Dance Central: Spotlight DLC for 11/4


We’ve got SEVEN songs coming to Dance Central: Spotlight tomorrow! Including a monster hit by Sia and SIX Rihanna songs, this is a week that will surely keep you busy! The Rihanna songs will be available as part of Rihanna Dance Pack 01.

New Songs:

  • Sia – Chandelier

Legacy Songs:

  • Rihanna – Disturbia
  • Rihanna – Only Girl (In the World)
  • Rihanna – S&M
  • Rihanna – SOS
  • Rihanna ft. Drake – What’s My Name?
  • Rihanna ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella

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Lego Rock Band Export No Longer Available


Just shy of the five year anniversary of Lego Rock Band, a post on the Harmonix Support Portal indicates that your chance to bring the songs from that game into the main Rock Band games has come to an end:

We’re sorry, but after 5 years of availability, the Lego Rock Band export offer has expired. You can continue to enjoy the Lego Rock Band experience on disc, and if you’d like to add to your Rock Band 3 library you can purchase DLC by visiting the in-game Music Store, or by searching the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or PlayStation Network store.

The post doesn’t have a date on it, so it’s unknown how long ago the offer has expired. It joins the Rock Band 2 20 free songs offer on the list of those that have been discontinued. If you’ve never pulled the trigger on any of the other available exports, I’d recommend doing so soon, as they may not last much longer either.

Thanks to @JedKronfeld for the tip.

[Harmonix Support Portal]

Review: A City Sleeps


August 28. I’m waiting at baggage claim at the Seattle airport, where I’ve just landed to attend PAX Prime for the eighth year in a row. I pull out my phone to see what has happened in the past five hours while I’ve been off the grid, to find out that Harmonix has announced a new game!

A twin stick shooter for the PC!

Wait, what?

Less than two months later, A City Sleeps has arrived on Steam for PC, and Mac. In it, you play as Poe, a dream exorcist who must rescue the city of SanLo from their never-ending nightmare.

Just reading that short description, this doesn’t really sound much like a Harmonix game (or maybe it does, this is the company that released a dance game with a time traveling crime story after all), but within mere moments of picking up the controller, and starting on the first dream, you’ll get it.

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Dance Central: Spotlight DLC for 10/21


Tomorrow’s Dance Central: Spotlight DLC features one new and two legacy songs from rap superstar Flo Rida. If you’re craving your Kinect-powered I Cry fix, you can also purchase it for Fantasia: Music Evolved tomorrow! The three Flo tracks will also be available as part of Flo Rida Dance Pack 01.

New Songs:

  • Flo Rida – I Cry

Legacy Songs:

  • Flo Rida – Let It Roll
  • Flo Rida ft. T-Pain

Fantasia: Music Evolved Up for Pre-Download on Xbox One, DLC Revealed, Demos Out Now [Updated]


With less than two weeks until the launch of Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved on both Xbox One, and Kinect for Xbox 360, multiple noteworthy items have hit the Xbox Store this afternoon:

First, the Xbox 360 version of Fantasia has a demo, and it’s available right now for Xbox Live Gold members! As with all Xbox 360 demos, it is currently exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members, and will be available later for all Xbox 360 users.

Secondly, for Xbox One users, while there is currently no demo showing available, if you’re the type that just goes ahead, and trusts Harmonix, the game is available for pre-purchase, and pre-download right now on the Xbox Store, in two options:

Update: An Xbox One demo is now also available for download from the Xbox Store.

First is the Digital Bundle for $59.99. This comes with the game, and three DLC packs, the Dance Expansion Pack, the Pop Expansion Pack, and the Rock Expansion Pack (more on those in a moment).

The second option is the Deluxe Digital Bundle for $89.99, which includes the game, the three DLC packs mentioned above, and 18 additional DLC songs.

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Dance Central: Spotlight DLC for 10/14


Announced today via the Harmonix Newsletter, Dance Central: Spotlight is receiving more new DLC next Tuesday, October 14 in the form of a pack of two songs, along with an additional single. The Ellie Goulding songs will also be available as part of Ellie Goulding Dance Pack 01 for $3.49.

New Songs:

  • Ellie Goulding – Burn
  • Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

Legacy Songs:

  • Ellie Goulding – Lights