PS3 RBN DLC for 6/8

  • Clutch – “The Mob Goes Wild”
  • Demon Hunter – “Collapsing”
  • In This Moment – “Mechanical Love”
  • of Montreal – “Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse”
  • The Main Drag – “Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)”

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Harmonix Working on Natal-Based Dance Game? (Rumor)

Best Dance Scene EVER From a Movie...

OK, I guess I should be reporting on this since I seem to have many people sending me this tip (hit me up here if you have any news that I need to report on).

I saw this early yesterday morning, but hesitated for a few reasons. First of all, it’s not Rock Band related. While I’m also a Harmonix fanboy, I’m first and foremost concentrated on Rock Band. That doesn’t mean that I won’t occasionally branch out and touch on other related things, but Rock Band news keeps me busy enough! The second thing is that I don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone that’s been checking out the site this year. Back in February and April, we’ve learned that Harmonix has been licensing songs that don’t necessarily fit the Rock Band format. It seemed inevitable that Harmonix was working on another game outside of Rock Band. And since the wording on the GameInformer post was pretty vague, I’m wondering if they’re just combining the clues and Project Natal in there for a juicy rumor post for their front page.

So there you go. Harmonix MAY be working on a Project Natal based dance game.

[via GameInformer]

DLC for 6/8

Kind of a slow week this week, but it’s definitely the calm before the storm. Only a few more days until the release of Green Day: Rock Band! I’ll be taking it out for a test spin at home this weekend, so if you have any specific questions about it, let me know and I’ll have them answered in a post on the morning of its release. And shortly after that is E3, when Rock Band 3 will be officially unveiled to the world. I’ve got an appointment on Tuesday afternoon to check out the game, so I’ll try and send out my hands-on impressions late Tuesday.

Until then, let’s look at next week’s DLC!

  • Deftones – “Cherry Waves”
  • Deftones – “Hole in the Earth”
  • Deftones – “Minerva”
  • Boys Like Girls – “The Great Escape”
  • Crown of Thorns – “Rock Ready”

[Official announcement]

Rock Band Network Affiliates Program Announced

Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games announced earlier this week the launch of the Rock Band Network Affiliates Program, which brings together bands and music distribution, promotion, and tools sites under the Rock Band Network umbrella.

“The Affiliates Program is the next step in our goal of bridging the music and game spaces,” said Paul DeGooyer, SVP, Electronic Games and Music, MTV. “This initiative will promote the Rock Band Network to bands that frequent our affiliates’ sites and give the creators inside the Rock Band Network the opportunity to work with an amazing group of well-respected music distribution, promotion and technology sites, including Tunecore, Nimbit, Reverb Nation, Indaba Music and Topspin.”

The RBN Affiliates Program connects Rock Band Network bands with all the do-it-yourself tools they need to be successful – music distribution, email marketing, social networking promotion, inventory fulfillment and more. It provides musicians, bands, labels or publishers, currently working with our affiliate partners, exposure to the Rock Band Network platform. Inside of the RBN Creators Club, they will find the tools to produce, promote and sell tracks in Rock Band for millions of fans to discover through experiential and interactive gameplay.

Through this program, bands can receive special opportunities from affiliates, like waived and discounted account fees, complimentary distribution and promotion of RBN songs, banner ads, widgets, cross-promotional linking and more. The program gives bands the opportunity to sign up for available services and increase their exposure to fans in both the music and game spaces.

As a one-stop-shop for the Affiliates Program, musicians can find more information about the program, as well as individual affiliates and what they can offer at

Music from “The Guild” Coming to the RBN

For all of you fans of Felicia Day’s “The Guild” out there, looks you can now look forward to playing the song “(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar” in Rock Band via the Rock Band Network soon. Never got into “The Guild” until recently on Netflix Watch Instantly, and it really didn’t do a lot for me, although I’ve never played World of Warcraft either, but I can definitely see how some people would be into it. After listening to it, I’m interested to play test this and find out how everything was charted. If you want to play test, you can go here to try it out.

Not familiar with it? Check out a video for the song below.

Green Day: Rock Band Giveaway – Week 4

Well over 100 entries in last week’s third of five Green Day: Rock Band giveaways. Using, I would like to announce that @Humpedmetal was the randomly selected winner. Congratulations! So with that out of the way, on to this week’s contest…

Less than a week away, and there’s still two copies to give away.  Due to the nature of giveaways on Twitter, we’re back to giving away a copy here on the site. To be eligible for this week’s giveaway of a copy of Green Day: Rock Band for the console of your choice, answer the following question in the comments below:

As part of the Total Rock, Total Rewards competition, if you make it through the qualifying rounds and compete in Atlantic City, in addition to winning the grand prize and getting a chance to meet Ringo Starr, you can also win $10,000! What would you do if you won $10,000 in the Total Rock, Total Rewards competition?

Only one entry per person. Winner receives one copy of Green Day: Rock Band for the console of their choice shipped to them the week of the release, June 8th.

With events at five participating Harrah’s Total Rewards Casinos and 15 venues across the country hosted by Rock Band Bar Nights, there’s a bunch to choose from. Not close to one of the Total Rock, Total Rewards qualifying locations? You can enter the Total Rock, Total Rewards Sweepstakes online to win a “first round bye” and fly to the finals in Atlantic City on your own private jet! Up for grabs in this year’s Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band competition is a $10,000 grand prize and a chance to meet Ringo Starr!

Good luck!!!

Check out official press release promoting the Total Rock, Total Rewards competition with more details after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »