Harmonix Addresses “The Leak” (With Hysterical Video)

Check out Harmonix’s official (and hysterical) response to “The Leak” of the Rock Band 3 setlist, featuring John Drake, HMXHenry, and Daniel Sussman. (Thanks for the shoutout, guys!!!)

And what did we learn here? Add the following songs to the setlist (will take out the incorrect songs on the RB3 Setlist page, too):

  • Doobie Brothers – China Grove
  • J. Geils Band – Centerfold

And we remove the Rush rumor, as well as the Blood, Sweat, & Tears song.

[Originally featured on Vimeo, but embedding was not working]

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88 Responses to “Harmonix Addresses “The Leak” (With Hysterical Video)”

  • Quina says:

    This is awesome.

  • Britten says:

    Beast and the Harlot?

    killer_roach Reply:

    Yeah, definitely saw Beast And The Harlot in there.

    Asphyx1ateD Reply:

    Yeah I saw that and glad to see another A7X song, but shame it’s one I already have on GH. Ah well, still good.

    Anex Reply:

    You’re going to run into that problem a lot sadly.. especially when it comes to metal.

    Dark Reality Reply:

    Now you’ll be able to sing it, and get due credit. I hope that one day GH vocals work as well as RB vocals… but I’m not holding my breath.

    If you’re not a vocalist, at least you won’t have to change discs to play a song you like — you can play it regardless of whether you’re in GH or RB.

    Polite Reply:

    Also on the upside, it wont be an awful cover version. The GH3 version was so, so bad.

    Joe Cam Reply:

    Why are you guys mentioning Beast and the Harlot?
    That song is obviously not confirmed yet!

    Anex Reply:

    Because it appeared on the list of songs scrolling in the background…

    gameboy673 Reply:

    Because he’s obviously being sarcastic.

  • MostSpartan 14 says:

    This is exactly why I love HMX.

  • tw1l1ght says:

    This is hilarious! Awesome sauce HMX!!!

  • Danton says:

    You see, this is why we love Harmonix, the butt plugs over at the GH HQ would never do something as awesome as this and accept that with so much class and grace. Harmonix, we love you.

    toymachine Reply:

    I personally think it’s a huge publicity stunt

    comp Reply:

    No clue why you’d ever think that. Not you, toymaasheeeennn…

  • Danton says:

    Wait a sec… :o How could I have been so blind :O There is no possible way that they didn’t see that video before it was posted…you may be on to something there..

  • Cameron says:

    And Harmonix proves once again that they are superior because they are human! Awesome, guys! :D

  • Leftybrown says:

    I also say Yes’s Roundabout on that list at the bottom as well.

    Love you site BTW.

    -Chris “Leftybrown” Brown
    The Married Gamers

    killer_roach Reply:

    Roundabout was revealed at E3.

  • Leftybrown says:

    oops saw…not say

  • Darth Logo says:

    Publicity stunt or genuine error, it was still perfectly executed. =] This whole charade is just an example of one of the many reasons that I love Harmonix. =D

  • D00k13 says:

    This. Will. Be. THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE. These guys are great, I mean seriously.

  • LoopyChew says:

    Harmonix, I must reconfirm the fact that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Deliberate or otherwise, this was the greatest possible way of addressing the leak IN THE WORLD. My stomach hurts.

  • Saeglopur says:

    Hahahhaha. HMX is just the best developer ever. Love John Drake. lol xD

  • Aaaand they took it down. Son of a bitch! To vimeo I go!

    TheHakku (Nick P) Reply:

    Oop, it’s up again. Love it.

  • Saeglopur says:

    BTW, Did you notice that there is no Rush song on the list?!

    River Otter Reply:


    Doom-878 Reply:

    DUDE!!! I wanted Rush :(. Hopefully Geddy meant part of some huge Rush epic pack in time for Turkey Day

    Toad3000 Reply:

    Hmmm…what would make sense that we don’t have yet? Subdivisions, Fly By Night, and Spirit of Radio?

    River Otter Reply:

    La Villa Strangiato is the only way to go.
    But 2112 would be the most epic. Damn GH getting the exclusive rights

    Game!Ov3r Reply:

    HMNX must have been displeased with Rush for providing 2112 to GH in their “epic” storyline.

    grace.pressure Reply:

    Oh well. Guess it’s time we waited in line like everyone else for their DLC. ;)

    It better ****ing be Subdivisions though XD Or any 80′s keyboard goodness. Please, please, please? Rush is freakin’ made for RB3.

