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PAX 2010 Rock Band Panel Video
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PAX 2010 Rock Band Panel Video

Didn’t have a chance to get to PAX and/or make the Rock Band panel? Well, you’re in luck. @ElektraFi was there for the site getting all the goods for you. Below is the video (technically multiple videos) of the panel that she was able to capture. The panel featured (from L to R above): Dan Teasdale, Brian Chan, John Drake, and Aaron Trites.

I’ve transcribed a number of the more enlightening parts, but be sure to watch it, because it is VERY entertaining. Note: There are some naughty words from Potty Mouth Drake.

John on Keys:

“We have the technology to update older songs and DLC for keyboards, pro-guitar, and pro-bass, and maybe harmonies. Two things: 1. Keep in mind, especially any of you familiar with the RBN, there are no keyboard audio streams in those old songs, there’s like actual substantial changes, so if you miss a note with the keyboard, the keyboard goes away, which we think is really important for gameplay. [2.] And it’s a lot of f**king work.”

“We’ve asked people to go on RockBand.com and gives us some information on the forums, what they’d like to see updated with keyboards…”

“We’re eager to hear what you guys have to say. Say it respectfully, say it politely. If you come on to our forums and yell MOAR MUSE 40 times and then at the bottom ask for Boston, we’re just going to delete your post.”

“For right now, we’re focused on launching Rock Band 3, the first slate of DLC (the first DLC going forward with keyboards, will have keyboards), and then I think we’re going to do some selective updating of the back catalog. We don’t have time on our calendar, we don’t have pricing, and we don’t have information on how it’s going to work yet.”

Dan on RBN on PS3:

“Sony and Nintendo don’t have a platform for stuff like that.”

John on RBN on PS3:

“It’s a pipeline issue… It’s about how many songs a week we can submit to Sony… We’re trying to increase that over time… It does take a lot of work on our end to convert those files and resubmit them… Right now there won’t be Audition Mode in Rock Band 3 for the PS3, there won’t be tools for the PS3 that are specific like Magma. We eagerly wait for the day we can bring those tools to the PS3. It’s not just on us, it’s a whole lot of back end stuff with Sony. Boom, answered.”

John on Beatles DLC:

“We would love more songs for the Beatles, and we still have a great relationship with them, and we never wanna say NO, there’s always a chance that we’ll have some great stuff to announce soon.”

“We still have more songs than iTunes. Boom, in your face Apple!”

“To update old Beatles content, similar thing to Rock Band 3… we have the physical capability of doing it, but again there’s no audio streams, reauthorize the gameplay, resubmit it, reprice it… Since that stuff’s not coming in to Rock Band 3… the short answer is no, not right now.”

John on the Fender Squier:

“It’s technically not our product. It’s technically Fender’s product… It’s not going to come out at launch. The hope is that it will come out before the end of the year. We may… spill over a little bit. We’re working with Fender right now.”

“We’ve had some experience making hardware FAST, and we would much rather make hardware RIGHT.”

“It will not be cheaper than the guitar that does not have all the technology built into it, but we’re trying to keep it as close to that price as possible. Fender has been very aggressive about wanting to get this guitar into the hands of people and make them lifelong passionate guitar fans… They’re trying to keep it as cheap as possible. We’re really not trying to gouge people and make a profit off of the instrument. That’s what DLC is for!”

Dan on Mustang/Squier backwards compatibility:

“The Mustang supports it. You can’t play five lane on the Squier because of the way it’s built.”

John on Rock Band 2 export:

“We will be exporting tracks from Rock Band 2. It will be very similar with what we did with Rock Band 1. We will be announcing exactly what’s coming over, you know we had two or three songs that didn’t make it over last time… Pricing and date and stuff will be coming next 2 weeks, 3 weeks.

Brian Chan on social media interaction:

“When you make a setlist, that’s something that you can choose to push to Facebook. You’ll need to link your game to the RockBand.com website. From there you can control the syndication to your Facebook feed, or Twitter feed. And you can throttle it, too. I’m sure you don’t want to spam your friends.”

Rock Band 2 export on the Wii… Listen to the end of part 7, but there was a good non-answer. Interpret as you will.

