Sound Off! What Songs are Made for a Keyboard Peripheral?

I’m still in shock somewhat by the “announcement” today of a keyboard-type instrument coming to Rock Band 3. While no instrument has been announced, the addition of a new instrument icon to the Rock Band 3 lineup is more than enough confirmation for much of the community, myself included.

So with the possibility of a keyboard being added to the current lineup of plastic instruments, what song would you most like to see added to on-disc setlist of Rock Band 3?

And no, please don’t put in “Ace of Spades…” We’ve seen that song more than enough at this point.

Green Day Demo Teases Rock Band 3 Keyboard

First of all, it appears that a Green Day: Rock Band demo was released this morning on Xbox Live (download link) with full offline band play (including harmonies) for two songs: “Welcome to Paradise” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” but that’s not the big news…

Apparently there’s a splash screen at the end of the two song demo that shows the four Rock Band instrument icons, with the addition of a new instrument icon with what appears to be a keyboard!

More details to follow…

[Thanks, Shagrath!]

Rock Band Relief for Nashville Floods is a grassroots fundraising effort developed in response to the flooding in Nashville, TN. The mission of is to convert songs submitted by participating musicians into playable tracks for release on the Rock Band Network. Tracks sold through the RBN will have a portion of the profits being donated to the American Red Cross to benefit victims of the Nashville flooding disaster.

Popular artists from the Nashville area have already agreed to help. Red Jacket Mine has their single “The Pose” nearly ready for playtesting (see sample below). Other artists include Loni Rose, Jonah, Hello Morning, and Amy Courts.

It’s one thing to pick up some tracks from the Rock Band Network just to discover cool music and play a game with some friends. But when these songs go live, PLEASE check them out, because you could also be helping out many people affected by the Nashville flooding.

For more information about, check out their site or find them on Twitter (@RockBandRelief) or on Facebook.

Audio Interview with RBN Artist Bumblefoot!

There are times when running this site seems more like a job and not nearly as much fun as I anticipated when I first set out to make a site dedicated to all things Rock Band. Than there are times like this that make EVERYTHING worth while! I had a chance last week to interview future Rock Band Network best selling artist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, who is the current guitarist for Guns ‘N’ Roses. While this will be his first song on the Rock Band Network, if you have played every song on guitar in Rock Band 2, you’ve played song of his contributions on “Shackler’s Revenge,” as well as the rest of his stuff on the “Chinese Democracy” album DLC.

He’s about ready to release his first single, “Guitars Suck,” and if you have been looking for a challenging song to FC, this will be it. In my opinion, most difficult songs that come out for Rock Band aren’t as fun to listen to, but “Guitars Suck” is an awesome song that, while most of us won’t be able to complete it on Expert Guitar, is an amazing song. There’s a reason he replaced Buckethead in Guns ‘N’ Roses!

Anyway, enough about that. Check out the audio interview I had with him directly below, and stick around to check out a preview of his song “Guitars Suck,” coming soon to the Rock Band Network, as well as a gallery of images from his current worldwide tour with Guns ‘N’ Roses!

Thank you very much, Ron!!! For more info about Bumblefoot, check out his official site and his label’s site, Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook. His RBN debut, “Guitars Suck,” is currently in play testing in the RBN here, and look for his second song “Real” shortly!

Here’s a video of Ron in action…

HUGE thanks to Trav and the boys from Freen in Green who helped make this possible!!!

RBN DLC for 5/24

  • After the Fall – Stay Up With Me (80 MSP)
  • CJ – Mr. Sun (80 MSP)
  • Earl Greyhound – Oye Vaya (80 MSP)
  • Holy Grail – Fight to Kill (160 MSP)
  • John Garrison – Footprints (80 MSP)
  • the Apples in Stereo – Dance Floor (160 MSP)

“Lost” Bands Coming to the Rock Band Network

So “Lost” is now officially over, for the east coast that is, and what is an inconsolable “Lost” fan to do? Well, how about playing songs from Driveshaft and Geronimo Jackson in Rock Band?!

According to G4TV, Driveshaft’s “You All Everybody” and Geronimo Jackon’s “Dharma Lady” are going to show up on the Rock Band Network very soon.

Driveshaft is the rock group of the one and only Charlie Pace, while Geronimo Jackson is a bit of a Lost in-joke. References to the 1970s band are littered throughout the series, including a poster inside John Locke’s high school locker. “Dharma Lady” is actually available now on iTunes right now.