PS3 RBN DLC for 10/12


Unless otherwise noted, all songs are $1.99

  • Amberian Dawn – Incubus
  • Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
  • Heaven Ablaze – Parhelia *
  • LoveHateHero – America Underwater
  • Reverend Horton Heat – Death Metal Guys

* Denotes $.99 track.

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FREE Doors DLC Coming at Rock Band 3 Launch!

UPDATE: Harmonix has sent out a press release officially confirming the songs coming to Rock Band as DLC. The first three songs below will contain Pro-Guitar/Pro-Bass charts, and will be FREE from October 26th-November 1st.

According to Paul DeGooyer, Senior VP of Music, Electronic Games, and Programming for MTV Networks:

At the outset of the Rock Band 3 project, we identified The Doors, with their powerful songs driven by intricately woven keyboard, guitar and drum parts, as an ideal partner for our game. As they are also one of the greatest rock bands of all time, we are tremendously proud that they will be the first artist featured in the Rock Band 3 download store and that we’re able to bring this special offer of their music to everyone who buys Rock Band 3 the week it releases.”

Taking a quick step away from honeymooning to share some rumored information that was fed my way from a couple of different people.

The Doors FREE DLC Launch Pack is rumored to include:

  • Riders on the Storm
  • Light My Fire
  • Touch Me

The Doors Greatest Hits DLC Pack is rumored to include:

  • Hello, I Love You
  • L.A. Woman
  • Love Her Madly
  • Love Me Two Times
  • Peace Frog
  • People Are Strange
  • Roadhouse Blues
  • Soul Kitchen
  • The Crystal Ship

[Thanks to “He Hate Me” and “Bathtub” for the info, pics]

[Official announcement]

2,000+ Songs in Rock Band!

Wow! I just can not think of anything else to say. It has been less then one year since we hit 1,000 songs and we have already doubled that. Here is the official word from Harmonix and before you try to rain on the parade, note the quote, “…that next week’s downloadable content release of tracks from The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s seminal album, Are You Experienced, will push the Rock Band™ platform past the 2,000-song milestone…”

I understand the hoops that are there to play all the songs, but as a platform Rock Band has exceeded 2,000 songs and it is an achievement for all of us to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than with some facts?

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Thursday Throwback DLC Pick: Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky

This week’s Thursday Throwback pick is one especially for those guitarists out there. “Blue Sky” is easily one of the most enjoyable guitar tracks in the history of the music game genre. The solo feels neverending at times and beckons back to the Guitar Hero II days with “Jessica”, which some consider to be the most fun songs on that entire disc.

The song was actually one of Duane Allman’s final recordings, as he recorded it, but did not survive long enough to see it’s release. The track was released as DLC in May of 2009 and features some pretty crazy chains of hammer-ons.

Check out the epic guitar part below and then go buy the track for your console of choice for only $1.99.

Band: 3
Guitar: 5
Drum: 5
Vocals: 1
Bass: 2



RBN DLC for 10/7

  • Dash Rip Rock- Johnny Ace 2010 (160 MSP)
  • Single White Infidel- Right to the Apex (80 MSP)
  • Public Radio- Forgot Love (80 MSP)
  • I Am Abomination- The Deceiver (160 MSP)
  • Children of Nova- Arcaedion (160 MSP)
  • Widespread Panic- Chilly Water (Live) (160 MSP)
  • New Rising Son- Rain (160 MSP)
  • Rose of Jericho- Signed With Love (80 MSP)

Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits Coming to Rock Band

Bon Jovi - Greatest Hits

Despite having three songs available in the Rock Band library, we’ve yet to see any Bon Jovi songs released in the Music Store – so it should please fans to hear that the band’s Greatest Hits album will be released in RB some point after Rock Band 3’s release.

Talking to UK trade magazine MCV, MTV Games Senior VP Paul DeGooyer spilt the beans about the deal that the band have signed to promote Rock Band 3 post-release:

Bon Jovi is undergoing all manner of promotional activities, including a tour. And we are partnering with them to help bring that to the masses. Bon Jovi for us is one of our most requested artists. We’ve had a couple of songs on disc, but we’ve never done a vertical campaign like this with them. We are working with Bon Jovi on activity for the compilation and other elements that they haven’t announced yet.

The Two-Disc Collection will be released on November 9th, but no word yet on when the album will be released for Rock Band (other than it won’t drop before Rock Band 3’s release).

Disc One: Greatest Hits (Likely the DLC songs):

  • “It’s My Life”
  • “Have A Nice Day”
  • “Bad Medicine”
  • “We Weren’t Born To Follow”
  • “I’ll Be There For You”
  • “Born to Be My Baby”
  • “Blaze of Glory”
  • “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”
  • “Lay Your Hands On Me”
  • “Always”
  • “Runaway”
  • “What Do You Get?” * NEW
  • “No Apologies” * NEW

Disc Two: Part of the Ultimate Collection

  • “In These Arms”
  • “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night”
  • “Lost Highway”
  • “Keep the Faith”
  • “When We Were Beautiful”
  • “Bed of Roses”
  • “This Ain’t a Love Song”
  • “These Days”
  • “(You Want To) Make a Memory”
  • “Blood on Blood”
  • “This Is Love, This Is Life”
  • “The More Things Change”

The album also includes all three of the Bon Jovi songs already available in Rock Band: “Livin’ on a Prayer,” “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Wanted Dead or Alive”

NOTE: Grooveshark crapped out on me after I added a few songs. I’ll update the widget later with the additional songs. Sorry about that! // Tiffany “ElektraFi” Fary

UPDATE According to HMXhenry via the Rock Band forums:

Yep, Bon Jovi will be returning as DLC post RB3 launch! Confirmed!

Don’t expect a huge multi disc album release though, as the Surgeon General has determined that anything more than 12 tracks of Bon Jovi in a single pack could contain potentially dangerous levels of swoon when downloaded by women, and result in deadly amounts of “good hair envy” in men.