DLC for 8/10: Ministry

Surprise DLC announcement… incoming!

Seen first from @thebeststeph, and just a moment ago from the official @RockBand account, there will be a three pack from industrial rockers Ministry. The songs included in the three pack are:

  • Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • Stigmata
  • Thieves

Now, the only real question (that I don’t have the answer to) that remains is will we see MORE songs released next week, as well? The two previous weeks saw 8 and 9 songs released, so I’m optimistic that we will.

UPDATE: Nope, that’s it for next week. :(

[from Revolver Mag]

Stay in a Desires Hotel, Get The Beatles: Rock Band Bundle for Free!

If any of you are planning a trip between now and the end of the year, you may want to take advantage of this deal. Desires Hotels, a collection of modern boutique hotels, is offering a promotion where if you stay for two nights, in addition to getting 10% off the bill, you’ll also receive a copy of The Beatles: Rock Band game. And if you’re really high rolling it and stay for three nights in a suite, you get the same 10% discount, but instead receive The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle (the “good” bundle)!  While I have never stayed at a Desires Hotel location, I have wined and dined in their amazing restaurant and bar in the lobby of the Iron Horse Hotel down the street from me here in Milwaukee, and can say that it is EASILY the nicest hotel in the city. And if you’re not going anywhere soon, but still have a location near you, come on in for The Beatles: Rock Band Happy Hour at participating Desires Hotels!

Go HERE for all the details on taking advantage of this deal!

RBN DLC for 8/4

  • Robotmakers – Building a Robot (160 MSP)
  • Sleater-Kinney – Entertain (160 MSP)

“Trololol” in Rock Band? Not Really…

Saw this when it was first posted, but wasn’t sure if people would enjoy this. Apparently the 141,700 views prove me wrong. Here is a video by AzuriteReaction showing him performing internet meme “Trololol” in a Rock Band custom song on vocals, complete with some terrible (yet accurate) dancing.

Thanks to @Tyler_Lagasse for letting me know that @Moomoomoo1 created the custom chart!

New Rock Band 3 Features Released by Joystiq

It looks like the folks over at Joystiq got some intimate hands-on time with Rock Band 3 to really kick the tires and try it out. While they’re not spilling all the beans yet on what they saw, they did give us a few details which are new to me (and probably new to you, as well).

  • Instead of painting the notes white for Overdrive sequences, Rock Band 3 highlights these sequences with glowing lines outside of the note track, making it easier to distinguish the colors (for the more casual gamer). (See UPDATE below for clarification.)
  • Whenever you change difficulty, the song rewinds by a few seconds to give everyone playing a chance to get back into place.
  • If you play a song that’s too hard and ultimately fail out, there’s an option to turn on No Fail mode right on the Fail screen. There’s also an option to immediately resume the song and jump right back in where you left off.

Head on over to Joystiq to check out the rest of their hands on experience.

UPDATE: Joystiq later added this to the post:

A previous version of the post wrongly stated that Overdrive notes were no longer white. They still are, Harmonix tells us, but Overdrive sequences that line up for a unison bonus are now highlighted on the sides of each note track.

[Thanks to Kirksplosion for the heads up!]

DLC Playthrough – 8/3 (Singles Smorgasbord)

Eight tracks in total from eight different artists coming out as DLC today from Blondie, dc Talk, The Decemberists, Eagles of Death Metal, Eels, Family Force 5, KMFDM, and La Roux. Check out playthrough videos of them below, courtesy of corporalgregg3 and heyriley! Definitely check out and subscribe to their YouTube channels! Links to purchase DLC songs online at Xbox.com are included below for each track. Unless otherwise noted, all tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99).

Note: Many videos below do not show all instruments. If you know of a good quality embeddable replacement video, please let me know.

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