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Rock Band DLC to Continue, but No “Rock Band 4” This Year
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Rock Band DLC to Continue, but No “Rock Band 4” This Year

In a case of “Well I could have told you that,” it looks like Joystiq is reporting that per a conversation with John Drake at the Game Developers Conference this week, Rock Band DLC isn’t going anywhere any time soon, despite what some of the pessimists would like you to think. Logically, I would have found it very odd that Harmonix invested the time and capital to create the Facebook app to track DLC, leadboards, and requests so accurately, just to have new DLC end a few months after it was implemented.

From John:

“We’ve been really pleased with the continued performance of Rock Band downloadable content. We’ve delivered over four years of weekly DLC and over 3,500 songs for the music platform, and we have no plans to stop weekly releases any time soon.”

What I thought was a little more surprising in the Joystiq piece was that they went ahead and confirmed that we will NOT be seeing a direct sequel to Rock Band 3 this year titled “Rock Band 4,” however they remind us that we will be seeing some sort of downloadable title coming this year. So while no “Rock Band 4” this year is disappointing, Harmonix does have big plans for PAX East. They haven’t showed their cards yet, but I’m confident we will see something come the first full weekend in April in Boston.

[via Joystiq]

128 Responses to “Rock Band DLC to Continue, but No “Rock Band 4” This Year”

  • kitlerc says:

    Amplitude port confirmed.

    • Pood LeFache says:

      With Kinect/Move controls, I’m sure.

      • MaximusDM says:

        I’m like 95% sure that its a franchise owned by Sony. It won’t appear anywhere else besides a Sony platform.

        Unless they do a Rock Band Unplugged kind of thing.

        • Toothball says:

          Rock Band Unplugged was good, it’s a shame that most of the people calling for Frequency and Amplitude seem to have missed it. They even got a couple of them onto the DS.

          • MaximusDM says:

            Its an alright game, the big thing that sets Unplugged apart from the Frequency series besides the electronica and power-ups, is the multiplayer and remixing.

  • FoxForever says:

    Might not be Rock Band 4 but could be Rock Band related…

    *cross fingers for The Rolling Stones: Rock Band with piano and harmonies*

  • MrMet2087 says:

    It could possibly be a downloadable pack of DLC, like a 50-80 song pack for 60 dollars which would be the price of a new game, but won’t actually be a new game.

    And all though we know DLC isn’t stopping, it’s definitely being scaled back in order to make it past longer. 3 song weeks will allow them to release songs over a longer stretch instead of 8 song weeks. They’d run out of content faster, because the licensing power and cash probably isnt there anymore to afford massive release weeks anymore

    • CashOD says:

      What a great idea! I’d be in on that.

    • Mircosoft says:

      60$? more like 30$, otherwise it wont sell. Even I as a rock band hardcore fan would think about buying it

      • RockBandAide says:

        Assuming no new game content, $60 for an 80-pack isn’t a BAD deal. The best DLC pack value was the London Calling pack ($20 for 18 songs), so paying less than a buck a song isn’t unrealistic, unprecedented, or unfair, regardless of how “hardcore” of a fan you are. With that being said, if there wasn’t any new game content, I would hope they would at least knock $10 off the price to reflect that.

        • Andreas says:

          I might be wrong, but isnt the country mega pack $20 for 21 songs? I remember thinking it was an insanely good deal.

  • Twoflower says:

    I’m really, really hoping it’s something RB-related. There’s a universe of existing DLC which can be repurposed for some new Rock Band style title — which could be some kind of RB RPG, or a socially networked weekly song challenge thing, or an Amplitude-like take on the notes, etc.

    If the new game is completely unrelated, like VidRhytm, well… disappointing. Understandable, don’t get me wrong, but disappointing.

    • RockBandAide says:

      It is, and you won’t be disappointed.

      • Andre says:

        Does this have anything to do with that whole discussion we had here some time ago, with all those RPGistic ideas… that you said you really liked and would pass along to Harmonix, but then the whole subject was thrown into oblivion and never talked about again?

