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Rock Band 3 DLC Upgrade Request Results
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Rock Band 3 DLC Upgrade Request Results

So awhile back, I asked people to submit their requests for existing Rock Band DLC that they would like to see updated with Rock Band 3 features. While the poll and submission process was far from scientific, the results were VERY enlightening.

With over 400 “write-in” entries, I did not have the time and/or patience to log every individual song request… especial considering requests ranged from “ALL SONGS” to “DLC packs” to “songs from certain albums” to “songs only by certain artists,” to… well, you get the point. (I’ve included a link to the CSV file so you can see what type of information I was working with from the community.) What I did instead was to record only the artist from each request and then sorted to see who was the most requested artist. Many single requests from people included multiple artists, so I tried to include those as well.

There were just under 100 different artists requested. The most popular being Boston with over 60 different requests for them! Queen and The Who tied for 37 requests each, followed by Dream Theater. Rush came in next at 21, followed by… ahem… ALL OF THEM, with 20 different people making this request. Rounding out artists with more than 10 requests, we have Europe‘s “The Final Countdown” from LEGO Rock Band with 16 requests, and finally Avenged Sevenfold with 12 requests.

What I find interesting is that the TWO most recent acts among the community in this unscientific poll, BOTH have NEW achievements related to them. Could this lend further evidence to the fact that Harmonix may already have plans to upgrade some DLC?

Also, @HMXHenry mentioned earlier today in the PAX panel that, while not promising anything, Harmonix is listening to the community and would consider requests for Rock Band 3 “upgrades.”

I’ve included the full list below, if you care to see it:

This list shows the artist requested, and the number of times they were requested.

The Who37
Dream Theater32
Avenged Sevenfold12
Alice in Chains9
Deep Purple9
Simon and Garfunkle6
New Pornographers5
Green Day4
Lady Gaga4
Blink 1824
Elvis Costello3
Iron Maiden3
Guns N Roses3
Ozzy Osbourne3
Nine Inch Nails3
Jonathan Coulton2
Elton John2
Paul McCartney2
REO Speedwagon2
Pearl Jam2
No Doubt2
Serj Tankian1
David Bowie1
Stevie Ray Vaughn1
Dead Weather1
3 Doors Down1
Linkin Park1
Rise Against1
Silversun Pickups1
Lucious Jackson1
Steely Dan1
System of a Down1
Jimi Hendrix1
Yngwie Malmsteem1
Duran Duran1
Mute Math1
Grand Funk Railroad1
Earth, Wind & Fire1
Greatful Dead1
Electric Six1
Children of Bodom1
Blue Oyster Cult1
Stephen Colbert1
Coheed and Cambria1
All That Remains1
The Automatic1
Panic at the Disco1
Thin Lizzy1
Bad Religion1
White Stripes1
Fleetwood Mac1
X Japan1
Foo Fighters1
Dead Kennedys1
Psychedelic Furs1
Judas Priest1
All-American Rejects1

36 Responses to “Rock Band 3 DLC Upgrade Request Results”

  • Andy says:

    Honestly, I would be happy if they update anything. They don’t have to and it is extra effort for them.

  • Alex H says:

    Hey! I know I totally requested Short and Sweet by Spinal Tap be updated. 🙁

    Or maybe it was only on the official forums…

    Either way I am confused why The Who is so high on that list. The songs we have don’t have a ton of keys or harmonies. If it’s just for pro-drums, they’re already in there.

  • Jeremy says:

    I hope that there’s some kind of upgrade in effect for the songs on RB2. “Carry On Wayward Son” is just begging for keys!

  • Schlagwerk says:

    You’ve got Queen in there twice.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Sorry. You can see the source file. It was a VERY manual task to produce these results. An error or two was bound to be made. I guess Queen goes up to #2 requested w/o a tie.

