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Pepsi Promo Site Reveals Billy Idol DLC

Billy Idol
On the page of the Pepsi Promo that lists what songs are eligible to be won, it looks like there are two Billy Idol songs that have not yet been announced. One can only assume it is going to be officially announced as DLC soon, right? The real question is… based on the info on the page, is it going to be PS3-specific?

[via S1ckH4nds]

Pepsi Promo – 5,000 FREE DLC songs PER DAY!

How to Play

Starting today, if you look under the caps of specially marked 20 ounce and 1 liter Pepsi bottles (see exceptions below), you can win stuff, including Rock Band DLC, Xbox 360 consoles, Flip Video MinoHD Camcorders, and more!  It’s as simple as drinking Pepsi and entering the code under the cap at the official site.  Not sitting in front of a computer while drinking Pepsi?  No problem; just text the code to PEPSI (73774).  And here’s the best part…

5,000 DLC tracks will be given away PER DAY!!!

The only exceptions are that the promo only runs in the US (sorry Canada and Europe), and it is only for Pepsi products (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, etc.), but not the entire family of products (no Mountain Dew… argh).

Contest runs through September 13th (although another part of the Official Rules say July 28th).  Now go get yourself some Pepsi!!!

The Beatles: Rock Band Instruments

Beatles Instruments

Click for bigger image

Here it is.  All of the Fab Four’s instruments together.  We’ve seen the announcements for the other instruments before, but a good close-up (see below) pictures of the drums is new.  It doesn’t appear to any significant changes to the drum set from previous versions of the Rock Band franchise, with the obvious exception of the large Beatles logo on the front of the set.  Official word from Harmonix was brief, but they did say it is a “…Ringo Starr inspired, Ludwig-branded Rock Band 2 drum set with a classic pearl finish and vintage replica Beatles kick drum head.”  With everyone playing together today at E3 with the instruments, it looked about as real as you can get with fake plastic instruments!

Ringo's drums

The Beatles: Rock Band Opening Cinematic

See the opening cinematic to The Beatles: Rock Band.  It was pulled together by Peter Candeland and Passion Pictures (who have worked with the Gorillaz in the past).  Very awesome… they nailed it with the perfect Beatles-esque vibe:

UPDATE: See a higher quality version over at The Beatles: Rock Band page here.

The Beatles: Rock Band at E3 (video)

Here’s the video if you missed it (like me):

Thanks S1ckH4nds!

The Beatles: Rock Band Site Update

Beatles Site

With all the new details coming out about The Beatles: Rock Band, it only makes sense that the site has now had a MAJOR overhaul. They even updated the favicon (nice attention to detail)!  Lots of cool things to check out, so head on over.

The Beatles: Rock Band