Rock Band 3 “Road Challenges” Detailed

A new post over at by developer Brian Chan talks about the new “Road Challenges” that will be appearing in Rock Band 3. Definitely head over there to check out the full details, but here is some of the newer info that we haven’t yet seen.

Road Challenges are new party-focused mode that is a hybrid of both the previous Quickplay and Tour modes we’ve all come to enjoy. They include everything from small clubs, to massive arenas, to outdoor venues (new in Rock Band 3). Here are some of the specific Road Challenges from the post:

  • “Overdrive Overdose.” Earn your bonus by deploying Overdrive as many times as possible.  It doesn’t matter how long each Overdrive deployment lasts – the greater the number of Overdrive deployments, the larger the bonus.
  • “Streakmania.” Build your bonus with each streak of notes (or vocal phrases) achieved by any member of your band.  Consecutive streaks grow the bonus at an even faster rate.
  • “Share the Spotlight.” Band members take turns performing “in the spotlight.”  When you’re in the spotlight, you’re under pressure to achieve a note (or vocal phrase) streak.  Doing so hands off the spotlight to another band member.  Your bonus grows with each successful hand-off.
  • “All for One.” If all band members play with high accuracy within a song section, your bonus increases.  But if even one member fails to make the cut, then no bonus is gained – you’ll have to try again in the next song section.
  • “Overdrive Streak.” Here, you’re rewarded for using Overdrive without breaking streak.  The more notes (or vocal phrases) you can streak while deploying Overdrive, the bigger the bonus.
  • “Overdrive Chain.” This one’s about deploying Overdrive for as long a time as possible.  Band members can extend their Overdrive time by “chaining together” deployments – so long as one or more players is deploying, the chain continues to build.  Longer chains translate to bigger bonuses, so coordinate with your band to time your deployments appropriately.

One awesome thing about the Road Challenges is that you can log leaderboard scores while playing Road Challenges mode, just as you normally would in Quickplay (see header picture). In fact, everything you do within the Road Challenges mode is tracked by the Career system.  You’ll also be able to see how each band member contributed to the Road Challenge performed.


DLC Playthrough – 8/10 (Ministry)

Short week this week with only three tracks from Ministry coming out as DLC today. Check out playthrough videos of them below, courtesy of dogmatic2120! Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel! Links to purchase DLC songs online at are included below for each track. All tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99), or grab the three-pack for 440 MSP ($5.49).

Note: Still missing “Thieves.” If you know of a good quality embeddable video, please let me know.

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Sound Off! What DLC Should be Updated with Rock Band 3 Features?

The Official Xbox Magazine’s podcast weekly podcast went live last Friday (available here), and in it the folks at Microsoft sat down with Daniel Sussman and John Drake to talk about Rock Band 3, and a few new items (and a cool request of fans) were discussed.

First of all, starting at about 54 minutes in to the podcast, Daniel Sussman talks about existing (from this point on, “legacy”) DLC. Rock Band 3 DLC will NOT be backwards compatible, which means that if you keep getting DLC, you will need to purchase Rock Band 3, as it will not work in Rock Band 2. HOWEVER, he did confirm that all existing DLC will work in Rock Band 3. As John mentioned, DLC will always be forward-compatible, but not backwards-compatible. Daniel further commented that pricing is still up in the air (I recommend Harmonix looks at this post for some interesting community feedback).

Daniel also said that ALL (although I’m expecting a few exceptions) legacy DLC (with the exception of Rock Band 1 DLC) will have Pro-Drums already charted in. John caveated this info that a few songs may have some “funky” charting when they first started the Pro-Drums authoring.

Daniel went on to request about 57:00 in that fans POLITELY request legacy DLC that should be updated with Rock Band 3 features on the Rock Band forums. Sayburr already created a page here for that, but I’ve also added a poll below for everyone to share and vote in the process.

PLEASE add your own below, and vote also for any other legacy DLC that you would like to see with Rock Band 3 features added in!

UPDATE 1: I’m trying to configure the poll so we can see everyone’s submissions…

UPDATE 2: PollDaddy does not show the other poll results to users. :( I can see what people are entering as their “Other” option in the admin panel. I’ll publish the results in a separate post. In the meantime, drop ‘em in below if you want. Spoiler: LOTS of people want Dream Theater!

And just because, I can’t think of that first REO Speedwagon song above without thinking of the Sklar Brothers… (Seriously, this song has to have Keys charted):

RBN DLC for 8/9

  • Grammatrain – The Last Sound (160 MSP)
  • Graveyard BBQ – Cheat on the Church (160 MSP)
  • Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers (160 MSP)
  • Songs To Wear Pants To – Shoot The Zombies (80 MSP)
  • The Bungles – Hey Satomi (feat. Justine Skyers) (160 MSP)

“I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT” Coming to the RBN

While I may have my hand somewhat on the pulse of what’s going on within the Rock Band community, I sure miss out on what’s going on elsewhere. Many songs on the RBN have come out based on other pop culture references. I’ve never gotten into The Guild (or World of Warcraft for that matter) which just recently had the (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar song. I also missed out on Left 4 Dead (1 AND 2) which had the two tracks from the Midnight Riders. And now comes word of another track from the Xbox Live Indie Game hit “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1″

It appears that an author with close ties to Harmonix is charting the title track from the game under license from and published by Ska Studios, and the song is now available for play testing in the Rock Band Network. If you are like me and missed out on the game, go check it out (full game available here for only $.99, demo here)!

If you are an RBN playtester, go here to grab a copy and push this through for the rest of us to buy!

Not familiar with the song? Take a listen below.

Friday Followup – Ministry

Man, searching Twitter for “Ministry” gives me a whole lotta tweets about Jesus… typically NOT followed by “Built My Hotrod.” I like Ministry, and this DLC pack was better than their previous offering, but I don’t think I reflected the general sentiment of the community on this one. It seemed that people were not only less-than-impressed with the quality of the DLC, but also the quantity. To set the record straight, we haven’t had a week of DLC as low as three songs since the week of April 27th. Have we gotten spoiled with weeks offering upwards of 8 and 9 songs? Probably, but thems the stakes for offering so much good stuff each week.

Anyway, enough about that… lets make with the ridicule…

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