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Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero II
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Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II was the first in a line of many successful sequels and spin-offs to the original Guitar Hero title. Released initially for the Playstation 2 in November 2006, Guitar Hero II landed a few months later on the Xbox 360 in April 2007, along with additional songs and downloadable content availability not included in the PS2 version.

In terms of gameplay, not much changed from the original title, but the sequel did bring with it 40 songs (48 on the Xbox 360 version) for the main setlist, 24 bonus songs (26 on the Xbox 360 version), and for the Xbox 360 version only, an additional 12 songs of downloadable content not featured in the previous title (24 total DLC songs, half of which were songs from the original title).

While the main setlist included mostly cover tracks of popular songs, a few of the tracks did use master recordings, unlike the original game which used all covers for the main setlist. The Playstation 2 version used masters of “John the Fisherman” by Primus and “Stop!” by Jane’s Addiction, and the Xbox 360 version added master recordings of “Possum Kingdom” by the Toadies and “Dead!” by My Chemical Romance.

As noted in the previous Setlist Checklist post (and all future posts, as well), Rock Band 3’s setlist creation tool allows us to create, save, and share setlists, so we have included a Rock Band 3 setlist below that you can save to your profile if you would like to check out any or all of the songs! And as the holes are continually filled in by Rock Band’s weekly DLC releases, we will update this post, and keep it linked in the FAQ page above, for future reference

Main Setlist

Guitar Hero II features 48 popular rock songs spanning five decades of rock, from the 1960s through the 2000s, in addition to 26 bonus tracks. Not including the bonus songs, Rock Band currently has available 22 of the 48 songs in game, or about 45%. If you factor in the bonus songs, the percentage drops down to 36%. If you add the two pulled tracks, that gives you a total of 39%. The songs included in the main setlist are included directly below.

ArtistSongDate in Rock Band
AerosmithLast Child *N/A
Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies *05/19/2009 **
Alice in ChainsThem Bones *N/A
The Allman Brothers BandJessica *11/20/2012
AnthraxMadhouse *09/28/2010 **
Avenged SevenfoldBeast and the Harlot *10/26/2010
Black SabbathWar Pigs *12/04/2007 *
The Butthole SurfersWho Was in My Room Last Night? *N/A
Cheap TrickSurrender *09/06/2011
DanzigMother *N/A
Deep PurpleHush *N/A
Dick DaleMisirlou *N/A
Foo FightersMonkey Wrench *11/11/2008
Guns N' RosesSweet Child o' Mine *N/A
HeartCrazy on You *N/A
Iggy Pop and the StoogesSearch and Destroy *N/A
Iron MaidenThe Trooper *06/09/2009
Jane's AddictionStopN/A
KansasCarry on Wayward Son *09/14/2008
KISSStrutter *04/26/2011 **
Lamb of GodLaid to Rest *11/25/2008
The Living EndCarry Me Home *N/A
Lynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird *10/26/2010
Matthew SweetGirlfriend *N/A
MegadethHangar 18 *02/09/2010
Mรถtley CrรผeShout at the Devil *N/A
My Chemical RomanceDead!N/A
NirvanaHeart-Shaped Box *09/20/2011
Pearl JamLife Wasted *N/A
The PoliceMessage in a Bottle *04/15/2008
The PretendersTattooed Love Boys *N/A
PrimusJohn the FishermanN/A
Rage Against the MachineKilling in the Name *05/08/2012
RancidSalvation *N/A
Reverend Horton HeatPsychobilly Freakout *N/A
Rick DerringerRock and Roll, Hoochie Koo *10/06/2015
The Rolling StonesCan't You Hear Me Knockin' *N/A
RushYYZ *09/23/2008
Spinal TapTonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight *08/04/2009 *** ****
Stone Temple PilotsTrippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart *10/19/2010
Stray CatsRock This Town *07/12/2016 ***
Suicidal TendenciesInstitutionalized *N/A
The SwordFreya *N/A
Thin LizzyBad Reputation *N/A
ToadiesPossum Kingdom12/11/2012
Van HalenYou Really Got Me *N/A
WarrantCherry Pie *05/31/2016
WolfmotherWoman *10/27/2009

NOTE: In Rock Band, Rock This Town is a re-recorded version credited solely to Stray Cats singer Brian Setzer.

* Denotes a cover song in the original title.
** Denotes a live version of the track.
*** Denotes a re-recorded version of the track.
**** Denotes a song that is no longer available.

Guitar Hero II Main Setlist for Rock Band 3

Bonus Songs

ArtistSongDate in Rock Band
The Acro-BratsLaughtrackN/A
All That RemainsSixN/A
The Amazing CrownsMr. Fix ItN/A
Anarchy ClubCollide06/15/2012 * **
Bang CamaroPush Push (Lady Lightning)03/04/2010 *
Breaking WheelOne for the RoadN/A
Brian KahanekGemini11/29/2012 *
Count ZeroRadium EyesN/A
DristArterial BlackN/A
Every Time I DieThe New BlackN/A
FreezepopLess Talk More Rokk09/02/2009
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer IncentivesSoy Bomb08/18/2011 *
The Last VegasRaw DogN/A
Made in MexicoYes We CanN/A
MegasusRed LotteryN/A
The NeighborhoodsParasiteN/A
Noble RotKicked to the CurbN/A
Ounce of SelfDrink UpN/A
Shadows FallThe Light That BlindsN/A
Strong BadTrogdorN/A
That Handsome DevilElephant BonesN/A
Valient ThorrFall of PangeaN/A

* Denotes tracks only available through Rock Band Network.
** Denotes a song that is no longer available.

