DLC for 10/13


It’s nice to be able to write DLC announcements again! Last week saw the launch of Rock Band 4 and the bringing of the digital pre-order songs. As for what awaits us this week? Well, let’s find out!

  • Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight
  • Breaking Benjamin – Failure
  • Death from Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979
  • The Pretty Reckless – Follow Me Down

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Listen to Oscar Bernard on this week’s super-sized Living Room Clutter!


Our own Oscar Bernard (also known as @OsagaTheGreat) appeared as a guest on the Rock Band podcast Living Room Clutter. This is my fourth appearance on the show, and it’s always such a good time that I jumped at the opportunity when I was invited back again!

This week’s MASSIVE launch day Rock Band 4 special featured Oscar filling in for Sidd. We discussed a whole bunch of things, converting everything from the AWESOME gift box Oscar received from Harmonix, the journey Oscar took to get to RockBandAide, our feelings on DJ Hero’s best mix, PowerGig’s drumsticks, the awesomeness of EyeToy: Anti-Grav, the scariness of NBA 2K15’s face scans, Dance Dance Revolution, oh, and of course, Rock Band 4. Be prepared to sit in for this extra special super-sized episode and celebrate the launch of Rock Band 4 with us!

Check out the show below:

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If you want more from Living Room Clutter’s hosts, you can follow Sidd over at @RockbandSam and on Rock Gamer and his YouTube page, as well as Dave over at @Dacespace and his website Dacespace Studios! Also be sure to check out NEO Community Radio, where you can hear this show streamed on Thursday nights at 8PM EST!

Rock Band 4 Review!

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Rock Band 4 Legacy DLC Available For Download Today, DLC Sale Ends October 6


Harmonix has announced in a blog post on their site today that legacy DLC for Rock Band 4 is now available to purchase, and download on both the Xbox One, and Playstation 4. As previously noted, if you’ve purchased the song on the old platform within the same console family, you will be able to re-download it on the new platform at no cost. Unfortunately, both consoles will require users to install everything individually, so for those that have a lot of DLC (which we suspect most people reading this site do), this will be a time consuming process.

More detailed instructions are available via the blog post, but essentially, to download on either system, navigate to the store, and find the Rock Band 4 add-ons, then when you select an add-on that you’ve previously purchased, it will give you the option to install at no cost. If you have issues with items that should be free for you not being free, users are advised to contact Xbox, or Playstation support.

The other major news in the blog post is the official announcement that with the release of Rock Band 4 comes the end of the massive legacy DLC sale that has been going on for about three years now, where pre-Rock Band 3 content was 50% off. The sale ends on October 6, so if you were on the fence about grabbing some older DLC, this weekend is the time to do it.


Rock Band 4 Purchase Options and Pre-Order Bonuses


So in case you’ve forgotten, or been in a coma since March (in which case, congrats on getting better!), Rock Band 4 comes out next week. Those lucky enough to have been accepted in to the Rock Band Road Crew program have already received, or should VERY shortly be getting, their game bundles, but what about the rest of us? How can we get our hands on Rock Band 4?! Well, lucky for you there are several options, many which contain exclusive pre-order bonuses that you can STILL take advantage of prior to Tuesday.

There are several options for Rock Band 4 gear:

  • “Band-in-a-Box” bundle (Xbox One, PS4) – Contains guitar, drums, mic, and game (USD $249.99, CAD $349.99, £219.99, AUD $499.95)
  • Guitar bundle (Xbox One, PS4) – Contains (obviously) guitar and game (USD $129.99, CAD $179.99, £109.99, AUD $249.95)
  • Game only (PS4) – Exclusive to PS4 because it doesn’t need an adapter to use existing PS3 instruments (USD $59.99, CAD $79.99, £49.99, AUD $99.95)
  • Game and legacy game controller adapter bundle (Xbox One) – Let you use your Xbox 360 instruments (not available at launch – USD $79.99, CAD $119.99, £69.99)
  • Legacy game controller (Xbox One) – No game, meant for players who buy digital game ($24.99, £19.99)

