DLC for 5/11: Judas Priest’s British Steel Album!

Sure… I leave the office for a few hours and there’s a Rock Band DLC leak! ;) Anyway, looks like the metalheads over at MetalUnderground.com got a jump start on next week’s DLC, which as you can see by the title, is Judas Priest’s live album “British Steel.” Next week is the 30th anniversary of the album, and the release of the DLC coincides with its re-release. The full track listing is below, as well as the album for your listening enjoyment:

  • Breaking the Law (Live) *
  • Rapid Fire (Live) *
  • Metal Gods (Live)
  • Grinder (Live) *
  • United (Live) *
  • Living After Midnight (Live)
  • You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise (Live)
  • The Rage (Live) *
  • Steeler (Live) *

*Denotes tracks are (shockingly) compatible with LEGO Rock Band.

$1.99 (160 MSP) per track, or $14.99 (1200 MSP) for the entire track pack.

[via MetalUnderground.com]

RBN DLC for 5/6

  • 8 Inch Betsy – Doomed (80 MSP)
  • Blue News – You’ve Got Someone (80 MSP)
  • Every Avenue – Where Were You? (160 MSP)
  • Family Force 5 – Radiator (160 MSP)
  • Job For A Cowboy – Unfurling A Darkened Gospel (80 MSP)
  • The Myriad Burial – Death Quota for Purification(80 MSP)
  • Steve Vai – The Crying Machine (Live) (160 MSP)
  • The Summer Set – Chelsea (80 MSP)

Sound Off! How Do You Keep Track of Your Rock Band Library?

Now that there are over 1,400 songs available for Rock Band, what does everybody use to track their Rock Band library, if anything at all? I know there are a number of options available: websites, iPhone apps, Excel, etc. I was using some leaderboard sites, but those only work if you have scores for all your songs, and I’ll have to admit that some weeks, I purchase DLC online and never get around to playing the songs until several days or weeks later.

Sound off in the comments and on what everyone likes the best and I’ll try and highlight some of the more popular options.

RBN DLC for 5/5

It’s been a few days since the last RBN updated, due to “pipeline issues,” per Harmonix.  There are a few more that have been approved that have not yet been released, so expect another handful in tomorrow’s post.

  • Band of Horses – The Funeral (160 MSP)
  • Death Angel – Dethroned (160 MSP)
  • Emarosa – Heads or Tails? Real or Not (160 MSP)
  • Finger Eleven – Paralyzer (160 MSP)
  • Forever From Now – People Like You (80 MSP)
  • The Main Drag – Even Seconds (80 MSP)
  • The Main Drag – Montana (80 MSP)
  • The Main Drag – Swine Houses (80 MSP)
  • Scratching The Itch – End Of This (80 MSP)
  • Your Horrible Smile – Shot at the Title (80 MSP)

New Green Day: Rock Band Video

Destructoid got an exclusive video of “Longview” in Performance Mode from the forthcoming Green Day: Rock Band game. I would clutter up this post with words when all you care about is the goods below…

B-52′s Singer Stinks at “Love Shack” in Rock Band… Wait, What?

Spinner.com is reporting that B-52′s frontman Fred Schneider apparently is no good at covering himself in Rock Band. Per Spinner, Fred commented:

“I sang ‘Love Shack’ and got booed off the stage. I was like, ‘Well, screw this.’”

“We had a wedding party, and I walked by and they were paying ‘Love Shack. They wanted me to sing with them.”

Now, I’m no big fan of the B-52′s, but if you’re like me, you would have noticed if “Love Shack” came to Rock Band as DLC… which it hasn’t!

So what does that mean? My first instinct was “OMG, ‘Love Shack’ coming as DLC,” but I’m not so sure this is the case. If he was playing on a dev kit, this would be possible, but doubtful at a wedding. My second thought was “He must have been singing ‘Roam,’ which IS in Rock Band,” but most of the vocals in this song are by Kate Pierson. So where does that leave us? I doubt he was singing in Rock Band. He was probably singing the recently released Lips: Party Classics game, which DOES feature “Love Shack.”

[via Spinner.com]