a subjective proposition.

    • Andre says:

      Easily the BEST thing they could have possibly announced? What about the many threads around the Rock Band forums and blogs (here, the official forum, Score Hero, even I had a fan blog specifically for this) with delicious ideas for a much expanded Career mode and even integration with social networks? Even a Rock Band Manager game was proposed for Facebook, where you’d be able to score gigs and story opportunities for your band, even while playing on your cellphone. You’d arrive home and have new content unlocked for your band in Career mode. Even that was proposed.

      If you would like links, I can provide them for your reading pleasure. One reader (Jack) has already linked the Score Hero one in a previous thread, but I’ll post it again here to facilitate.

      Score Hero:


      My defunct blog of ideas:

      Have fun reading. I personally think this is easily NOT the best thing they could have possibly announced. But well, another reader here posted that they were looking for a professional with storytelling skills, so we can hope for a better Career mode in RB4.

  • SebastianSB says:

    I totally called it yesterday! 😀

  • Echoindia says:

    Whole lotta butthurt people out there.

    I remember when everyone and their mama was clamoring for another Frequency/Amplitude. Now you got it.

    I’m in. If only for the fact that my 800 song library just got a breath of new life.

    • Twoflower says:

      I don’t see this as a true successor. There’s only two notes, not three, and certainly not even the four from RB Unplugged / RB Lego / etc. I can barely tell what those two notes are actually mapping to in the song, for that matter. Just looks like a button masher.

      As long as this doesn’t spell the death of the traditional instrument simulation game and we eventually get some new full RB game, I guess this works as a cute distraction for non-RB players and a track export for the rest of us. But it’s hardly the second coming of Frequency.

    • MaximusDM says:

      This is NOT FreQ 3. And if anything, it just shows that we won’t be getting another Frequency game.

      Biggest part of Frequency is the ability to remix and multiplayer. 2 VERY big things missing here. Same thing goes for Unplugged.

  • Kansas496 says:

    I noticed that contains the song “Always” by Blink 182 😀 and that all songs will be exportable to Rock Band 3. Now I understand this will only be released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Now, is there any possibility that those 5 fetured songs will eventually release as DLC for Wii at least? We haven’t had RBN since last March i think, so we’ve been low on weekly tracks. Please if you get this, let me know if Wii will have any part in this new game what so ever. Always by Blink-182 is easily one of the most wanted songs for rock band due to the fast drumming and catchy vocals. Can I hope that Wii gets a fare share in this too? Thank you.

  • KEWB says:

    As some people expected, myself included, it’s sort of like Frequency/Amplitude/the Rock Band DS games. I’ve never played the Frequency/Amplitude games but I’m actually a pretty big fan of the DS RB titles (really underrated rhythm games imo). The whole first half of the X-Play video I had my fingers crossed thinking “please be compatible with existing RB songs”. Needless to say I’m really excited about this, especially considering I’ve already got almost a 2000 song library for it.

  • Jason R. says:

    So when I first saw this, I wasn’t really sure what to think. I never played Frequency or Ampitude, so my first instinct was “this is kind of a let down.”

    But when you think about it, it’s actually kind of nice that Harmonix is trying something different. Rock Band 3 is basically as far as the music game genre goes as far as gameplay. I’ve said it before that I’d be just fine if they patched the game to add more goals and expanded the single-player mode. This at least is an entirely re-conceived look at the genre.

    Also, it’s highly unlikely that Harmonix would have been able to put something on XBOX Arcade or PSN that was super-complicated without being a huge download. So this makes some sense toward reigniting some interest in the genre before Harmonix does whatever it’s going to do next with RB.

    So since I’ve purchased pretty much every Rock Band title, I will almost certainly pick this up. If the game doesn’t do it for me, at least I can export the songs.

  • Kevin says:

    This is nice, but when are we getting Muse: Rock Band.

  • Thedave says:

    Looking at this as a track pack for now. Wanting Jesses girl for a long time. If the game happens to be fun on top of that then bonus. Still a tad disappointed that it’s not a Rock Band add on. This being the case I’m not sure we’ll ever get A Rock Band 4.

    • T says:

      The DLC is compatible with RB Blitz, and the Blitz songs work in RB. How is this not an RB3 add on?

  • BravoGangUS says:

    I’m not really too excited about this since it is mostly like the Rock Band Unplugged for PSP.

