Rock Band Community Nights: Real PlayStation Money Giveaway


And for the final giveaway of the weekend, we’re just going to give away some real money. I’m getting some déja vu, here. Aren’t you?

Here’s what you can win:

  • $2 in PlayStation Money

Alright, so, in order to win you must comment with an answer to the question below. 15 winners will be chosen at 6 PM EST tonight. Only one entry per person. This is only for PlayStation 3. Also, if you’d rather we contact you via Twitter instead of e-mail if you win, leave your account name in your comment. Now that’s settled, let’s get to the free things! This is U.S. only.

  • What would you do FOR an extra $2?

Rock Band Community Nights: Bush (360 Only)


Fancy winning some more DLC? We have 10 codes for the Bush 01 pack for the xbox 360 to giveaway. You know the drill, answer one of the ten questions below for a chance to win! Here’s what you’re playing for:

  • Bush – Comedown
  • Bush – Everything’s Zen
  • Bush – Machinehead

Now here comes the trivia. Best of luck, and remember to quote the question and respond as quickly as you can!

  1. Where did the name “Bush” come from?
  2. What was the band originally called in Canada?
  3. How many studio albums have the band released?
  4. What’s the name of their latest album?
  5. What’s their highest charting song on the Billboard 200?
  6. “Into The Blue” featured on the soundtrack to what film?
  7. What band was Gavin Rossdale a member of before he left in 1992?
  8. Who was the band signed by in 1993?
  9. What was Razorblade Suitcase’s working title?
  10. What reasons were cited for the bands break up back in 2002?

Quote the question and answer below. Be as quick as you can, and best of luck, guys!


Rock Band Community Nights: Alt Country Giveaway (360 Only)


Yee-haw! Welcome to the April #RBnights! The first giveaway is for some of the most rootenest-tootenest alt country in Rock Band!

  • Drive-By Truckers – 3 Dimes Down
  • Lucinda Williams – Can’t Let Go
  • Neko Case – People Got a Lot of Nerve
  • Old 97s – Time Bomb (Live)
  • Steve Earle – Satellite Radio

Alright, so, in order to win you must correctly answer one of the trivia questions below before anyone else. You must also indicate which question you’re answering. This pack is only for Xbox 360. Also, if you’d rather we contact you via Twitter instead of e-mail if you win, leave your account name in your comment. Now that’s settled, let’s get to the free things!

  • If you were playing on Wii the week Alt Country 01 came out, what new tracks would you have seen in your music store?
  • Many of the songs in this pack were also available as part of Rock Band Country Track Pack. Which ones WEREN’T?
  • Who else has a song in Rock Band called Time Bomb?
  • What channel on Sirius XM Satellite Radio would you be most likely to hear Satellite Radio? (Channel name or number)
  • How many songs in Rock Band feature Neko Case?>
  • Time Bomb is represented here as a live track from 2005. What album is the song originally from, and what year did it come out?
  • How many years after her first album was released did Lucinda Williams put out Can’t Let Go?
  • What’s the most modern song in Alt Country 01?
  • What’s the other Drive-By Truckers song in Rock Band?
  • According to Wikipedia, which fellow Alt Country 01 artist is listed as an associated act of Steve Earle?

Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Mozart & more coming to Fantasia!


If you’ve been on Twitter for the past couple weeks, you might know that Harmonix have been at PAX East with their upcoming game Fantasia: Music Evolved. What you might not have seen, though, is that the demo they brought with them seems to have included 5 unannounced songs, and as seems to be the case with the Fantasia setlist as a whole, they’re super varied. From more modern pop, to great classics, there continues to be something for everyone in here!


[Big thanks to @kitlerc for catching this one!]

Journey Leaving the Music Store (UPDATE)


And here we thought we were safe! Unfortunately, it was announced tonight on the livestream that Journey’s classic Don’t Stop Believing will be removed from the music store on April 30th, 2014. While I suppose we all might have seen it coming, what with Any Way You Want It not exporting from Rock Band 2, it’s a shame nonetheless to see tracks leave the music store. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I strongly recommend it. It’s just one of those songs that every player should have! Plus, it’s a dollar now. You owe it to yourself to pick it up.

Song leaving the music store on April 30th:

  • Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

UPDATE: Well, it looks like there’s one more bit of relicensing info. The offer for free 20 song DLC pack bundled with new copies of Rock Band 2 has expired, and as such, the package can’t be redeemed anymore.

Songs that are no longer available to download:

  • The 88 – Sons and Daughters
  • Authority Zero – No Regrets
  • Between the Buried and Me – Prequel to the Sequel
  • The Cab – Bounce
  • The Chevelles – Get It On
  • The Cocktail Sippers – Give It to Me
  • Dealership – Database Corrupted
  • Endeverafter – I Wanna Be Your Man
  • Ghost Hounds – Ashes to Fire
  • Hollywood Undead – Young
  • Kutless – The Feeling
  • The Len Price 3 – If I Ain’t Got You
  • Lesley Roy – I’m Gone, I’m Going
  • Opiate for the Masses – Burn You Down
  • Semi-Precious Weapons – Magnetic Baby
  • Shaimus – Like a Fool
  • Thenewno2 – Crazy Tuesday
  • Tickle Me Pink – The Time is Wrong
  • Underoath – Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
  • X Japan – I.V.


Harmonix Announces New Fantasia: Music Evolved Realm

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