  • Sumboxcar182 says:

    Looking at that list I forgot Stephen colbert has an awesome keys section, plus still Alive would be fun on keys also

  • edisinsane says:

    Only 2 for No Doubt? Harmonies would be a blast, and on Pro Guitar many of the songs would be fun, yet still accessible to novice guitar players (except Tragic Kingdom…yikes), not to mention the hits are always a big draw at parties…I can definitely see Don’t Speak as a sort of gateway song for those hesitant to try playing a real guitar.

  • megacam1 says:

    I am very happy people requested an upgrade for freezepop..i love that band so much and would love to play there songs on the keyboard

  • T says:

    “What I find interesting is that the TWO most recent acts among the community in this unscientific poll, BOTH have NEW achievements related to them. Could this lend further evidence to the fact that Harmonix may already have plans to upgrade some DLC?”

    I think that’s an odd connection to make, since the Achievements were designed and released prior to the results of this unofficial poll being released.

    • RockBandAide says:

      It means that Harmonix may have done similar focus testing on which DLC should be “upgraded” (and obviously added new achievements to reflect that). The last 250 MSP cannot be on disc (1,000 max per MS), so they’ll have to be in DLC somehow.

  • Cassie Drake says:

    At the very least, they should upgrade disc-content, which includes RB1, RB2 and LRB, as well as GDRB.

    • RockBandAide says:

      You want them to do 234 songs? That’s a good amount of songs. Not out of the realm of possibility, but how much would you be willing to pay for this?

      • Cassie Drake says:

        Ah, well, hmm… Good point lol.

        Well, I think those would be a good starting point at least. Maybe we’ll scrap the LRB and the GDRB idea, lol.

        Also: you just made my life complete by responding to one of my comments. xD

  • Otend says:

    I didn’t vote, but I second whoever voted for X Japan. I.V.+keys+harmonies would be awesome.

  • sharkstar61 says:

    There are a lot of songs that I would definitely upgrade. I do have one concern about the upgrades. Will the upgrades override the old files or will it create a new files? I would hate to have 2 versions of the same song. As the number of songs grow, hard drive space is very valuable. It would be nice, if they would gives us the option to delete songs from the hard drive that we don’t want.

    • RockBandAide says:

      The probably would “overwrite” the existing ones, but the new files would contain the legacy normal DLC, so in theory, you wouldn’t see any difference than if it was new DLC.

  • Xzyliac says:

    Holy shit. So I’m the only one who thinks Clint Eastwood needs keyboard?

    That’s disappointing. Shoulda voted but to know I’m the only one thinking that is still pretty disappointing.

  • skydog says:

    Wtf? The Beatles.. really that wouldn’t make any of the songs really that much harder…
    I’m sorry that game is getting too much attention from whiners than it should get.

  • Heimlich says:

    I know only two people voted for Zombies, but it was two very intelligent people. She’s Not There in particular has awesome harmonies and a KILLER keys solo!

  • JR says:

    Wilson (Live) for the Keys.

  • Sorixas says:

    I might be wrong, but don’t think that Harmonix would add Pro Guitar/Bass to upgraded charts (if they upgraded them, of course). They’ve already said that it takes a really long time to upgrade. If they were to upgrade songs, they wouldn’t want to take very long, but they wouldn’t want to half-@$$ it either.

    • Whizzer says:

      It’s either all or nothing, if you ask me. Leaving out Pro Guitar/Bass is like a crime for those who shelf out money for the expensive instruments. Harmonix would never disappoint its customers like that.

      Where did they say it takes a long time to upgrade? And are you sure that’s due to Pro Guitar/Bass charts? Harmonies are easy, (Pro) Keys may take just as long as Pro Guitar/Bass.

  • Valnen says:

    Glad to see Rush so high on the list. Definitely want pro guitar for it.

  • ATalkingFish says:

    Why is ‘Queen’ the top on AND on the bottom?

  • Shane says:

    I guess those 20 people didn’t realise how long and expensive it will probably take to upgrade all the songs…

  • Ihavenoname says:

    Dream Theater please. I love their songs and as a keyboardist I’ll feel like I’m getting ripped off every time I play their songs on RB3 and there are no keys