DLC for 5/25

While I was never a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, I did pick up a few of their tracks, especially after finding out from my fiancee that she is a big fan of “Scarlet Begonias.” She doesn’t seem like the “Grateful Dead type,” so it definitely took me off guard… anyway, here’s what we can look forward to next week!

  • “The Great Southern Trendkill”
  • “War Nerve”
  • “Drag the Waters”
  • “10’s”
  • “13 Steps to Nowhere”
  • “Suicide Note Pt. II”
  • “Living Through Me (Hell’s Wrath)
  • “Floods”
  • “The Underground in America”
  • “(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin”

Note: “Suicide Note Pt. I” is not included in this pack.

The entire pack is $15.99, or 1280 MSP.

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Rock Band Network Officially a Success

…At least according to Rock Band Network Executive Producer Jeff Marshall. And I would think he probably knows what he’s talking about.

Billboard caught up with Jeff at the Liverpool Sound City music and business conference, who was able to get some very cool RBN details out of him.

Throughout play testing, peer review, and available for sale, there’s approximately 400 songs in the Rock Band Network, based on  a user base of about 700 people who have signed up for the ‘premium creators membership’ with Microsoft’s Creator’s Club.  Jeff mentioned that interest and subscription to the Rock Band Network has been “growing at a pace that we’re really happy with,” and that for every two people that access and interact with a free demo track, one purchase is made.

Billboard is also reporting that besides the PS3, content from the Rock Band Network Music Store will soon be made available on the Wii, as well as the Rock Band mobile application. I’m assuming he means the currently available iPhone app, but possibly something else entirely…

Jeff also stated that approximately 24 million people worldwide play Rock Band, with over 70 million downloads from the regular Rock Band store.

[via Billboard]

NEW Green Day: Rock Band Behind the Scenes Video

Rock Band 3 hype or not, there’s still another game to promote that comes out first, and I think we’re going to be seeing more of these videos in the coming weeks as we get closer to the release of Green Day: Rock Band (worldwide June 8th).

And did I hear Billie Joe mention that “Chump” and “Longview” may be re-records?

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RBN DLC for 5/20

  • Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost (160 MSP)
  • Blackberry River Band – Santa Fe (80 MSP)
  • CJ – Eency Weency Spider (80 MSP)
  • Connor Christian and Southern Gothic – Sunday Suit (80 MSP)
  • Counterfeit Pennies – Five More Minutes (80 MSP)
  • Farther Snake – Shape 3 (80 MSP)
  • The Knew – By Yourself (80 MSP)
  • Windtunnel Syndrome – You’re an Egg! (Evolution) (80 MSP)

Rock Band 3 Hype Starts Today

Even though Harmonix and MTV Games have one more title to push out before unleashing Rock Band 3 on the world, it’s not stopping them from ramping up the Rock Band 3 hype machine. Today, Harmonix and MTV Games will be unveiling Rock Band 3 to the E3 judges, but will not be able to discuss any specifics until the first day of E3 (June 15th) at the earliest.

And yesterday, Rock Band 3 Lead Designer Dan Teasedale (incorrect spelling on purpose) put up a post over on Rock Band’s site specifically saying how Rock Band 3 will be “the next big leap in music gaming:”

I think you’ll be surprised at just how big this game really is.

They clearly believe they’ve got something revolutionary with Rock Band 3 coming out later this year, and they’re not mincing words about it. This morning, MTV Games General Manager Scott Guthrie officially called out “the other guy:”

At E3, you’ll see that Harmonix has spent two years on an engine upgrade and creating the next evolution of Rock Band. Unlike the other guy, we haven’t been bringing a new game out every year. Sure, last year we had The Beatles but that was more about the content. This time we have lots of great, new music and some new consumer features you will find interesting.

Just for the record, since Rock Band 2 was released, we have seen Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and Band Hero, as well as some recent details on Guitar Hero 6… I’m sorry, “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock” (seriously). I always knew Activision would start mixing up their franchises sooner or later…

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RBN DLC for 5/19

  • Evile – Now Demolition (160 MSP)
  • Reverend Horton Heat – Death Metal Guys (160 MSP)