Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 7/11


Unless otherwise noted, all songs are 160 MSP ($1.99).


  • Richard Campbell – The Modern Prometheus

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Rock Band Community Nights: Your Questions Answered!


With the #RBnights coming up next week, we thought this would be the perfect time to answer some of the questions you might have had!

1. What exactly are we supposed to do during these weekends?

Simply put, play Rock Band online with other people! Pretty simple, eh?

2. Do I have to play Rock Band 3?

Nope! If you’re playing a Rock Band game with someone else, you’re participating in the Community Nights! Even if you just send of a Score Duel to someone in Rock Band Blitz!

3. When are these nights happening?

The third weekend in every month! We’ll post reminders on our Twitter and on the website when the nights are approaching!

4. What time are these community nights running?

From Friday at 6PM EST to Sunday at 6PM EST.

5. What can I win in one of these giveaways?

For now, codes for free DLC. Harmonix has been SUPER generous to provide us with codes for free Rock Band DLC, so every time these nights roll around, get ready for some awesome giveaways!

6. How can I win these giveaways?

There are a couple ways you can win! We’ll be doing trivia throughout the nights on the site and on our Twitter page, @RockBandAide. We’ll also be dropping codes throughout the weekend, so be sure to stay tuned for those!

7. HELP! I can’t participate during a Community Weekend! Can I still win things?

Fear not! Even if you can’t play during the weekend, you’re still eligible to win things! Just be sure to answer the trivia question first (and correctly, of course!) or grab the code drop before anyone else!

8. Are there specific songs we should be playing?

Not at all! Play the songs that make you happy! As long as you’re playing with the community, you’re good to go for the Community Nights!

9. Are the codes just going to be 360?

For the most part, yes. All we have access to at this point in time are codes for 360 but we hope to include codes for PS3 in the future. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t really do content specific codes.

10. I won a PS3 code, but I can’t redeem it. What’s up with that?

While Xbox codes are region free, that’s not the case with Playstation ones. Sadly, the PS3 codes will only work in the US.

Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 6/27


This week’s song is priced at 160 MSP ($1.99).


  • Machinae Supremacy – Republic of Gamers

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Introducing Rock Band Community Nights!


One of the best things that Rock Band has going for it is the amazing community that’s been created. The news that DLC was ending after almost 6 years was, I’d imagine, a difficult thing for the community. One of the things that we’ve been amazing in doing is staying together, even though the thing that brought a lot of us together has stopped producing new content.

We at RockBandAide came up with an idea a little while ago for Community Nights. The idea is simple, on the third weekend of every month from 6PM EST Friday to 6PM EST Sunday we all get together and play Rock Band. It doesn’t matter what console you’re playing on, just as long as you’re playing!

We’ve got even more awesome news for you, as well! We’ve teamed up with Harmonix so that during these community nights, we can give away some prizes, like FREE DLC and we may even have some special gifts as well! We’ll be hosting these giveaways on RockBandAide as well as on our twitter, @RockBandAide, so now would be the perfect time to follow us so you don’t miss out on any of these awesome prizes!

Our first #RBnight will start on July 19 at 6PM EST and end on July 21 at 6PM EST, so be sure to get ready for that! I can hear the excitement already!

Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 6/20


Unless otherwise noted, all songs are 160 MSP ($1.99).





Songs marked with * are 80 MSP ($0.99).

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Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 6/6

Christian Muenzner – Victory

This week’s only release is priced at 80 MSP ($0.99)


  • Christian Muenzner – Victory

Note: Due to E3, there may not be an RBN store update next week.

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