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Pro-Drums Gameplay in Rock Band 3
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Pro-Drums Gameplay in Rock Band 3

Similar to the Keyboard gameplay video that came out recently, we now get a good video primer walking us through the Rock Band 3 Pro-Drums instrument. No new details jumped out at me, but I’ve heard from a few other people that had missed out on a few things that were announced way back when Rock Band 3 was initially unveiled. Check it out!

39 Responses to “Pro-Drums Gameplay in Rock Band 3”

  • ChuBoi says:

    Nice. Retroactive Pro drums confirmed. That’s all I wanted, really.

    • SebastianSB says:

      Confirmed a long….long long long long long time ago. As in first few sets of Rock Band 3 news.

  • regener says:

    looks great but i am wondering about the activation of overdrive. Is it just like RB2 or is it different

    • MajorMane says:

      If I remember correctly, in a previous video, I saw that overdrive was activated by the green cymbal in Pro Mode.

    • MCA76 says:

      I was wondering the same thing too. Will it be like the activation for the Beatles.

      • MajorMane says:

        After doing some more research, it’s pretty much like RB2 was.

        Check out these drums for Lasso.

    • RockBandAide says:

      It’s either. It’s an option in the overshell where you can change the activation method so it is like Rock Band 2, or like the Beatles.

      • decyphersmc says:

        What?! that’s crazy awesome. As much as I love the open fills, I found them a little limiting as there was also a tiny bit of lag (for me at least)

      • Aw says:

        I had no idea this was the case! That’s great news!

        I preferred the Beatles: RB method of activation by a mile. I always thought the drum fills were clunky and weird, even if you were playing technically interesting fills.

  • Kiseong says:

    Nice vid indeed, but the picture for the rock band drum, if you look closely the cymbals are placed wrong since yellow is hihat, it is in the wrong place same with blue cymbal but still looks cool!

    • The Sound Defense says:

      Really, you can place your cymbals wherever you want to. No reason why he can’t swap two of them, even though it would be confusing as all hell. Also it would obscure the TV like crazy. Nice picture, though.

      • Pinky says:

        So for the sake of “authenticity,” how “should” the cymbals be set up, if not like the picture above?

        • Matt says:

          Well, green is crash, and most drummers have that to the immediate right of the high hat, which is yellow, And the ride is blue, which is usually to the far right. It took me a while to get used to the fact that green is now to the left of blue, but its actually much more fun to play.

          For a pic, see the Ion Drums set up like it here: http://www.ionaudio.com/ied29

  • decyphersmc says:

    The menu there didn’t show anything about disco flips. But I presume those are changing to yellow of red for hi-hats? Seems like it’s the final piece of the pro-drum puzzle to be officially confirmed.

    maybe if you choose yellow cymbal it stops putting disco red cymbal notes.

    (as you can tell this is my one annoyance with rock band currently)

    Also interesting that they said you had to hit the green cymbal instead of the green pad. I thought it was going to be that you can just hit the pad but not get the full points but looks like it might just count as an error.

    • The Sound Defense says:

      The way that Rock Band works, any disco-flip sections are specially marked by events in the drum chart. Rock Band 3 pro mode, as I understand it, takes any disco-flip sections and swaps the red and yellow pads, essentially undoing the disco flip.

      • decyphersmc says:

        That’s what I heard as well on the RB forums. So I’m happy, would actually make me want to go back to some DLC that I avoided because of it (More Human Than Human for ex.)

        For all the swapped blue/green cymbal placements, it’s only disco flips that mess with my brain and cause fails for me even though the charts are pretty basic.

        • Dorkmaster Flek says:

          Yes, this has been mentioned on the forums, but I don’t think I’ve seen official confirmation directly from Harmonix though. I will be very happy if this is the case, though. I’ve been playing on my Roland TD12 for the last two years and the disco flip sections are the only thing I can’t play properly because of the red/yellow swap. I was already using my cymbals accordingly, so pro mode is literally no change for me. 🙂

  • metallichris71 says:

    I will definitely be getting the pro cymbals because the originals were just too damn loud to be any fun, and really once you move up to hard the novelty of trying to guess (or learn) whether it was a pad or a cymbal just became annoying. I removed my cymbals a few weeks ago because I just never used them anymore. Now, with quieter cymbals and ACTUAL CHARTING, I am in again for sure. The one thing I want is better mounting. I really hated how close the cymbals were to the pads.

