Green Day in Rock Band (We’re Sure This Time)

Green Day

Unlike last time, we’re sure this time around.   How are we sure? Well, apparently it came straight from the horse’s mouth, with the horse being Green Day’s frontman Billie Joe. This morning, the boys from Green Day were on the KROQ morning show in LA. When asked when their music would make an appearance in Rock Band, Billie Joe’s response was “Uh yeah, we’re doing a whole Green Day Rock Band…uh.” Not yet sure if this going to be a separate game (a la The Beatles), or stand alone disc (a la AC/DC), or as a DLC track pack (a la Iron Maiden this week).  No official word from Harmonix… yet.

[via Kotaku]

Behind the Scenes Beatles: Rock Band Video

Beatles Rockband – Behind the scenes footage!

Cool video showing a number of the people responsible for The Beatles: Rock Band, as well as a number of fans’ takes on the game from E3.

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Harmonix Plays Rooftop at E3

Here’s video from Kotaku showing the folks at Harmonix at their rooftop party in LA at E3. No wonder they were all hoarse at the end of E3… they were playing Rock Band for nearly a week straight!

Come Together: The Beatles: Rock Band Origin

Ringo & Paul

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman was able to catch up with Chris Foster, The Beatles: Rock Band lead game designer, at E3 this past week to find out how the game came together.  Without spoiling the whole article, it sounds like George Harrison’s son Dhani had a large part to do with it.  Being a big fan of Rock Band, Dhani envisioned a Beatles: Rock Band game.  He approached Alex Rigopolous, Harmonix CEO and co-founder, about the concept, and with Dhani in his corner, he approached the shareholders at Apple Corps, including Paul, Ringo, and Yoko.  Needless to say, it ended up being made, but head over to CNET to read the rest of the story.

No Drum Fills for The Beatles: Rock Band

My First Drumset

It didn’t look like there were any during any of the E3 coverage, but Casey Malone from Harmonix confirmed that thinking today on Twitter. Instead, drum overdrive is activated simply by hitting a glowing green note.  The entire path will begin to glow green just before the note is to be hit, so you’ll know that it is an activation note.  What do you think? Can you do without the drum fill overdrive activation in The Beatles: Rock Band, or do you prefer the game more fiction-based with Ringo rocking out impromptu-style on the drums?

Lego Rock Band Demo Video at E3

Lego Rock Band

It seemed like most of E3 was devoted to The Beatles: Rock Band, but Lego Rock Band was also there getting some face time. Gamespot was on hand getting some of the details for us. Watch towards the end (at about the 9:00 mark); looks like some of the bugs still need to be worked out! Looks great, though!