        • RockBandAide says:

          I don’t have any impact on game development direction at Harmonix, but I do know that they listen to community feedback, and this site is part of the community.

          • Andre says:

            Alright, so let me try to extract some more… colorful information here.

            Do you have any idea if they paid particular attention to that very joyful discussion in particular, and if they did, if they also liked it (very, very) much?

          • RockBandAide says:

            Full disclosure: I know more about what’s coming than everyone else, but it’s honestly not that much, and obviously can’t talk about it. All will be revealed very soon, though.

          • Andre says:

            Whatever injects more life into the game, I’m in. This is a loved, loved franchise. A pity that RB3 had more “music” than “game” in it. And more “skill-oriented objectives” than “story-based immersion”. Still, there’s a lot of muscle and flesh that can be grown over the solid skeleton that is RB3.

          • samjjones says:

            This is the first confirmation we’ve gotten that the upcoming title will be download only, yes? And also (basically) confirmation that the upcoming game will be able to utilize the existing RB platform songs.

            And yes, RBA, I saw your comment to my post in the 3 Days of Grace thread yesterday, and yes, I am cool, so don’t worry about it.

            But yeah, this has me really thinking of what HMX has up their sleeves here. I’m psyched.

          • RockBandAide says:

            I wouldn’t call that “confirmation” per se, but it’s probably a safe bet to predict it’s a downloadable title.

            Also, thanks for “forgetting!” 😉

      • Plainclothes Man says:

        With that said, are YOU pleased with what’s coming down the HMX pipe RBA?

        • RockBandAide says:

          Frankly, the fact that we’re getting anything at this point has me excited. Like I said, I don’t know much more than everyone else, but I’m pretty psyched for what’s coming.

          • Jason R. says:

            This is going to sound weird, but RBA’s crypticness is getting me psyched!

          • Andre says:

            When someone is cryptic by repeating “you won’t be disappointed” like a mantra, it’s hard not to get excited.

  • Pood LeFache says:

    A little disappointing but not surprising. The primary reason I would look forward to a new disc release is the opportunity to get a gigantic pack of songs for a reasonable price, as well as getting some songs that would never fly as individual DLC. The less well known songs that Harmonix packs into the disc releases are often my favorite songs to play, and they are probably the cheapest to license! Probably.

  • Gam30ver says:

    I would really like to see Lego rock band 2. But that isn’t going to happen. No rock band 4 sucks! Should be interesting to see if guitar hero jumps back in this year as rumored to try to reclaim the dead market.

  • Randy says:

    Hopefully this means they will do a full downloadable release, rather than doing an on disc one. I would be fine with a 30 pack of DLC for a week (or something of this sort) in place of a Rock Band 4 for this year.

  • Spidermaniac says:

    Bummed that we won’t be seeing a Rock Band 4 this year. With instruments becoming harder and harder to find and players leaving for the next new shiny title, I wonder how long we can expect Rock Band to continue. I’m thrilled that they’ve committed to continuing DLC because can’t imagine Rock Band without it. But, I was hoping for a little more this year.

    • RockBandAide says:

      There will be more this year than just DLC. And it will be happening very soon.

      • folkeye says:

        Will it make some of us whiners happier? 😀

        • samjjones says:

          I’m sure. If there is “definitely” a release this year that is going to utilize the existing/future RB library, than it’s reasonable to assume that HMX will ramp up the quality and/or quantity of DLC surrounding said release.

          So yes, I feel a lot better about things now.

          • Folkeye says:

            I’m not so worried about DLC quantity, more so about reason to want to buy more DLC. Give me a game that gives me more motivation to jump back in, then I buy more music.

            The really lacking fun game aspects of RB3 are in need of help. If that can be done via download title, that’d be exciting.

            Having great music is one thing, being able to enjoy interacting with great music is even better. I hope whatever they come up with will bring the day I don’t get in bed on time due to that ‘just one more song!’. I miss them days.