  • Folkeye says:

    Looks like a lot of time will be spent on menu navigation at first :p From what I see it looks like I can utilize the cymbals I do have (currently 2), is that right? Or do I need the mandatory 3?

    Watching the actual game animation as always, still looks like 4 avatars on screen. Anybody find out any word on if the final build is what we’re seeing or will there be 5 avatars?

    • RockBandAide says:

      I’m still waiting on John for official confirmation, but I’ve heard from someone else that it’s probably 4 (since that’s all he’s ever seen). I know nothing more than that (translation: don’t ask me questions on which player gets left out, etc.).

      • Folkeye says:

        LOL, so… I can’t ask? 🙂

        But what I CAN ask… is that drummer in the video… is that male or female? I seriously can’t tell. Has male clothing/hair..but uh…yeah, some body parts not looking right.

  • McCrae says:

    i really dont care about what there talking about…



  • AnimeCow says:

    Anybody else notice that they overcharted that section of Du Hast that has the echo in it? Odd.

  • RaidJTC says:

    I’m still angry about the lack of a “double bass” pedal mode. I mean, if you call something pro expert drums, it might as well be as close to the real thing as possible. I understand how hard this would make the game, however but guitar hero did it and it wasn’t to bad.

  • zigs says:

    At 1:57, when it shows the song selection screen, it says at the top “Viewing all 84 songs.” Probably reading too much into it?

    Also, just noticed at that same screen that your stats alongside the song name itself shows your best percentage as well as stars! That’s awesome!

  • Kraze01 says:

    i just dont understand why they cant put the open/closed hi hat feature for actual songs and not just free play. i think that its not really “pro drums” if you are not using your left foot weather it be for a high hat or a double pedal

    • sanyo says:

      Agreed. Having it only available for fills and drum trainer is stupid. If they can integrate it into those, then I wonder how hard it would really be to include it for normal gameplay. How much more often am I going to play open/closed hi-hat notes in fills than I would normally?

      • Matt says:

        I’m guessing part of it is the charting. All the old DLC did not have the high hat charted. Usually its a blue instead of a yellow, but that’s usually.

        Now, I really wish the second pedal just function as another bass pedal. That changes nothing on the screen, just how its played. That would’ve been nice.

        • sanyo says:

          I’m not talking about what the actual song has as open/closed, since there are way too many instances of it being partially open/closed for a slighter sound (which they didn’t find different enough to chart.) I’m talking about purely using the pedal to switch between yellow and blue notes. Foot down = yellow, foot up = blue.

  • Matt says:

    Oh man I’m real excited for this. Pro drums looks so awesome. I got the cymbals a year ago, and it took me awhile to figure out what is a cymbal hit, and what is a tom hit, but now its so much more fun to play. And now that RB 3 has them charted, I can really easily slip into playing the song right. I can’t wait!

  • MaximusDM says:

    6 weeks. 🙂

  • Xzyliac says:

    I’m just gonna start directing all my paychecks to Harmonix.

    I didn’t think I’d be that excited for drums since the Pro jump isn’t that extreme but those charts looked wicked.

  • samuel santos says:

    i want to ask a question , would i be able to use my rock band 2 drum set with cymbals , with pro mode D:? because i wanna play pro mode , but i don’t have the money to buy the new drum set D:

  • samuel santos says:

    aaaaaaa thanks alot 😀 right now i’m like soo happy 😀 i’m gonna become a member of this page :3 it looks cool :3 and well i used to prefer guitar hero but , mmm when i bouhgt guitar hero 5 i was ike so dissapointd :/ and then i realised that rock band it’s way older than guitar hero 5 but it’s way better 😀 and warriors of rock looks so awful , so now i’m proud to be a rock band fan 😀