PAX East Talks with Community Managers Josh and Criss

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Harmonix dropped quite a bit of information this weekend at PAX. Between Xbox getting ekit support thanks to the lovely souls at PDP, online play coming this holiday, and the start of details for Season 2, there’s a lot of good news out there for most everyone. I caught up with Josh and Criss Monday afternoon to talk about the new things, some preferences, and tasty foreign foods.
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Rock Band 4 News from PAX East


The Harmonix panel at PAX East was today, and we’ve got all the new Harmonix news for you right here!

The first notable thing was actually released on Friday, where it was announced that Thorn and Miko from Battleborn would be joining the playable cast of characters in Rock Band 4 in May.

At the panel itself, we had announcements that a long-awaited feature is coming to Rock Band 4 this fall for Xbox One users: ION support! PDP is going to be selling an adapter that allows the ION Drum Rocker to be compatible with the Xbox One. The drum news didn’t stop there, as we then learned that as part of the May update, double bass support would be arriving.

Then, we learned that in June, we’d be receiving yet another oft-demanded feature in Practice Mode! Practice Mode will also be bringing pitch features for vocalists and harmonizers.

The next bit of news was that monthly updates would be ending in July for a little while, but resuming in fall. This is considered to be the end of “Chapter 1” of Rock Band 4. When “Chapter 2” begins in fall, Rock Band 4 will be receiving an expansion pack. This includes “big features” and new sorting options, filters, and ratings for the song select screen.

The final announcement at the panel was a pretty big one. Online multiplayer was confirmed! And it’s not even the “big feature” they’ve been teasing for a month!

Then, we had the Q&A. We didn’t learn too much, but we found out that any Kinect specific features they would have put in Rock Band 4 won’t happen because Microsoft unbundled the Kinect from the Xbox One, as well as the Rock Band 3 servers won’t shut down once Rock Band 4 online launches.

PAX East: Online Multiplayer FINALLY coming to Rock Band 4!


Arguably the most wanted feature for Rock Band 4, online play, is finally coming back to the series! The rumours had been swelling, especially following a Tweet from @Wario64 on Friday, and then eagle-eyed fans noticed that Harmonix had a job posting for a Network Programmer. But now we finally have confirmation that the beloved feature is returning.

Announced today at the Harmonix PAX East panel, online multiplayer will be returning to Rock Band as part of a future update, although the exact date was unspecified. It’s likely that we’ll see it come in the fall as part of the “expansion pack” they mentioned during the panel, but it’s all purely speculation right now. UPDATE: It appears to be coming “Holiday 2016”.

It’s a possibility that if you’re playing online with someone who doesn’t own all the same songs as you that those songs won’t display as opposed to simply greying them out, thus making the song selection process much more streamlined.

PAX East: DLC for 4/26 – The Romantics, Weezer, Lamb of God


Announced today at the Harmonix panel, we’ve gotten confirmation on what songs are coming to Rock Band on Tuesday. Let’s see what we’ve got on tap this week:

  • Lamb of God – Redneck
  • The Romantics – What I Like About You
  • Weezer – Dope Nose

PAX East: Play as Thorn and Miko from Battleborn in Rock Band!


We have our first bit of Rock Band news to come out of PAX East! It appears that Rock Band 4 is getting yet more licensed tie-in content for you to enjoy. Just unveiled at the Gearbox panel at PAX today, Thorn and Miko, heroes from the Eldrid faction in Battleborn, are coming to Rock Band 4 as playable bandmates!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Harmonix and Gearbox collaborate, as you may remember with the Borderlands characters in Dance Central: Spotlight. It appears that these Battleborn characters are full-fledged characters and not just clothing items that will allow you to re-create them, meaning that the door is open for even more new characters to be added to the game!

[Official announcement]

Beatles Rock Band DLC Being De-Listed on May 5


It has been awhile since we have gotten any kind of Beatles Rock Band news out of Harmonix, and unfortunately, the news we’re finally getting is not positive. It was announced today in a licensing update that all of the DLC for Beatles Rock Band will be removed from the music store as of May 5. As usual, if you already own these songs, you will be unaffected by this news. If you don’t, you have two weeks to change that should you wish. The songs being de-listed are: Read the rest of this entry »