          • samjjones says:

            Folkeye – reading Alex R.’s comments over the past year, it seems that HMX is fully aware of that concern, and were looking at a way to “freshly” re-engage us in the DLC library again. RB 3.5 doesn’t do that. Something “else” potentially does.

            I don’t think they’ll ever abandon the performance sim aspect of RB altogether. It’s the reason why we’re still playing it 4 years later. We want to feel like we’re playing music.

            They’ll expand the other stuff on top of that. Its easier to design your own studio and album art via a Facebook app with your keyboard and mouse, than it is using a guitar or Xbox controller.

      • Spidermaniac says:

        Oh? “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”

        Consider my curiosity full on piqued. Thanks!

  • HugoM says:

    Well obviously no new title with the new generation of consoles coming out soon. That may seem more likely next year with brand new hardware across the table. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be too surprised seeing Wii completely discontinued whereas Wii U would likely get more support from the start.

    • Gam30ver says:

      I just hope my 900 song library can move from my wii to the wii u

      • Bryan2Blazed says:

        You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of your wii DLC transfering to the wii U. You can’t even move your DLC from wii to wii as it is now. How is it magically going to transfer to the wii U? You wii people and your strange hopes trip me out.

        • Gam30ver says:

          I know it’s pretty slim, but that is why I have moved over to my Xbox when buying new dlc, I just wish I could talk hrmx into being cool and give me a mulligan and give me some free dlc codes for the songs I bought on the wii 🙂 but that is just my Mario warp pipe dream

  • Jason R. says:

    Harmonix has rarely disappointed with their new offerings, and I’m expecting something pretty nice from PAX. If it was just a downloadable add-on to RB3 – more songs, challenges, a deeper career mode – that would be sufficient. There really aren’t a lot of things left to do in RB that are incredibly revolutionary, so “perfecting” the game seems like that way to go.

    • Daniel says:

      That’s actually a fantastic idea.

    • Rockox says:

      This is what I’ve been hoping they do for awhile. Not even necessarily new songs, just a bunch of new ways to play the songs we already have. It could be an add-on to RB3 or it could be a stand-alone downloadable shell.

      • folkeye says:

        Making the fleshed out RB3 we had all hoped for? It’d work and hold us over if done well.

        HMX is creative, and smart. Given the time and feed back in various places over the past two years, we can hope for the best.

        • samjjones says:

          Yes and yes. While I’m still concerned about the (disappearance of) the market for music performance simulation games, those dudes are really smart, and their track record is umblemished thus far. So they continue to get the benefit of the doubt until they drop an “Atari 2600 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” on us.

          • Rockox says:

            I will defend the E.T. game until the day I die. The game itself is not as bad as everyone likes to think it is. And I don’t think there’s any one thing Harmonix could do that would bury the music game genre for good.

  • P.G says:

    Not surprising at all. Due to the poor performance of RB3 at retail price it would make no sense to release a RB4 when if anything the audience is even lower now than it was when RB3 was released.

    A downloadable title makes much more sense and would almost certainly be much cheaper for them to make.

    • samjjones says:

      They have been doing a LOT in the social media space. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the next “title” integrate an RPG style game mode which is playable in Facebook or your iPhone or something like that, with the “performance simulation” aspect which is playable from the console.

      So, you live your characters life on your computer/Facebook or whatever, and when the character has to perform at a show, you fire up your PS3/Xbox, and the details of the show get dumped into your console.

      Technically possible? Would be kinda nuts.

      • Folkeye says:

        I got rid of FB last year, didn’t enjoy it…. I would rejoin solely for playing with my avatars :p

  • rob says:

    I look at it 2 ways.

    1. They make a massive pack of DLC like discussed above and it won’t be RB4 but will remain RB3 which means they wouldn’t have to re-license on disc songs from RB3. It saves HMX money and we still win.

