Mike Dirnt on Green Day: Rock Band

Gamespot was able to catch up with Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt over the phone and ask him a few questions about playing and being in a video game. Head on over to Gamespot to check out the full interview, but here were some of the cooler takeaways.

  • On Harmonix: “I think they’ve proven that this is a genre that’s here for a good amount of time.”
  • On older material: “One of things that we’re really working on still and weren’t able to do is to get some of the earlier records in there only because those were recorded on old analog tape. And analog tape becomes real brittle after a while. And to really get the stems from that…from the individual tracks…in order to put them in the game, you have to record them from analog to digital. And you get one chance to do it once the tape is really old. It’s a really tedious process to not lose your entire history, so with that said, we are working on that diligently right now. But that’s something we’d like to see in there as well.”
  • On his in-game character: “I showed my daughter one of the clips of the game, and she looked at it and goes, “You look cool,” which is the last thing you’d expect to hear out of your 13 year old. I don’t think I’ve heard her say that in the last year or two.”


RBN DLC for 6/1

  • a t o m – Shake (80 MSP)
  • Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer (160 MSP)
  • Cancer Bats – Sorceress (160 MSP)
  • Clandestine – Disappear in You (160 MSP)
  • Gentlemen At Arms – When We Fall (80 MSP)
  • HourCast – Freakshow (80 MSP)
  • Ron Wasserman – American Hero (160 MSP)
  • Sullivan DeMott – Live For Today (80 MSP)

Enter to Win Autographed Green Day Artwork

If you’re signed up for the Rock Band newsletter, you’ve probably seen this as well (and if you’re not, go sign up at RockBand.com), but if you pre-order Green Day: Rock Band from the official Rock Band Store before June 8th, you’re entered to win a piece of Green Day artwork signed by the members of the band.

Already have it pre-ordered? You can also enter by sending a 3”x5” postcard with your complete name, address, city, state, ZIP/postal code, and daytime telephone number to: MTV Networks Attn: Green Day: Rock Band Autographed Artwork Sweepstakes, 1515 Broadway, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

[Official Rules – PDF]

Interview with RBN Artist Jason Mezilis

Jason Mezilis is the musical jack of all trades. Learning classical piano at an early age, Jason transitioned to mastering the guitar after hearing Van Halen’s 1984 album, and has since worked with a number of artists in the LA scene. When not contributing his guitar or occasional piano skills, he’s in his studio helping other musicians record their work. In addition to his solo work, Jason has mostly recently worked with the outfits OWL and RBN artist Your Horrible Smile, and helped produce RBN artist Moving Picture Show and future RBN hopeful Noah Engh.

When not working on his numerous projects, I was able to track Jason down and ask him a few questions about himself, his stories in LA, and the Rock Band Network. Check it out!

RockBandAide: Tell us a little bit about your musical background and how you got to where you’re at right now.

Jason Mezilis: Where am I… ha that’s a damn good question. I began as a classically trained pianist, up til the age of 17 or so when I got my first guitar… and pretty much since then it’s been a consistent slave of music, and a love of rock guitar. I went to UC Berkeley, grabbed a music degree, got in a band and never looked back. Eventually moved to Los Angeles, worked in (and got fired from) various recording studios and live sound situations, including working as a guitar tech for a couple tours with Ken Andrews (Failure, Year of The Rabbit, etc). All of that eventually led to more successful bands, and building up an analog recording studio / production facility of my own called Organic Audio Recorders, here in Los Angeles.

RBA: What were some of the influential guitar players and albums you grew up with?

JM: Well there was a lot to listen to, but my favorite players were Eddie Van Halen, Steve Clark, Andy Summers… basically the guys in my favorite bands. I loved the music, so I learned to love them by default. If I had to pick one, if would definitely be Eddie.

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Harmonix Confirms Keyboard Support for Rock Band 3

Here’s a nice little Friday afternoon surprise for everyone. If the Rock Band 3 teaser screen at the end of the Green Day: Rock Band demo wasn’t enough, @HMXThrasher confirmed on the RockBand.com Forums this afternoon that Rock Band 3 will indeed include keyboard support. No further details yet, so we’ll have to sit tight for all the goodness at E3 in a few weeks.

[RockBand.com Forums, Thanks @HeyRiles!]

PS3 RBN DLC for 6/1

  • Flight of The Conchords – Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
  • Jonathan Coulton – The Future Soon
  • All That Remains – Forever in Your Hands
  • Suicide Silence – Disengage
  • Steve Vai – Get the Hell Out of Here

[Official announcement]