Ministry Coming Soon to Rock Band DLC?

There were rumblings back in April about Ministry being licensed for Rock Band, but according to a commercial on MTV:U and forum poster “dustinisrated_r,” it looks like it may be sooner than we think. Apparently, the Rock Band DLC commercial advertising the Miley Cyrus DLC showed off a few songs from Ministry that have yet to make it into the Rock Band library. Songs include:

  • Cuz U R Next (Yes, I now realize this is already in Rock Band… sorry)
  • Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • Stigmata

Only time will tell when these land in Rock Band as DLC, but based on this, I’m expecting them relatively soon.

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RBN DLC for 6/21

  • Demon Hunter – The World is a Thorn (160 MSP)
  • Free Electric State – Six Is One (80 MSP)
  • Jonathan Coulton – Mandelbrot Set (160 MSP)
  • Kiev – Crooked Strings (80 MSP)
  • Made Avail – Bury You Slowly (160 MSP)
  • Meshuggah – Bleed (160 MSP)
  • Rebelution – Bright Side of Life (160 MSP)
  • RX Bandits – Bled To Be Free (The Operation) (160 MSP)
  • Steel Train – Turnpike Ghost (160 MSP)
  • The Raspberry Ants – Janie (80 MSP)
  • Todd Thibaud – Three Words (80 MSP)
  • XTT – Cookie Monster (160 MSP)

Rock Band 3 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale Answers Your Questions

Dan as seen in his HMX environment

I’m finally getting around to catching up on all the E3 madness, and this is one of the things I wanted to pull together most for you guys. After going to both PAX East and E3, I learned that they are two completely different animals. PAX East is put on for fans of the games, who usually know what to expect from their favorite franchises. E3 on the other hand, has its hardcore fans in attendance, but also has to cater to business people that may not be familiar with storied franchises and video game companies, so they have to go much farther to leave an impression on people. Throughout all the madness and press that was going on, I considered myself EXTREMELY lucky to both get hands-on time with the new Rock Band 3 peripherals (details coming!) and to have a chance to sit down with Rock Band 3 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale (@delicousbees) and ask him the questions you asked.

And yes, for future reference, I will be getting an audio recorder so I can transcribe future conversations with Harmonix staff for the site, but to be honest, with all the surrounding noise at E3, I doubt it would have captured much of our conversation. I’ve didn’t ask him questions that have already been confirmed elsewhere (I’ll have post summarizing all the new Rock Band 3 features soon), as well as removed the questions that he can’t comment about (Jukebox mode, Pearl Jam, easy/medium charting changes).

So check out the Q&A I had with Dan, and let me know if there are any other questions you may have about the game. I’ll see what I can do to get them answered in the future!

Will there be support for the Stage Kit in Rock Band 3?


Will the ION Drum Rocker be compatible with Pro mode in Rock Band 3, and will Lefty Flip be possible?

Yes and yes.

Any options for real guitar interfacing through the MIDI controller?

As it currently exists, the only available options for Pro Guitar/Bass are using the Mustang and Squier controllers, however we are looking to seeing if this is feasible.

Will there be a strum limit in Rock Band 3?

There will be no strum limit. Rock Band 3 will feature smarter strum detection due to an increased familiarity with and a deeper understanding of consistency issues with both new and existing hardware.

Will the “shaky arrow vocals glitch” be fixed?


Will there be a vocals practice trainer?

Yes, it will be similar to the vocal trainer / practice mode in the Beatles game.

Will multiple vocal players be available over Xbox Live or PSN?

No. Latency issues makes this impossible, unfortunately.

Are there harmonies in the DLC we’ve gotten so far?

With the exception of Green Day, currently existing DLC does not have included harmonies due to the rights reserved during the licensing process.

Will the keyboard work with the tracks that have piano in Green Day: Rock Band if you export to Rock Band 3?

Harmonies are included and compatible with Rock Band 3, however the Green Day content technically counts as Rock Band 2 DLC, so there are no keyboards charts.

When will we start seeing Pro Keys compatible DLC?

DLC with Pro Keys charting will come out day and date of Rock Band 3, not before.

Is there a Pro Keys mode that doesn’t scroll?

Easy and Medium do not scroll. Hard and Expert do.

Lefty flip with Pro Keys?

Yes. It works the same as vocal lefty flip. ;)

Will each instrument lane have their own speed based on their difficulty?

By default, all lanes will move at the same speed, as in Rock Band 2, however there will be a modifier that you can enable to have different lanes move at different speeds.

Will there be an Endless Setlist 3?


Will there be a “Bladder of Steel” achievement/trophy?

Not specifically, but there will be a “spiritual successor” to it.

Can we ever expect to see Metallica tracks in Rock Band again?

Artists that have their own titles such as Aerosmith, Metallica, and Van Halen are not exclusive to any franchise. Eventually we may see more DLC from these artists in Rock Band.