    However, I think that based on the look of this game, they definitely should have made it available for Playstation Vita as well. This would be a great game to have wherever you are rather than just at home in front of your TV

    • TomBombFR says:

      Yeah, nothing very new… just Frequency/Amplitude/RBU re-hashed… I would probably get it if they released it on the Vita, otherwise, I’ll pass, thank you.

    • RockBandAide says:

      But then it would probably have the same success rate as RB:U. Having access to a nearly 4,000 song library (of which most of the fans here already have a good chunk of), it’s no mystery why it was released for these platforms.

      • bonet says:

        I think this is exactly the eciting part about this. Im surprised that there arent any licensing issues around this.

        Harmonix now has a excisting incentive for music game fans to buy new games wether complicated or arcade types, that being the rock band library they already own.

        And they can iniciate many new to the genre people into rockband, by having them buy a simple game like Blitz with 25 songs already. If I were one of these people I would buy RB3 for $19, and a guitar, why not?

        And if they keep producing titles that revolve around our music libraries, it will keep on bringing in new people increasing the fans base, keep on reinforcing the established fans, and keep that DLC selling!!

  • SurefireDwarf says:

    While I did want a RockBand 3.5, I think this is a great idea. This game is not aimed at us hardcore RockBand fans, but people who play the game at friend’s houses but don’t have instruments. The “No instruments required” was a major point in both videos. With this game, people who don’t have RockBand 3 have a portal to the RockBand world. They may go out and buy RockBand 1, 2, and 3 just for the songs. And hopefully soon after release, there are MANY more sales on instruments.

    For us current RockBand players, we get a fun little game + 25 new songs.

  • Jake says:

    Activision… take notes… this is why RB succeeded… HMX release a spin off with different controls and still maintains the same DLC.

    On another note… am I the only one disappointed because there is only a 2-note highway instead of the good old 3-note ala frequency\amplitude games. Makes the “charting” kinda simplistic :/

    Anyways.. so happy HMX finally responded to the old harcore fans. :]

  • SHADOWMATE says:

    I think is is a good thing! I mean what did we all want exactly? Its a track pack for good money so a definite buy for me. Its also a free GAME which i can play with all my DLC of 620 songs. Ive never played amplitude or frequency so i dunno what they are like. or the PSP game everyone keeps mentioning but as a “hardcore” rock band fan and dlc junkie i will definitley buy this. My one and ONLY gripe is that its standard controllers only as i have every rock band instrument released. Also (to Rockbandaide) is any chance at all this is stage kit friendly? Would be awesome to play with the light show.

  • SHADOWMATE says:

    FYI guys. Interesting factoid. £am Rockbandaide time is 0900 British.

  • Ubuyo says:

    Would’ve peferred “Cum On Feel the Noize” over “Metal Health”, to be honest.

    • samjjones says:

      Maybe as DLC down the line?

      I just heard Metal Health on the radio two days ago (first time I’ve heard it in a long time), and was thinking…”Man, it would be fun to sing some Kevin Dubrow in Rock Band at a party while half in the bag”.

      If HMX is trying to reach a new audience with this (which by abandoning the instrument peripherals and making it an “arcade” title…it would seem to indicate)…then it’s very possible that the 25 tracks included are all going to be “very” well known (and as such, highly demanded by old-school RB players) songs.

      • Rockox says:

        “Cum on Feel the Noize” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” would round out a 3-song set very nicely.

    • VolTRH says:

      You have to figure in that “Cum on Feel The Noise” is a cover version, and as such would be harder to license.

      Also, if I recall correctly, Quiet Riot were not too keen on covering the song in the first place. When they did cover it, they played it as badly as they could so the label wouldn’t release it. Obviously, that didn’t work. Since they didn’t want to cover the song, maybe that means that they just don’t like it, and as a result aren’t too keen on licensing it out to people. We might have a case similar to “Fight for Your Right”.

  • T says:

    I don’t understand the doom and gloom. I mean, I get the entitlement. Come to expect that from this fanbase. But who is harmed by this coming out?

    The 25 songs will be playable in RB-proper, and all DLC will be playable in Blitz. So the biggest concern is already shot dead as there’s no exclusive songs.