  • Toad3000 says:

    Argh, Can’t view the video over my office network or on my iPhone. Help!

  • ThatDudeBo says:

    Noooooooo! Does this mean no freebird? :(

    How could they shatter my dreams like that :(

    Feels bad, man.

    RockBandAide Reply:

    Only if you missed the place in the video where they specifically show “Free Bird.”

    Anex Reply:

    Apparently he’s not the only one to miss out on songs that scrolled in the background >.>

    ThatDudeBo Reply:

    Oh there it is! :D

    Love you HMX <3 This was hilarious

    and nice shoutout to Rockbandaide too ;D

  • Saeglopur says:

    They could release the game earlier now, that would be nice. ^^

  • Goldskarr says:

    …I don’t get it.

  • zigs says:

    The notable absence seems to be Blood, Sweat, & Tears – Spinning Wheel :/

    Toad3000 Reply:

    Right. But losing Spinning Wheel and getting China Grove? Talk about your great exchanges. Centerfold just sweetens the deal.

    argyle Reply:

    if they’re in swapping mode, I’d like to ask that they swap out Ida Maria and Amy Winehouse for something less annoying that might be sitting in the song reserves. I probably speak for the majority of players (that means greater than 50%)

    Polite Reply:

    I think you are speaking for yourself.

  • sgtdrill says:

    Indeed, great video.

    I was most interested by the difficulty levels for the songs. I know there is still time for those to change, but still….

  • I totally like how they called RockBandAide out in that video.

    RockBandAide Reply:

    You and me both! ;)

  • James! says:

    So is Roundabout going to be the new Painkiller?

    Shane Reply:

    If you look closely, Llama by phish is full band devil tier.

    James! Reply:

    Yeah, and I noticed not long after I posted this that Roundabout was only one tier away on vocals to being the same way. Oh well, so I was close – Roundabout’s the new Panic Attack. Fitting, since they’re both prog.

    Shane Reply:

    I was thinking about that too. They’re both Prog, they’re both disc songs and they have the exact same difficulty.

  • Bleachman064 says:

    Where’s my rush? ;___;

    Malacandra Reply:

    Right next to my Genesis. Except that you actually do currently have some Rush in Rock Band.

    River Otter Reply:

    Dead and Buried in my field of broken dreams.

  • SebastianSB says:

    You’re clearly missing the most important part of this video, which is that the Duke of Gravity is clearly visible behind the song list.

    RockBandAide Reply:

    EXACTLY!!! ;)

  • Feluwelt says:

    Omg I love this game. I seriously can’t wait.
    I like at least 45 of those songs
    I love at least 20
    2 of my favorite songs of all time are here
    Space oddity

    Ohh did I mention I became a YES fan just from listening to roundabout.
    I want I’ve seen all good people. Next

    Sadly we are still missing
    Pink Floyd (dark side of the moon) to play as 1 song epic
    Michael Jackson
    Led zeppelin

    And for my wife who loves to sing in rock band
    Crowded House

    Sadly we are missing

    Polite Reply:

    Playing the whole of dark side of the moon? That sequenced synth stuff will be awfully dull to play.

  • skydog91 says:

    I can’t wait till we get the full RUSH album and than the GH people come here and complain LOL.

    Anyhow… I can’t wait… This looks EPIC!
    So many classics on 1 Disc :)

    Doobie Brothers song any good? I mean instrumentally.. never really listened to them.. don’t know the other guys lol…

    Toad3000 Reply:

    China Grove is an amazing song, I’ve been hoping it would come to Rock Band for quite some time now…

  • MajorMane says:

    It’s almost like they did it on purpose… Haha, but seriously, awesome way to address those leak “rumors”. :P

  • Whizzer says:

    So there must be some Rush coming in as DLC. right?

    Brilliant video by HMX, proving that they are by far the most fun and caring to the community. Love you guys!

    RockBandAide Reply:

    I think that’s a safe assumption. I mean (according to the rumor), Geddy Lee specifically mentioned “the one with the keyboard.”

  • TDCMark says:

    No RUSH?!?!

    HMX, I’m not mad (actually I am a bit…), just very very very disappointed…SUBDIVISIONS MAN!

    *runs off to corner to cry*

  • drew says:

    awww man no rush?!?!? dammit!! i thought for sure we’d be getting some…

  • chris says:

    Come on man. SUBDIVISIONS! I doubt harmonix would let us down like that…and I was sceptical about the RB1 and RB2 setlists and Green Day, but they made me eat my words and expect them to do the same here. I don’t know about half of these songs, but most of the other half I really like. Who knows maybe the other half will grow onto me

    TDCMark Reply:

    I seriously thought we would get Subdivisions. I thought Rush was a staple band to the RB franchise, like how The Who is now in all 3 titles, plus DLC. Rush is in RB1,2,DLC, but no 3. Today maked me a very sad panda :’(

  • Zak123 says:

    I’d want free will more than any other rush song. As for the video… Just proves that Harmonix is an amazing company willing to go above and beyond to address the fans in a fun way!

  • CashOD says:

    Great Job HMX. My peeps! I’ll be putting my pre-order in soon.

  • Valnen says:

    If we don’t get new Rush…well I’d be disappointed if they didn’t upgrade moving pictures for pro mode =(.

    Sure, we have Rush…just not pro Rush.

  • Delibird444 says:

    I’m glad they cleared up this very pressing issue. Some of us clearly didn’t want to hear the incorrect setlist guesses anyway… I think that a video of this nature was the best way they could’ve handled these rumours.

    Keep rockin’ Harmonix! :P

  • Andrew says:

    Anyone see that rockbandaide got mentioned on the Wall Street Journal article on this?


    This site sure is going places :D

  • Anex says:

    I’m just annoyed I didn’t know about this event.. I COULD HAVE GONE! D:

  • Shane says:

    Anyone noticed the absence of HMX bands? Like Anarchy Club, Bang Camaro and more? Not complaining, it’s just odd because this is the first Harmonix game without any HMX bands.

    Saphion Reply:

    Pro-mode Bang Camaro would be the bomb.

    argyle Reply:

    yes and it’s a little disappointing.

  • McCrae says:

    Guys why Are you talking about these songs i beleve john said nothings confirmed yet

    CloudWolf Reply:

    That’s the joke.

    McCrae Reply:

    No shit sherlock :L i was joking there

  • Dark Reality says:

    I think they know that people are clamoring for information, and that’s why we visit RockBandAide, and possibly other sites (I don’t, though) and cling to rumors, they really need to either not announce stuff so soon, or provide the information earlier. Because people want to know.

    Puh-lease. RockBandAide is just after advertising dollars. Ironically, so are they — how do you think they choose which songs go on-disc (meaning, if you have that game, you’re going to hear that song, and play it in the course of the story mode) and which ones are DLC… and then which ones are just there (on-disc) and which ones are used in Encores (e.g. GH3), Rock Power Challenges (e.g. LEGO), and which ones are sampled on the menu (every GH/RB game)? Easy, the record labels pay a premium and/or charge much less for the licensing for those special songs. Harmonix is advertising too.

    Of course they could know that we know this and are just being silly, which fits for them, which is part of why they’re so awesome.

  • Pheran says:

    Since I can’t comment directly on the setlist page, I just wanted to note that the Rilo Kiley song is “Portions for Foxes”, not “Portions of Foxes”, which seems to have a rather more gruesome connotation. :)

  • gerzeeboi88 says:

    the only thing imma little upset about is no joke song like master exploder or timmy and the lords of the underworld maybe they will do what they did with rb2 the whole get another 20songs thing

    Toad3000 Reply:

    Hey, come on, what do you think “Sister Christian” is? :-D

    gerzeeboi88 Reply:

    true true. lol i was hoping for like flight of the concords or something. but i thing they will have the extra download song in the case

  • Polite says:

    Still not enough muse. :P


  • mazegeek999 says:

    You should look look at Daniel Sussman (the guy in front with the hat). He looks really convincing in a way that this setlist is officially leaked.

  • Xanadu says:

    I’m sorta disappointed with the lack of Rush in the setlist. On the bright side, it leaves room for pro-mode DLC. So there may be more than one song.

    Subdivisions and Caravan/BU2B!