Music From Tom Petty Appearing Rock Band 3

A number of eagle-eyed viewers sent me a link to this video featuring Abbie Heppe at X-Play showing off more in-game footage from Rock Band 3. In addition to the return of a higher-res looking Duke of Gravity, we can also see from the lyrics at 0:14 that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – I Need to Know will indeed be included on the Rock Band 3 setlist. Definitely check out the full video; there is some very smooth looking in-game footage that is the most impressive I’ve seen yet!

Looks like the rumored “Gamefaqs list” scores another direct hit!

[Thanks Deku, Alex!]

36 Responses to “Music From Tom Petty Appearing Rock Band 3”

  • RedIon1992 says:

    Stick a fork in it and serve it up, they may as well just confirm the list and be done with it. Same with the trailer songs. Midlife Crisis FTW!

    • RockBandAide says:

      Agreed. It’s out and everyone knows it. Acknowledge it and move on instead of burying your head in the sand. As much as some would want to delete any references to it, it’s not going to happen.

      Although the person that leaked the list on Gamefaqs is probably going to be facing some sort of consequences…

      • bwp23 says:

        Totally. I don’t quite understand the mentality of people denying this leak list. There are far too many coincidences for it to merely be a few lucky guesses.

        The only consolation for those people is that if all the leaks are true (and providing all the songs are on the RB3 disc) that there are still, what, 25/26 (?), or close to a 1/3 of the setlist, that is still a complete mystery. Plenty of time for the Muse/metal/*insert other pet bandwagon here* to get their fill.

  • Doom878 says:

    Saw the lyrics too but didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Good catch

    • RockBandAide says:

      I can’t take credit for it. I received emails from Deku and Alex pointing me to the video and catching the reference. They are the superstars!

  • bwp23 says:

    Nice, not so much for the song (‘though it is a decent track), but for yet another confirmation of the leak. Which brings me closer to The Beach Boys/The Smiths/Devo/etc. in RB3.

    The only issue of real contention is whether all of the leaked tracks will end up on disc, or whether some will go to launch/soon after launch DLC.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that all the Gamefaqs leaked tracks will be on the RB3 disc.

  • HeXcoda says:

    All hail the glorious return of my liege, the Duke of Gravity.

    The character models definitely look improved from RB2; smoother, less obviously polygonal and cartoony. I’m looking forward to the main website zine doing a feature on the character creator improvements.

  • Plutarch says:

    For whatever other faults it may have, the Rock Band internet community has eagle eyes. Well, that’s a nice piece of classic rock that would hopefully calm people freaking out about off-kilter European tracks being in the game.

  • Shane says:

    I wonder if it is going to be a studio version or from the Live boxset we’ve got all the DLC from.

  • skydog says:

    I just hope the Amy Whinehouse is a fake LOL.

  • FrankDelirium says:

    I have to go out on a limb and say that all of those songs on the GameFAQs list will be on Rock Band 3’s disc. No joke, this is the best set-list ever. I just got my heart crushed cause I saw Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has many, many great songs (including a Tom Petty and an Aerosmith – my two favorite bands – song). It was like so heartbreaking… I came over here and checked on the RB3 Setlist So Far, and saw that Tom Petty had been confirmed. I was ecstatic, man. Not to mention my favorite song from Queen and Ozzy and the Doors and the White Stripes – I’ve fallen in love with that Poni Hoax song – and all the rest. I love this set-list. I’m an atheist, but I must say: God Bless Harmonix.

  • Bionic92 says:

    I wonder why there has not been any footage of Pro Bass. Every video I’ve seen, including this one, just show the normal gems for bass. Anyways, that rumored list is looking to be more and more true everyday.

  • chedita says:

    some tom petty makes me happy atleast. the setlist is shaping a little better now imo. hopefully the rest of the faq is confirmed because beach boys would be awesome.