    In a world where this doesn’t exist, we would just get a new Track Pack or somethijg. And since those are typically iust 20 songs in a mini RB shell, this at least gives you a reason to buy the set.

    People pissed about it not being “Rock Band” don’t realize that HMX is a dev first, and creator of Rock Band second. They’ve got to branch out with things that don’t involve plastic instruments. The fact they kept this in the RB family by allowing cross title song compatibility shows they’re willing to compromise for those of you who fear change and demand they pigeonhole themselves.

    • samjjones says:

      I get what you are saying, but the hard-core RB community is a little different than most other game communities.

      Because these guys have spent a ton of cash on peripherals, building up their DLC libraries, etc.

      HMX gotta do what they gotta do to stay in business, but completely alienating their core audience isn’t going to please a lot of people.

      That said, for the reasons that everybody has pointed out, RBB does “not” alienate the base…it is something different. I kinda wish that this title would be released with a statement that “we don’t plan to abandon the core RB performance sim type of gameplay in the future”…if that happened, this would be swallowed a lot easier by the people who are turned off by it. Now we’re in this weird space where we don’t really know what HMX’s plans are for the “main” RB title going forward, and that scares some people given the investment/joy they have in it.

      Seem reasonable?

      • T says:

        How are they completely alienating their core with this title? If you want nothing to do with the Rock Band Blitz gameplay it turns into a 25 song track pack for $20.

        And all of that money you’ve spent on DLC? It works in this game too.

  • Dein Bär says:

    It looks interesting enough to try the demo (I guess there will be one) when the game gets released.

  • SpideyMatt says:

    I’m in the win-win camp on this announcement. I think it’s a plus for the die-hards, and a nice way to reel in some newcomers to the RB community.

    I’m sure the details of the game will come along soon enough, but I thought I’d go ahead and voice my curiosity about something.

    My hard drive is full of songs including DLC and exports from games such as RB1, RB2, Lego RB, etc. I can easily see how these will be playable in Blitz. My question is this. How will Blitz access my RB3 tracks? Will an export from my RB3 disc be necessary? If so, will this export cost me anything (similar to the $5 or $10 export from RB2 for example)?

    • RockBandAide says:

      Good questions. You’ll probably have to export RB3 to your hard drive for a small licensing fee for use in Blitz. We’ll publish a “Submit your questions for PAX East” post later today, so be sure to drop your questions in there for Harmonix.

  • RBGHfam says:

    No interest in the game…BUT I LIKE 25 song packs! Interested to see if these 5 are the headliner songs or if they have something better.

  • bagger says:

    It’s going to be distinctly unpleasant playing Once Bitten, Twice Shy in one of the venues that feature pyrotechnics heavily.

    • samjjones says:

      That is messed up, sir.

      (Checking to see if I have enough fog juice in my stage kit)

  • Croq360 says:

    I wonder if Rock Band Blitz will be part of the Summer of Arcade promotion on MS? It seems like a logical thing for them to do, and would boost sales for the title. And more sales of this title means potentially more people buying the weekly DLC too.

    The only potentially crappy thing with this happening is that I believe that doing it might delay a PS3 release (I think previous SoA titles have been exclusive to 360 for a little while).

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      Yes, being part of Summer of Arcade would delay the PSN version.

      XBLA games that are part of a Microsoft promotion (House Party, Summer of Arcade, etc.) are at the very least, time exclusives to 360 (hence why PSN just got I Am Alive this past week).

  • xX666Xx says:

    I dare anyone to attempt any of the Dragonforce songs on this, especially Operation Ground & Pound! 😛

  • rob says:

    Disappointed. I’ll pick it up as a track pack if my instruments hold out, since you can’t find any replacements for less than 2-3 times retail price. (ps3)

    I was hoping for just a large dlc pack and a few extras to help tide us over yet another year without a new title. I know my instruments will not hold out until rb4, so my rb gaming days may be winding down.

  • Brandon says:

    The game is alright, but I almost threw up at that song list. Of course the export will end up not like RB1 and it will force me to keep the Foster The People song that irritates the hell out of me.

    • Numskull says:

      The song list is only 20% revealed and you’re almost throwing up already? That’s one delicate stomach you’ve got there.

    • Hayden says:

      You can choose to hide 1-lighter rated songs since the latest patch.

  • josethecool says:

    Your faces when MUSE in this game 😮