“Try again with the Beatles: Will we have DLC? After enough times they’re sure to give in!”

“This is not one of those times.”

Will there ever be a resource to let us know what bands are more than likely never going to be on the Rock Band platform so we can stop requesting them?

There is no “blacklist” for songs coming to the library, so request away!

Will harmonies and keyboards be integrated into the RBN?

I can’t comment on future RBN features, but there will be more announcements concerning an RBN 2.0 later.

Will the RBN be finding it’s way on to the PS3/Wii/unsupported countries?

The limitations of independent developer programs on the other consoles and unsupported countries with Xbox 360 are issues that lie with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, and very little we can do about.

Will the Wii support SDHC cards in Rock Band 3? Will we be able to export songs on the Wii?

Details soon.

Will Rock Band 2 export require a unique code to do?

Details on Rock Band 2 export have not been announced yet, as the possibility of export is still in process.

Will we be able to import our scores from Rock Band 2 to Rock Band 3?

The scoring system has been rewritten from a programming standpoint, so your scores will not carryover.

Harmonix 5 Word Webby Acceptance Speech (Don’t Blink!)

Last month, the website for The Beatles: Rock Band won an award at the 14th Annual Webby Awards  as Best Games-Related Site of the year. The site was produced by the web development team at Harmonix in collaboration with Apple Corps, The Beatles’ company.

In addition to the craziness of E3 going on last week, the Webby Awards were held on June 14 in New York City.

“The Webby Awards honors the very best of the Internet,” said David-Michel Davies, executive director of the Webby Awards. “Harmonix’s achievement is a testament to the skill, ingenuity and vision of its creators.”

“We are excited and honored to have win the Webby Award for Best Games-Related Website,” said Jeff Chausse, Harmonix’s web director. “We wanted to capture the artistry and magic of the game on the web, and this award is further confirmation that Harmonix has created a truly unique celebration of The Beatles’ music, which has really captured the public’s imagination.”

Founded in 1996, The Webby Awards are known worldwide for its famous five-word speech limit. Past Webby Award winners – and their speeches – include Al Gore (“Please don’t recount this vote”), Beastie Boys (“Can anyone fix my computer?”), and Stephen Colbert (“Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”).

Check out the five-word acceptance speech from Jeff below.

Rock Band 3 Song Sorting Solutions

RB DLC Poster

“Recent studies show that 1350 is more than 349.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but this gave me a chuckle the first time I saw it and has to be one of my favorite things that I saw as part of the Rock Band 3 E3 coverage. (Yes, there’s too many to list here!) With plans to have close to 2,000 songs available by the time Rock Band 3 releases, the in game music library is going to need a major make-over to help you find not only your favorite songs, but the ones you need for 3 vocalists or that support the Pro Guitar.

Crapload of DLC already!

Not to worry though, Harmonix and MTV Games has heard your pleas and made serious updates to the library to make the sorting much less painful. Though it’s still called sorting on screen it really acts as more of a filtering system. According to John Drake during the Rock Band 3 E3 Stage Demo presentation:

“This filtering system’s the only real way we have to manage all that content. We think it’s really slick and cool and you should get excited about it at home.”

Sorting Options

With Rock Band 3, you’ll be soon be able to sort your music library by:

  • Song Difficulties
  • Number of Vocal Parts
  • Song Lengths, including the fan favorite “Neverending Epic Songs”
  • Song Location
  • Song Ratings
  • Decades
  • Genres
  • Pro Guitar Support
  • Keys Support

I’m not sure how many of you saw the FULL Video of MTV Games Rock Band 3 E3 Demo, but you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already! It may be long especially for those with ADD like me, but it’s full of awesome and worth multiple views to watch the innovative new features of Rock Band 3, over and over and over again.

Possible Rock Band 3 Release Confirmation and UK Peripheral Pricing

Peripheral maker MadCatz’s online UK store has listings for all currently announced Rock Band 3 peripherals. The Keyboard (£69.99) and Mustang Pro Guitar (£124.99) are listed again for 10/31/2010, which corroborates the earlier rumored Rock Band 3 release date.

Interestingly enough the Pro Cymbals Expansion Kit (£34.99) is also listed, but has an earlier date of 10/26/2010. This makes sense, as the current MadCatz cymbals work with the current Rock Band games, just not in Pro Mode.

It is also interesting to note that the MIDI Pro Adapter (£24.99) for your own MIDI keyboards and drums has a slightly later release date of 11/26/2010.

Also, the peripherals listed are for all three consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, so this also confirms what I was told by Harmonix that it is a simultaneous worldwide release across all consoles.

UPDATE: Shagrath emailed me to let me know that Best Buy has a release date listed of 10/19/2010; a Tuesday. Hmm… now I’m just confused!

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