And finally, Dan on the “6 Epic Rock Band 3 Goals:

“The first five are your standard hard. It’s like five star everything on Expert, gold star everything on Expert, Alex’s Luggage Combination [see Achievement List], and then we have the last one, which is the ultimate ‘F**k you’ to anyone who thought the Bladder of Steel was easy. It’s called ‘Obsessive Compulsive.’ I’m only going to read the text, because there’s … ways to read into it. The text of the description is ‘Hit every note in Rock Band 3.'”

Check out the full videos below.

Also, this:

29 Responses to “PAX 2010 Rock Band Panel Video”

  • ‘Hit every note in Rock Band 3.’

    .-. So vague. Does this mean every instrument?

    Oh boy.

    • Darrel says:

      even more vague:

      does it mean every note on every difficulty?

      • Hayden says:

        I would imagine that it does include every instrument, but that every note will be available on expert difficulty.

        That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if normal and pro were treated as different note sets and were both required.

  • Matt says:

    “Sony and Nintendo don’t have a platform for stuff like that.”

    Then its time to rethink how you are doing it. Talk about missed opportunity. RB3 and RBN2 is the perfect time to do just that. There is no technical reason that RBN can’t be on all three systems come RB3. Its all politics elsewhere.

    Its sounds like Wii users will be getting some sort of export option. Its stupid that they can’t. GH has it, RB should too. I’m really hoping for some RB1 exports too- I’ll be sorely upset if I can’t play Say It Ain’t So on Pro Drums (guess I’ll just have to play it on real drums).

    • HeXcoda says:

      There’s nothing to rethink. What he’s saying is that the entire pipeline fir content submission and approval and profit sharing is based in XNA, a system Microsift made specifically fir indie development like this. As of now ps3 and wii have nothing like it. There’s nothing there they can use, and you can’t exactly make a system like that from scratch. Sony would boggle at a developer letting third parties publish and sell things on their platform without any say from Sony.

      Thus is out of harmonix’s hands until indie tools equivukant to xna pop up outside the 360, it’s not happening. At best we’ll get songs released as Quasi-DLC, as we have been.

      • killer_roach says:

        That being said, it was Harmonix’s decision to use Microsoft-developed tools in the first place. It wasn’t necessary, but it was easier, and the fact that the game’s install base is majority-360 made them think that the ease in developing the tools trumped the ability to easily make cross-platform content.

        Granted, considering the difficulties of the submission processes for content on the PS3 and Wii, it may have been a decision that this loss of cross-platform development was largely irrelevant when weighed against the ability to put forward a huge amount of content and locking it down to one (popular) platform.

        Nonetheless, it still doesn’t make me very happy to see, as somebody with roughly 1500 songs on my PS3, that my money is apparently less valuable in terms of new features and content than somebody else.

    • Dorkmaster Flek says:

      I think you have little understanding of how RBN works. There is a very good technical reason that RBN can’t be on all three systems come RB3. The only reason RBN songs have been slowly trickling over to the PS3 is because Harmonix has been specifically taking them and packaging them up themselves and submitting them to Sony. They’re basically treated as normal DLC on that platform.

      RBN was built on top of the XNA platform that Microsoft built. This platform allows registered users to submit content through a peer review process and have it automatically show up online, and also automatically get paid for it based on downloads. This is all built in to the XNA platform for indie games already, and frankly MS was smart to build something like this to attract developers.

      Sony and Nintendo literally have nothing like this at all. It has nothing to do with politics. You think Harmonix just loves MS so much that they don’t want to have RBN available on other platforms and broaden their user base? That makes no sense. It is purely a technical issue. It is impossible to have RBN as it currently exists on the Wii and PS3, because there is nothing built for those platforms that allows regular users to upload content to their network.

  • skydog says:

    I like the news of RB2 export.. hate the PS3 RBN news… sony get off your *censoring for 30 minutes* and do something! GOD *Censoring again for 30 minutes* 😛

  • MikeB says:

    FC every song? F***ing stupid crazy train, oh and free bird, and maybe a few others. There goes my chances at the rockband 3 platinum trophy. *ties rope around neck*

    • HeXcoda says:

      Technically they didn’t say FC every song, just hit every note. If you hit half the notes in one try and the other half in another try, that’s one song down.

