RUMOR: Green Day coming to Rock Band?

Looks like some shady individuals were able to get their hands on a leaked version of the new Rock Band Unplugged for the Sony PSP, and took a very in depth look at the code. What did they find? Apparently there may be references to future DLC. This has happened before, were someone dived into some DLC code and found titles of future releases, so this rumor may have some weight. There were also two other non-Green Day songs noted. The tracks hinted at are listed below.

  • Green Day – Welcome to Paradise
  • Green Day – She’s a Rebel
  • Green Day – Nice Guys Finish Last
  • Green Day – Longview
  • Green Day – Minority
  • Green Day – Letterbomb
  • Green Day – American Idiot
  • Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Green Day – Jaded
  • Green Day – Whatsername
  • Green Day – Walking Contradiction
  • Green Day – She
  • Green Day – St. Jimmy
  • Green Day – Holiday
  • Green Day – Hitchin’ a Ride
  • Green Day – Brain Stew
  • Angels and Airwaves – Whatsername
  • Blink 182 – The Rock Show

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DLC for week of 5/19

The Rock Band Community Zine was released a day early, along with an announcement of the DLC coming out next week. There will be an Alice Cooper 6 pack, as well as 3 songs from Taking Back Sunday.  See below for full listing and related links:

Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies (Live) (Youtube) (iTunes)
Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen (Live) (Youtube) (iTunes)
Alice Cooper – Poison (Youtube) (iTunes)
Alice Cooper – School’s Out (Live) (Youtube) (iTunes)
Alice Cooper – Under My Wheels (Live) (Youtube) (iTunes)
Alice Cooper – Vengeance is Mine (Youtube) (iTunes)
Taking Back Sunday – Liar (It Takes One to Know One) (Youtube) (iTunes)
Taking Back Sunday – Makedamnsure (Youtube) (iTunes)
Taking Back Sunday – What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (Youtube) (iTunes)

FULL Rock Band Stats for Any Player/Band!

Legendary Status
Keldon Jones, a Software Engineer at HP pulled together this query (I have no idea how) that can pull FULL BAND STATS for any Rock Band player or band! You can change the query so it’s by system, instrument, and difficulty.  It’s pretty remarkable. Anyway, here’s the link!

UPDATE 1: Some people (myself included) have been having trouble getting full band names to properly pull up info.  I can confirm it does work with gamer tag/account name now.  Send me a tweet if your band name is working properly.

UPDATE 2: OK, this was an easy one to solve once I slowed down and looked again.  If you want full band scores, you have to change the instrument field to BAND, instead of GUITAR, BASS, etc.

Partial Beatles Rock Band Track Listing Revealed at E3

Beatles Rock Band
According to an article over at Eurogamer, it looks like a partial track listing for The Beatles: Rock Band will be unveiled at E3 (June 2-4). No songs have been confirmed yet, but the track listing from the Beatles – One album would be a great start!  Any fan favorites that you would love to see on there?

Country Track Pack Coming in July

Country MusicHarmonix announced earlier today that they will be releasing a Country Track Pack for Rock Band on July 21st for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii.  The disc-based standalone product will be sold in stores, as well as purchased and downloaded online.

“Rock Band loves country music too, and these tracks are among the most fun to play of any we’ve released to date,” said Paul DeGooyer, Senior Vice President of Electronic Games & Music for MTV Networks Music Group. “We’ve received a ton of requests from fans to bring more country to the game, and our artist partners responded. We’re very excited to be able to offer this set, featuring some of the greatest songs ever recorded.”

First confirmed songs:
1. Alan Jackson – Good Time (Youtube) (iTunes)
2. Brooks & Dunn – Hillbilly Deluxe (Youtube) (iTunes)
3. Dierks Bentley – Free & Easy (Down the Road I Go) (Youtube) (iTunes)
4. Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon (Youtube) (iTunes)
5. Drive-By Truckers – 3 Dimes Down (Youtube) (iTunes)
6. Jason Aldean – She’s Country (Youtube) (iTunes)
7. Kenny Chesney – She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy (Youtube) (iTunes)
8. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler (Youtube) (iTunes)
9. Lucinda Williams – Can’t Let Go (Youtube) (iTunes)
10. Martina McBride – This One’s For the Girls (Youtube) (iTunes)
11. Rascal Flatts – Me and My Gang (Youtube) (iTunes)
12. Shania Twain – Any Man of Mine (Youtube) (iTunes)
13. Steve Earle – Satellite Radio (Youtube) (iTunes)

Many of the tracks will be exclusive to the Rock Band Country Track Pack disc for a limited time before joining the Rock Band Music Store as downloadable content. Additional artists and songs from the track list will be announced in the coming months.

Price: $29.99 MSRP

Sir Paul’s Bass in The Beatles: Rock Band

Paul's Bass

Here is the first look at the The Beatles: Rock Band Höfner bass controller, a large-scale replica of the bass famously used by Sir Paul McCartney. As previously announced, the Höfner bass wireless instrument controller will be included in The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle and joins The Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet as the signature, featured guitar instruments available for The Beatles: Rock Band. These controllers will be available for Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION® 3, Wii™ and will be compatible with all Rock Band titles.