Pre-Order Bonuses

  • If you pre-order the physical band-in-a-box or guitar bundles from most major retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop all participating), you can get a DLC code for 30 songs. Many of you probably already have many, if not all, of these songs, and AFAIK all of them are from bands with members that have now or at some point worked at Harmonix:
    • Anarchy Club – Blood Doll
    • Anarchy Club – Get Clean
    • Bang Camaro – Pleasure (Pleasure)
    • Bang Camaro – Push Push (Lady Lightning)
    • Bang Camaro II – Night Lies
    • Blanks. – Lodger
    • Breaking Wheel – Shoulder to the Plow
    • Count Zero – Shake
    • Death of the Cool – Can’t Let Go
    • DnA’s Evolution – The Heist
    • Father Octopus – Blink
    • Freezepop – Brainpower
    • Freezepop – Get Ready 2 Rokk
    • Freezepop – Less Talk More Rokk
    • Freezepop – Super-Sprøde
    • Giant Target – Signs
    • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – Entangled
    • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – I Get By
    • Megasus – Megasus
    • Speck – Conventional Lover
    • Symbion Project – Synthesized (Inside Your Mind Mix)
    • That Handsome Devil – Rob the Prez-O-Dent
    • The Acro-brats – Day Late Dollar Short
    • The Main Drag – A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
    • The Main Drag – Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)
    • The Main Drag – What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?
    • Tijuana Sweetheart – No Mercy
    • Tijuana Sweetheart – Seven
    • Tijuana Sweetheart – Trash Candy
    • Tribe – Outside
  • If you pre-order the physical band-in-a-box or guitar bundles FROM AMAZON, you get the 30 song DLC, as well as an additional four songs:
    • Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight
    • Breaking Benjamin – Failure
    • Death from Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979
    • The Pretty Reckless – Follow Me Down
  • If you are a PS Plus member who pre-orders the digital PS4 version, you can get 10 timed exclusive songs:
    • All That Remains – Divide
    • Blitz Kids – Run for Cover
    • Bring Me the Horizon – Throne
    • Dead Sara – Mona Lisa
    • Duran Duran – The Reflex
    • Janis Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band – Move Over
    • Of Mice & Men – Would You Still Be There
    • Oh Honey – Sugar You
    • Pantera – Cowboys from Hell (Live from Monsters in Moscow Festival)
    • Seasick Steve – Summertime Boy
  • If you are on the Xbox One and pre-order the digital Xbox One version, you can get 12 timed exclusive songs:
    • All That Remains – What If I Was Nothing
    • BABYMETAL – Gimme Chocolate!!
    • Earth, Wind & Fire – September
    • Interpol – All the Rage Back Home
    • Jefferson Starship – Jane
    • Linkin Park – Rebellion (ft. Daron Malakian)
    • Marilyn Manson – The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles
    • Mastodon – High Road
    • My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday
    • Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn – King for a Day
    • “Weird Al” Yankovic – My Own Eyes
    • The Wild Feathers – Backwoods Company

That’s FIFTY-SIX songs potentially up for grabs if you pre-order Rock Band 4. With all the value of timed exclusive DLC just for pre-ordering, you would  have to be a real dingus not to take advantage of these deals.

Now, to get all the songs, you would have to have two consoles, and buy the game three times, including a bundle with all the instruments. That’s not realistic, so don’t stress if you want ALL of the songs (and seriously, there are some GREAT songs in there). Harmonix has said that the pre-order exclusives will be available to purchase for everyone at some point. But if you want it sooner, you could always buy a bundle, give the physical game away, and then pre-order on one (or both) of the consoles!

So what are the best options?

If you don’t have your instruments anymore, or want a fresh start with new instruments, get the band-in-a-box bundle from Amazon. You’ll get 34 songs free. You may already have some of the songs, but at least four of them are new.

If you are on a PS3 and have instruments that you still want to use, DEFINITELY get the digital PS4 version so you can get 10 NEW songs free. I’m not sure there’s any reason to get the standalone physical PS4 version pre-ordered, to be honest.

If you are on the Xbox One and have instruments you want to use, you can get the digital Xbox One version and then the standalone legacy game controller from Amazon, that way you’ll maximize your value with 12 NEW songs free.

Updated Rock Band 4 Instrument Compatibility Chart


With only a few days to go until the release of Rock Band 4, Harmonix has posted an updated instrument compatibility chart for using legacy instruments on the PS4, and Xbox One, including some information about a few that are in testing. For the most part, there is nothing surprising, except that the chart does confirm that the ION Drum Rocker will be compatible on the PS4, but still not on Xbox One, which is consistent with which consoles support the wired Rock Band 1 instruments.

You can see the full compatibility chart below: Read the rest of this entry »