G4 Tackles the Rock Band 3 “Endless Setlist III”

I can haz harmoniez?!

Abbie and a few friends from G4 attempt to complete the Endless Setlist III in Rock Band 3. Do they do it? Check out the video to find out!

After watching this, I forgot how many iconic songs are in this game. Seriously, someone invent a fast-forward machine… Oh, they did? And it’s called alcohol? Done.

[G4 via @Veg1v0]

Your Official Rock Band 3 Screens Are Here!

OK, now that the press materials have gone out, I think it’s time to get officially excited for the release of Rock Band 3! Wait… you mean you already have been excited? Well if that’s the case, go ahead and check out the VERY impressive gallery of Rock Band 3 screen grabs below.

And for those of you who like to avoid “spoilers,” I have included the gallery AFTER the break, so you’ll be able to avoid if you just landed on the front page of the site.

Now, without further ado…

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Billy Joel 6-Pack Planned for Spring 2011

Six-pack and Billy Joel in the same sentence. Who saw that coming? (How about anyone living on Long Island.)

Anyway, “Billy Joel Week” continues here for the Rock Band community as a number of people sent me a link to a press release supposedly from Columbia / Legacy Recordings yesterday mentioning the following item:

Rock Band is excited to offer a new Billy Joel edition of the popular video game [huh?], providing a masterful keyboard experience of his music to fans around the world through two downloadable game packs: a “Hits” pack of 12 songs arriving in December 2010 followed by a 6-song “Piano Challenge” pack in the spring.

While we already found out about the 12-pack (only 10 have been confirmed thus far), the 6-pack is new to us. And what’s with the “offer a new Billy Joel edition” comment? I get that the press release is more for Billy Joel fans than Rock Band fans, but can we at least have someone in the know to do a quick once-over on these before they go out?

[PRNewswire.com, first sent to me from “BathTub,” Thanks!]

Thursday Throwback DLC Pick: The Killers – Mr. Brightside

Since their debut album “Hot Fuss”, The Killers have been met with critical and mainstream success.  All three of their studio albums have sold millions of copies around the world.  Although The Killers are on hiatus at this time, Brandon Flowers has recently released his solo album, “Flamingo” while the other band members are working on separate projects.

The first Rock Band DLC pack for The Killers was released on November 25th, 2008.  The pack contained one of their breakthrough songs, “Mr. Brightside”.  With continuous radio play and heavy word of mouth, this song became one of the anthems of 2006.  Through it’s catchy chorus and rhythmic verses, “Mr. Brightside” has become a song that is continuously played at Rock Band gatherings.  Not to mention, the drum portion of this song will put many a aspiring Rock Band drummer to the the test.

In my opinion, The Killers are one of the best modern rock groups today.  It would be great to see more of their songs be added to Rock Band.  From Brandon Flowers catchy vocals to Ronnie Vannucci Jr.’s challenging drum parts, I would strongly recommend The Killers first DLC pack and “Mr. Brightside” to anyone.

Check out the full band gameplay video below, from T3hP33ps on YouTube.

The song can be purchased in the Rock Band 2 music store, or online at Xbox.com, for 160 MSP ($1.99).

Guitar: 3
Vocals: 1
Drums: 4
Bass: 1
Band: 2

Up Close & Personal With Rock Band 3’s Pro-Guitar

We’re coming down the home stretch of the Rock Band 3 waiting game, and not that you need anything more to get you excited for the game, but check out a new Pro-Guitar video from the cats at Harmonix that walk beginners through what Pro-Guitar is, while showing some blistering in-game footage of what to expect from some of the on-disc tracks!

The Billy Joel Poll: How Should “Piano Man” be Charted?

While we still haven’t gotten official confirmation of the Billy Joel DLC, it doesn’t dampen my belief that this is a sure thing. At this point it’s more a matter of WHEN we will see DLC from him rather then IF.

The next step is trying to figure out what songs are going to comprise his 12-pack of DLC. Not surprisingly, Mr. Joel has a VERY impressive and substantive catalog of hits. He has three #1 singles, and has had over 30 songs on the Top 40 charts! What I found odd was that arguably his most iconic song, “Piano Man,” wasn’t in his Top 20 hits. While Rock Band DLC does a good job of balancing popular songs with deeper cuts, I think the community has agreed that the lack of “Piano Man” in any Billy Joel DLC would be a travesty.

Now, I agree to some extent, as this is one of the best songs to sing with friends at a bar towards the end of the night. (NOTE: The absolute best “last call” song is “Sweet Caroline.” Doctors have proved this with science. Just don’t go looking up who the song was written for.) The question I have is how the song would translate properly into Rock Band. Now that we have a keyboard, the piano charting shouldn’t be a issue. But if you listen to the song, the other prominent instrument is the harmonica, for which we obviously have no peripheral.

Because of this, I submit the following poll to the community…