    2. This could also mean that HMX’s Rock Band series is dying a slow death. I’m a die hard, but in all honesty i find myself playing less and less. Not to mention, this means another years worth of wear and tear on instruments that are increasing difficult to and sometimes overly expensive to replace. Unless there some kind of breath of fresh air, I may lose interest completely, having to go through another year.

    • RockBandAide says:

      You won’t be disappointed then.

      • folkeye says:

        I haven’t played RB3 since August since I really don’t like it much for various reasons (music is good, so no problem there) due to it just missing too many things that kept me playing RB2, especially a ‘career’ worth playing more than 3 days on instrument of choice. Got boring pretty fast, and online couldn’t save it (PS3 player here)since it’s just….eh, lacking and broken.

        If there’s a chance at reviving the interest and bringing more to do into that game, or something to expand the whole career thing that’d be cool, I’d pick up and play again if there’s reason to move forward. (I can overlook my distaste in the visuals if the game is ‘fun’ again for me).

        Whatever it is though, I hope it can bring interest and keep the RB love alive or revive it for some of us. Need SOMETHING to tie us over until another disc game, if there ever is one.

        • folkeye says:

          I think what I need, is more than just new music. New songs are good, but if nothing changes and nothing’s gained from them (no more fans, no more money, just a board score which doesn’t mean much to me)…the desire to buy more disappears.

          Need to bring that ‘give me reason to play’ back.

        • RockBandAide says:

          Now THIS is valid, fair, and obviously reasonable criticism. I can’t say I disagree with you at all!

          My biggest “complaint” about Rock Band 3 is that playing all the goals in the game with the same bank of on-disc songs got VERY monotonous. I’m confident that they address some of the bigger concerns like these in their next title.

          • folkeye says:

            It was hard seeing a message that was the equivilent of ‘You’re done, play another instrument already’.

            Hopefully some of those fixes will come sooner than later. If we have to wait well into 2013 for a new game to address some of this, I think many of us might be long gone. 🙁

            Here’s to hoping PAX stuff will get me interested.

  • Jack says:

    NOT Rock Band 4? Could it be Rock band Beatles 2 with full support of Pro modes and keys??

    That’s my dream….

    • Snapdancer says:

      I completely feel that wish as well, brotha! Just when I thought being limited to two guitars nerfed some of the songs, they released Pro Mode and keys. THEN they froze the DLC path without an official announcement… just this “we have no plans” PR. Sounds like something stated in the above PR too.

  • So far so good.

    I predicted no RB4 until next gen systems using Kinect v2. Now just waiting on the band themed RB game announcement and I can to the “I TOLD YOU SO.” dance.

  • rob says:

    or a Beatles import into rb3… doubtful but would be cool

  • Dave says:

    after the most requested song turning out to be Rick Astley Im not getting my hopes up. I still play RB3 daily, but getting a good game online with ‘randoms’ is becoming more and more difficult.
    As long as I continue to get my fix through DLC Im happy.

    • samjjones says:

      I have no reason to believe that the FB Dashboard app isn’t accurate, but it does make me sad that “classic” types of bands aren’t more highly requested. Such are the perils of placing social media into the hands of the ill-informed youth 😉

      Luckily, HMX still shows respect for us old dudes and throws us some Huey Lewis or Hall & Oates every now and then just to keep us quiet…until we get tired of our girlfriends/wives/kids and come back to the forums to begin the cycle yet again.

  • Brian says:

    I hate to say it, but I really feel like Rocksmith kicked Harmonix’s ass on actual guitar play. I’d love to see an alternate Pro Guitar mode that’s oriented sideways (something I’ve said since pre-Rocksmith). They already have sliding tracks for Pro Keys, they could do the same for guitar. That would be one major improvement that I was hoping would go into RB4. A deeper and longer career mode that has updating (read: new) challenges and integrates DLC would be nice too (I keep thinking some kind of crazy-huge, “collectible”-based system based on song combinations or something). Anyway, all that would seem to have to wait…
    My money’s on a downloadable “PEarl Jam Live” title

    • RockBandAide says:

      I would hope they did. They had an extra year of development after Rock Band 3 came out, and is dedicated to ONE instrument, instead of having to accommodate TEN like Rock Band 3. One could easily make the argument that Rock Band 3 put too much into the game, and that they would have better served “Pro” modes by giving them their own title.