      • Blaerah says:

        Also, it’s not a trophy/achievement, it’s just an additional goal or challenge. I think it was mentioned somewhere that there would be something like 700 of them. Achievements don’t seem to be that difficult (except possibly some pro trainers, don’t know what they actually mean yet), they just take quite a bit of time, and I suppose trophies are more or less the same.

  • libregkd says:

    I’ve met John Drake a couple of times and he’s just an awesome guy. He’s a great PR person.

  • HeyRiles says:

    John Drake is a difficult PR guy to beat when it comes to answering questions without giving out any information whatsoever (Wii export, Beatles DLC)

    Also, I’m really happy to hear that RBN songs are used in tour challenges now. Those RBN Bang Camaro songs will finally live together with the three Bang Camaro songs in a challenge, hooray!

    I wonder if there will be challenges for country of origin, author, etc…

    • cherokeesam says:

      “I wonder if there will be challenges for country of origin, author, etc…”

      Yes, there will be, guaranteed 100%….
      …why 100%?
      Because *you can make your own challenges now!* 🙂
      Dan discussed that at E3, that you’ll be able to not only create your own challenges with whatever setlists you choose to make, but you’ll be able to share them with the community for *them* to play if they want. That replaces the current Battle of the Bands feature…it’ll be nice to make your own epic challenges without having to submit them to the forum mods for approval

  • This is treasure trove of info. The videos total up to almost an hour’s worth of content. Although, the quotes that come before the videos covered about 90% of the points made in the videos in a whole lot less time.

  • Conriocht13 says:

    “We will be announcing exactly what’s coming over, you know we had two or three songs that didn’t make it over last time…”

    Oh dear, this sounds like he’s implying we MAY not get all the songs again…

    • Andy says:

      Yea, I am worried about that.

      Would have thought they would have all the songs secured when the game first came out.

    • Xenigma says:

      I could have sworn Harmonix said at some point that they anticipated exporting with RB2 and wrote that into the contracts. Of course, if they were to try to update everything to RB3 specs (which would be amazing), all bets are off. Guess we’ll know in 2-3 weeks!

  • Darth Logo says:

    I just took the time to watch all of the videos, and every time I see these kinds of things with the community crew and all of their random humor and what not, I am reminded of yet another of the many reasons why I love Harmonix! =]

  • SebastianSB says:

    I think the removal of the Strum Limit is quote worthy.

    • Robby Suavé says:

      What is a strum limit? I never understood what it was.

      • Dorkmaster Flek says:

        Okay, from what I understand, here’s how it works. The Rock Band guitars apparently sometimes have an extra trigger of a strum when the strum bar bounces back after hitting it. I’m guessing this is due to the different strumming mechanism in those guitars, compared to the GH guitars which use actual switches that are pressed. The RB guitars use magnetic reed switches instead.

        Apparently this is enough of a problem that they implemented a hard limit on the number of strums per second that the game registers. It’s something like 14 notes per second in the US version, and 16 in the PAL version because of differences in the refresh rate of TVs between the two regions. You can try this by simply finding a long sustain note and strumming very quickly twice when you hit it. If you do it fast enough, you won’t break your combo.

        Now Harmonix has said that there won’t be a strum limit in RB3 due to “increased knowledge of strumming mechanics” or something like that. However, from what people on ScoreHero have tested so far, this limit is still in place. I’m wondering if they mean that it won’t take effect in songs with very fast strumming where it actually limits you from playing the song, but it’s still in effect for 99% of the songs where it doesn’t actually make a difference.

  • Adam P says:

    Very tease laden Beatles comment, huh?

    *starts complex ritual meant to bring about the export of Beatles RB to RB3*

    A man can dream

    • Zaphod42 says:

      And to help you keep dreaming, here is my idea, how to make a Beatles Import really easy: Obviously I don’t know, what contracts were signed regarding The Beatles, but if their biggest concern is inappropriate usage of Beatles characters or songs, then all Harmonix would need to do, is include 4 Beatles characters in RB3 that are automatically selected for all Beatles songs. This would also open the door for additional, pro-enabled DLC.
      Do I believe that this will happen? No, not really, but – as Adam P just said – a man can dream… 😉