E3 Beatles Rock Band Goodness!!!

Details to follow, but Paul, Ringo, Olivia, and Yoko were on hand today to present The Beatles: Rock Band with Microsoft!!! Still processing everything… details in a little bit!

The Beatles: Rock Band Site Updated…

…ever so slightly. With The Beatles: Rock Band instrument announcements made earlier this month, it looks like the folks at Harmonix have plopped down the very same instruments onto the Ed Sullivan set on the main page. Not a big change, but a change nonetheless.

NEW Lego Rock Band Video

Well, I can’t confirm that it’s new, I just know that I haven’t seen it yet, so it’s new to me (until I get the first comment that says it’s been out for months)!  Looks just how I imagined… Rock Band meets Lego… which is a good thing.  This thing is going to be PERFECT for families!

Check it out here. Might need some help in translating the French language in the video, though.

UPDATE: Now with embedded goodness:

DLC Week of 6/2

bonnaroo2009logoNext week we have a six pack of songs by artists headlining at Bonnaroo. Very eclectic mix, but good stuff! Check it out!

UPDATE: These songs are only for the Xbox and PS3. Wii announcement is still forthcoming. I thought they were doing new releases on all systems, but Harmonix’s announcement only referenced two systems. Here’s the official announcment.

DLC for Week of 6/9


This week’s Community ‘Zine that everyone at Harmonix was pushing via Twitter came out a short time ago, with an announcement for Iron Maiden DLC coming out the week of June 9th (FYI – the week after next). It also includes a typo for The Clairvoyant (oops). Here’s the breakdown of songs:

Summer DLC from the Vans Warped Tour

Some eagle eye Rock Band site readers noticed on the Events page that there will be some DLC coming out this summer featuring bands from the Vans Warped Tour.  Here’s a list of the bands coming to the Vans Warped Tour, but here are some of the standouts I see:

  • The Ataris
  • Bad Religion
  • Black Tide
  • Flogging Molly
  • Less Than Jake
  • NOFX

[via S1ckH4nds]