      Also, it’s not a Pearl Jam title. They’ve stated SEVERAL times that they are not working on a band-centric title.

  • XKnight says:

    That is something I always think about. What will happen to my ps3 library when PS4 comes out? Will I be able to port it somehow? Will I lose all my 400 songs? That’s is the air

    • RockBandAide says:

      I don’t think ANYONE even has the ability to answer that question yet. It’s still way too early. I’m hopeful it would carry over, considering how much value is placed in DLC outside of Rock Band.

  • From RockBandAide’s cryptic replies, I’m wondering if we’ll have a hardware announcement soon. Maybe MadCatz will continue supporting RB3 with peripherals, but only through Amazon. That would keep supply up while keeping costs low.

    • RockBandAide says:

      The hardware stuff is pure speculation on my part. But considering no new instruments are being made for Rock Band 3, and retailers are clearing out current stock, if other tech retailers do that for new product launches, the same could logically apply to Rock Band.

  • Andreas says:

    I get the feeling that we will get some sort of reinvented Rock Band downloadable game. For some reason I never thought we’d be seeing a game called Rock Band 4, but rather something along the lines of Rock Band World Tour (but obviously not that) and have it be the arcade game everyone has been predicting.

    All I know is that the new game revealed at PAX has to bee Rock Band related, or at least I would gather as much from the fact the official Rock Band twitter has tweeted about it, and the official Harmonix one hasn’t.

    Also, damn you RockBandAide for being so coy. You’re killing me here!

  • HugoM says:

    Let me guess: since it’s not a new game and could be a digital release and people are guessing a DLC pack, maybe a Rock Band Smash Hits, like Guitar Hero, only less redundant?

    • Hey, I’d happy buy a RB Smash Hits with all the Guitar Hero exclusives we’ve missed over the years. Throw in Johnny Napalm and Lars Umlaut and we’d be ready to rock!

  • xX666Xx says:

    MOAR M… *shot*
    We don’t really need an RB4 yet.

  • Bob says:

    No! We need a new engine, if for nothing else than to fix the horrible online match-making.

    • Zarity says:

      No need for a new engine, if that’s the biggest issue. That’s just a design that didn’t work out very well.

  • Pancho says:

    “No Rock Band 4”
    Rock Band 3.5?

  • rjg says:

    I’m gunning for some sort of RB “client” that is downloadable. Think iTunes but for dlc tracks. Look at how well the Games On Demand version is doing. Throw up a free to play client with expandable DLC and you can get all those curious players that still have instruments.

  • Beckett says:

    Well in order for any new Harmonix game to interest me, it has to meet the following criteria:

    1. Be compatible with my current Rock Band library. I didn’t pay thousands of dollars for DLC just to chuck it in the bin at the drop of a hat.

    2. Not be Kinect/Move related. I hate this trend towards motion gameplay and have no interest in it whatsoever.

    3. Be for PS3, it’s the only console that I have and I’m not interested in anything for mobile platforms or whatever.

    And that’s just to get in the door, after that of course it also has to look like a fun game that will sustain my interest long enough to be worth the cost. But since it’s Harmonix I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that IF the above three criteria are met, this one probably will be too. Honestly I’d settle for just an “expansion pack” for Rock Band 3, a big pack of new songs with some added career modes would do wonders to make the current game better.

  • D1Matman says:

    RPG style single-player and drop-in/drop-out co-op band play, head-to-head battles aplenty, a true battle of the bands style world complimented by socially integrated leaderboards… I could dig it. Compel me to join a band, compel me to achieve with my band, compel me to up my high scores. Just compel me… (while I leverage my already stacked dlc song collection).

