RBN DLC for 7/1

On an interesting side note, the Rock Band Network library has now surpassed 400 songs! Let’s keep the momentum going!

  • Done Lying Down – Throughout (160 MSP)
  • My First Earthquake – Outta the Band (80 MSP)
  • RED9 – Real Love (80 MSP)
  • Rod Kim – Tomorrow She’s Mine (80 MSP)
  • Rose of Jericho – Beautiful Machine (80 MSP)
  • Scratching The Itch – Why Bother? (80 MSP)

ION Drum Rocker Pro Premium Drumset Announced

This is the old set... ION hasn't released an image of the new one yet.

ION announced yesterday that everyone’s favorite premium Rock Band drumset is getting an upgrade, and will officially be Rock Band 3 Pro-compatible. Now dubbed the ION Drum Rocker Pro Official Premium Drum Set, the Drum Rocker Pro will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

The biggest change from the existing Drum Rock is that the Drum Rock Pro adds the Drum Rocker Pro Pedal, a professional-grade electronic kick drum pedal.  The Pro Pedal has a steel base plate, all-metal construction, dual-chain drive, adjustable beater, rubber trigger assembly, and adjustable spring assembly. The Drum Rocker Pro Pedal is included with Drum Rocker Pro, it is also available separately for existing Drum Rocker, Drum Rocker Core, and Rock Band drum set owners.

The Drum Rocker Pro also includes everything the original Drum Rocker included: four drum and three cymbal pads and a fully configurable metal drum rack. The drum and cymbal pads are the same super-quiet, highly responsive pads from the original.

The Drum Rocker Pro will be available Holiday 2010, coinciding with the release of Rock Band 3. Pricing has not yet been announced.

It sounds amazing! Now, if I can just get ION to send me one, I would love to test it out for the site! ;)

[Press Release]

DLC for 7/6: Creedence Clearwater Revival?

Heard about this early this morning, but was FINALLY able to get some sort of confirmation only recently. In Major Nelson’s “Major Minute” (only available on the Xbox 360 right now, not elsewhere online yet), there is a quick mention of a Creedence Clearwater Revival pack coming for 1600 MSP.

You can see the misspelling in the screenshot grabbed above from FyreWulff on Scorehero.com. I’m assuming this is intended to play off the discounted DLC packs coming that week. Considering this video ran on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live, this “rumor” is most probably legit, but just wanted to point that out.

I’m assuming it’s an album (my gut tells me “Pendulum”), but it could be a random pack with about 11 or 12 songs. We’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow morning for official confirmation from Harmonix.

[Thanks @BassGrooveBlue for the heads up!]

Rock Band 3 Canadian Gamestop Pre-Order DLC Promotion

How does it feel… to treat me like you do, Gamestop? Looks like Gamestop will be having another pre-order promo with Rock Band 3. On the Canadian Gamestop page for Rock Band 3, there was a little tidbit at the bottom. Pre-order from them, and you’ll receive a voucher to download three songs:

  • Talking Heads – Burning Down the House
  • Deftones – My Own Summer
  • New Order – Blue Monday

Oh, and before anyone freaks out about the price, that’s in Canadian dollars, which is what they normally pay for new retail games. Crazy Canucks!

[Found via @Gurnkiller]

Totally Rad Show: Hard to Argue Against Rock Band 3 as Game of E3

The clip says it all, but it seems that the fellas from Totally Rad Show really liked the game! And if you’ve never seen the Totally Rad Show, DEFINITELY check them out!

TRS and Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht started out with:

“Talk about game of… E3!”

After which fellow co-host Jeff Cannata exclaimed:

“It does more for its genre than any other game here does for its genre.”

Hard to spin that one, no matter what. Check out the full clip of them talking about Rock Band 3 at the end of E3 below.

Rock Band 3 Nominated for Game Critics’ “Best of E3″ Awards

June is coming to a close, and now that E3 is behind us, Rock Band 3 was officially a hit. Just a few of the accolades include:

This morning we’ve learned that Rock Band 3 has been nominated for two “Best of E3 2010″ awards by Game Critics Awards, an independent group of 31 leading North American media outlets that cover the videogame industry. Out of everything else, THIS is the award you want to get! Rock Band 3 was nominated for Best Social/Casual Game, as well as nominated TWICE in the Best Hardware category (for RB3 Pro Guitars and RB3 Keyboards).

Hit up GameCriticsAwards for the full list of nominees. Winners will be announced on July 6th.

Want LOTS more E3 coverage of Rock Band3? Lead Designer Dan Teasdale has a HUGE list of E3 Rock Band 3 coverage over on his blog. After the jump are some videos from E3 that you may not have seen yet, so check ‘em out!

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