Guitar Hero II Bonus Songs for Rock Band 3

49 Responses to “Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero II”

  • shena says:

    I want Van Halen!!!!

  • izzy2287 says:

    I really hope “Who Was in My Room Last Night?” ends up as RBN or something. Also, we need Suicidal Tendencies in Rock Band.

  • Toad3000 says:

    Only 33%, eh? Man, there are so many of these songs I want in RB…Let’s start with Crazy On You. You can do that one soon, right HMX? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Craig says:

      It’s been confirmed heart is coming to rockband… Maybe this is the song on the way? Fingers crossed!

    • Plutarch says:

      If we are only getting one Heart track, Crazy On You would be my first choice. But honestly, they deserve more. A six-pack would be great!

      • Toad3000 says:

        Seriously. But sadly, it looks like we’re only getting one song at this time. I would think Crazy on You is practically a shoo-in, but who knows? Harmonix may have a surprise waiting for us.

  • dc32 says:

    I forgot about a bunch of these. Misirlou would be crazy for Pro Guitar. Would also love to see Search and Destroy, Heart-Shaped Box, Psychobilly Freakout, Rock This Town, and Institutionalized eventually make it’s way to RB.

  • joescorpion says:

    I would love Search and Destroy, Sweet Child Of Mine, Who was in my room last night?, Institutionalized, Psychobilly Freakout, Crazy On You, Heart Shaped Box, John The Fisherman, Mother, and a studio recording of MAdhouse!!!!

  • The T says:

    Doing in-game DLC as a seperate listing? (By that I mean, GH2’s DLC?)

  • Locke says:

    I would absolutely love to get all the bonus tracks from GH2 in RB. Personally, I remember playing the bonus tracks much more than the main set list.

    GH2 is also to blame for my fake-guitar (can’t really say plastic any more, mine are all wood replicas now) obsession. Sorta sad GH really ran off the rails after GH3.

    Keep up the setlist checklists… You keep pointing out ones I’ve missed in my own lists.

  • MostSpartan 14 says:

    Yes, I had no idea we were getting Soy Bomb. I loved that song. And once again, really great feature RBA.

  • DragoonXD says:

    “Collide” is also coming to RBN (authored by Kariocharts).

  • TubaDude49 says:

    Really want “Surrender”, “Search And Destroy”, and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

  • Kirksplosion says:

    I started to list my top five of these that I’d like to see in Rock Band, but there’s just too darn many that I want. It’s impossible for me to pick. I will say number one for me is “Radium Eyes”. I just loved that song.

  • Franck says:

    There’s a lot of these songs that would be great in RB… Starting with Sweet child o’ mine !

  • citric_bullets says:

    Soy Bomb had the best loading screen. I am bomb.

  • mazegeek999 says:

    There are actually way less songs in common than I expected. It’d be cool to have a bunch of these songs in Rock Band; some of these songs I barely remember! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dustinator says:

    GH2 was the first guitar game I played. Awesome memories looking over this setlist. They all need to come to RB….glad more will be arriving on the RBN. Score!!

  • Vulcanjedi42 says:

    Honestly, the song I want most from this we don’t have yet is Trogdor. I mean, yeah, Cheap Trick, Rage, Heart, Nirvana, Van Halen, etc, but seriously. How is that not on RBN by now?

  • Ty says:

    give us van halen, jordan & real gnr!!! I know that would only happen in my dreams but make it happen!

  • KeenanBoots says:


  • Dogmatic says:

    Gemini was announced as coming to RBN over a year ago. Since then… nothing.


  • Rockox says:

    I’d really like to see the original version of “Girlfriend” make it to Rock Band. That cover version did not do the song justice.

  • Tisaric says:

    I remember playing that Drist song over and over… That and Raw Dog.

    Man, the bonus songs for GH2 were just as good as the normal setlist

  • Thedave says:

    I will be shunned for this but I actually prefer the cover of Life Wasted. (not in the face!!!)

  • Kerse Owns says:

    supposely Drist was confirmed for rbn

    but that was a year ago…

    • RockBandAide says:

      I chatted with Electric Flannel over email, and they said while they themselves are no longer producing RBN content as originally planed, the work for artists they had lined up have been turned over to another author, although content for this or “Gemini” has yet to be seen in the RBN pipeline.

  • Kevin says:

    Rock Band needs to follow in the steps of GH2 and get some Protest the Hero as dlc!

  • benet says:

    My top 5, not just for the songs but what they would mean for DLC.

    The Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’
    Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
    Deep Purple – Hush
    Heart – Crazy on You
    The Allman Brothers Band – Jessica

  • Beckett says:

    Soy Bomb is coming to RBN?! That song needs to be released for PS3, you X Boxers better buy the shit out of it so that HMX will see it as popular enough to bring over *shakes fist*.

    There are really a TON of great songs from GH2 that are not in RB yet, Looking over the list again just reminded me how utterly amazing the setlist was in that game.

  • PADDYO says:

    Jesus, I want ALL of them songs. And a bunch more, so what’s the point of me whining…

  • Charza says:

    It should be noted that, even though it’s EXTREMELY NOT user friendly, these songs can be imported in their original format (aka just Guitar and Bass charts) on the Wii in RB2 using RawkSD and the 360 in RB3 utilizing RawkSD and a few other tools.

    Yes, I know it’s very hard and theoretically dubious, but I feel that it should be noted.

  • RockNRoll says:

    Dude why dont we have Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo in Rock Band yet like really!? That song would be amazing on every instrument and a blast on vocals!