  • Zommie says:

    IMO entirely…

    New downloadable title with new songs, maybe 50. Adds some career goals and a world tour/band challenge mode ala rb2.

    Added as a Games on Demand title.

  • Walker says:

    Will the Wii users be left behind in any of this?

  • QuestionMark says:

    From all the tantalizing bits of pseudo-information you’re dropping, it sounds like you’re dying to tell! What’s your drink of choice; clearly someone needs to just buy you a couple to reveal what they’ve told you. 😉

  • Andreas says:

    I think that the Rock Band 3.5 idea may be on the right track. When I bought Rock Band 3 when MadCatz rereleased them (yes, I’m the ONE guy who did) it didnt come with an export code, and I about had a stroke. I’ve spent so much time and money accumulating all the disc based exports, the idea of not having the RB3 songs in a future title terrified me. I tweeted my concerns to the RB twitter and they replied that none of the rereleased games had an export code and that I shouldn’t be worried. This leads me to believe that we’re looking at some sort of “patch” or at least something that works with the RB3 song library.

    Or not.

  • guss says:

    An expansion pack/patch would be great 🙂
    I think people will appreciate new/extra game modes for RB3. A 30-50 DLC song pack wouldn’t really please most rb fans, people (ya’ll know the type of people im talkin about) would just complain at harmonix 2 or 3 weeks later on for the game not bringing anything new or “fresh”.
    Either way, if they do end up releasing a huge pack of DLC or an epic artist’s DLC pack (like the who greatest hits, the doors, bon jovy, etc.) I’ll still pick it up 🙂

    • samjjones says:

      Why not both?

      • guss says:

        That would be too damn beautiful :’)
        possible, yes… but very unlikely, but we can hope 😀

      • Beckett says:

        It would almost HAVE to be both. At least, it would either have to be both or just the large pack. If they tried to release features and/or fixes without new songs and charge people for it, people would cry bloody murder, and rightfully so since that would seem much more like a patch than an expansion pack.

  • boomsniper77 says:

    I was hoping a Rock Band 4 would eliminate the 3,000 song limit. Hopefully the new downloadable title or a patch will fix this.

    • samjjones says:

      (Rudy clap)

    • guss says:

      There’s a song limit????
      *shake ma head* :'(

      • RockBandAide says:

        Yes. 3,000 songs is an artificial cap put in place to prevent the console from crashing due to stack overflow and other memory issues. Once you get much more than that, the system becomes increasing unreliable and starts crashing. There originally was a 3,000 song goal in Rock Band 3, but was removed once they had to put the artificial cap on to prevent these issues.

        • guss says:

          you don’t say… now you got me curious… could the number of songs be a reason why ps3 users have the RB3 game crash?…. Anywho, i learned a new thing today 🙂 thnx for the info man. Appreciate it ^_^

  • Robert says:

    I just wish they’d release a patch to remove the loud jet engine noise in the song selection screen. It’s the only thing that brings this game down for me. I did post about it and a few people wanted this too, but some others said it wasn’t an issue, well they don’t have the same stereo I do. Not the end of the world, but why not just have the option to shut it off?

    • samjjones says:

      I hope that when the dude cycles through the crate of albums in his apartment, he sees more than the same three albums over and over again. I mean, “Rio” isn’t even first alphabetically! Who orders their albums in a non-alphabetic fashion?!?!?!


  • ninjasweetheart says:

    Great. So maybe this means they’re working on updates for Rock Band 3? Please? Options/modifiers not saving, the UI for Pro training modes and online interaction could all do with being addressed.

    • ninjasweetheart says:

      Realistically, I could see a Rock Band download-able game (similar in scope to Lego RB) that also allows you to export songs from that game into RB3.

      Another idea is a free Rock Band “platform” title, no setlist included, that simplifies everything from RB3 (maybe only including playing songs and practise) with a much bigger emphasis on recommending DLC.

