More Songs From The Beatles: Rock Band?

Beatles Posters

Someone on the forums examined the opening cinematic VERY closely and pulled some clues that lend themselves to specific Beatles’ song titles from various places within the background. I would still chalk these up as rumors for the time being, but assuming that all songs referenced in the opening cinematic appear somewhere in the game (I think that’s a safe bet), Harveyglobetrot was able to pull the following:

I would definitely say that the songs with musical appearences in the opening movie are up for inclusion. This would mean the following songs:

  • Can’t Buy Me Love (apparently heard very briefly in the opening shot of the rooftops)
  • Twist And Shout
  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • Paperback Writer
  • Within You Without You (the hand drums used in that song are heard under Here Comes The Sun when The Beatles are on the escalator to space)
  • A Day In The Life (the ending chord is heard as the elephant thing approaches the cliff).

After going through the cinematic again myself, I’ve noticed a few more titles reference on posters, etc.:

  • Come Together
  • Rocky Raccoon
  • Maggie Mae
  • Carry That Weight
  • Mr. Moonlight
  • Benefit of Mr. Kite
  • The Revolution
  • Strawberry Field Forever (Ringo is holding a box in the cab that says Strawberry Field Farms)

Anyone else find anything?

Some More Lego Rock Band Songs

Lego Rock Hand

According to a new press release issued today from Warner Bros., it looks like three more songs have been confirmed for Lego Rock Band (coming Holiday 2009).

Harmonix’s Rock Band Booth Presentation

David McClam, AKA H2OCena, is at E3 and getting the goods on all things Rock Band right now. Here are his videos of the Rock Band presentation at the Harmonix booth. S1ckH4nds pointed out that at about 2:15 in the first video, you can also see a Metal Track Pack disc coming out this year, as well!  Enjoy!

[via H2OCena]

The Beatles: Rock Band Game & DLC Compatibility

I think one of the biggest questions I have received is whether the Beatles Rock Band has an export ability. And thanks to the folks at Joystiq, we’ve learned the answer. According to the response they were given from Josh Randall, Creative Director at Harmonix, The Beatles: Rock Band is to be thought of as an entirely separate game from Rock Band and Rock Band 2… Which means no export ability. It also means that Beatles DLC will work with TB:RB and be incompatible with RB/RB2, and vice versa. There’s always a chance in the future that this may change, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Tour Harmonix’s E3 Booth

Sean from Harmonix takes us through a tour of the booth at E3:

HMX Community on the Road: E3 Booth Walkthru from Harmonix on Vimeo.

MORE Pearl Jam coming?!

Backspacer cover album on Conan O'Brien

Backspacer cover album on Conan O'Brien

Pearl Jam’s ten was pretty epic… then there was the Live Pearl Jam Rock Band project announcement… now another Pearl Jam project in the works?  In a story posted about the boys over at, the following was written: “According to Billboard, the album, which is rumoured to be called ‘Backspacer’ will be released through numerous individual avenues including ” an online retailer, a mobile partner, a gaming company and with a network or possibly networks of indie retail stores.” Is this confirmation? No. But since there have already been two Pearl Jam/Rock Band projects, if their new album is indeed going to be released with a gaming company, it makes sense that it will show up in Rock Band.