  • SurefireDwarf says:

    I don’t think they should do a “major” release like RB4 until the Wii U comes out. Since the Wii is the most popular console, that would open up a huge audience, especially if they’re allowed to export all other songs.

    What I think this could be is a massive add-on to RB3. It would add a ton to the tour mode and flesh it out. It would add more goals, with the ability to add more goals with each week of DLC. It would also add some features we’ve wanted, as well as fixing others (such as having individual track speed and breakneck speed work per player, rather than all). Add the option to have note names for pro keys, and the option to have the entire keyboard show up rather than just 3 zones. That way my mom won’t keep saying things like “The keyboard is NOT supposed to move!” And of course, some additional songs.

    • samjjones says:

      The Wii lags far behind the other two consoles in terms of sales and DLC sales. I’m not sure why the next generation of Wii would drive their strategic direction?

  • andreas petersen says:

    I’m starting to think that maybe this new “hypothetical” digital RB title will be used to A) Test a new distribution method and B) remind people that RB is better than ever. And I can’t wait to see what HMX does as an indipendant company in terms of advertising, and not relying on Viacom.

    …AND THEN when the next generation of consoles are all out (WiiU, PS4, XBOX720 or whatever), we get a new core RB game. But get this, it’s called “Rock Band” akin to the “reboots” of Mortal Kombat and Twisted Metal. Just a thought.

  • Wes J says:

    “Rock Band Arcade”

    That’s my completely baseless prediction.

  • Sans says:

    I’m going to say either Rock Band 3.5 or a RB 1&2 upgraded. Maybe no keyboards added, but the charts upgraded. Not sure about vocials.

  • Ben says:

    AS a Wii owner still waiting for Rockband 1 songs, or Lego…..

  • Folkeye says:

    Well as long as I can still make my favorite four band members in some recognizeable form…. that there would be a good start :p (meaning I can continue to have custom avatars).

    My virtual obsessions have been with me about 4 years, they need to live on.

  • Sam says:

    A downloadable title. As a wii player in worried, should I be?

  • xX666Xx says:

    I want an option to turn those stupid trill lanes OFF. I keep dropping notes everytime because of these. The number of times I had to restart “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” because of that fucking trill lane at the start!

  • Thedave says:

    Prediction-Major title update addressing many if the communities concerns since RB3 was launched. No new music added but an overhaul of the engine. Library management of RB 3 with a new career mode akin to RB 2 with various fixes sprinkled in.

  • BJ Wanlund says:

    Wow, interesting. Is this new downloadable Rock Band title going to be band- or artist-centric, or will it consist of more than 1 band/artist? Also, will there be any new hardware to go along with this … new game?


    • Some Random Person says:

      Harmonix has said multiple times that they are not working on a single-artist game, IIRC.

  • Glosoli says:

    Please let it be a Radiohead track pack, otherwise I am not interested.

  • Jack says:

    I just hope it is disclosed soon! If it is something RB-related, and RBA knows it is, so we just have to pray it is released soon!!

  • Angruss says:

    All this talk of story…

    HMX could make a, to quote Brutal Legend, Metric-Assload if they did something very simple and brilliant. Here’s my pitch.

    Rock Band Presents: Pink Floyd’s The Wall
    XBLA/PSN/Wii Shop
    15 USD

    Not your standard Rock Band experience! In this journey through Pink Floyd’s classic album, you’ll earn BRICKS for playing songs in a four lane format that’s playable on either a guitar controller or a standard gamepad. In true album-fashion, songs will be playable as “sides”. Sides 1 and 2 will be standard fare for Rock Banders, it is sides 3 and 4 that will throw challenges. Some songs on these sides will have “Insanity challenges”, in which you must play the WRONG notes at the WRONG times, or risk losing points. Once all sides are completed, Full album play will unlock, allowing you to play the full album in one sitting with no insanity challenges. If at this point you have 130 bricks, Freeplay will unlock, along with a bonus, the Full album of “The Final Cut”. Gone are the days of watching a band play behind your notes, instead, you’ll see the art of the album and films.