Add “Space Oddity” to the Rock Band 3 Setlist

Last night, Game Informer put up their weekly podcast featuring both Rock Band 3 and Dance Central. HMXers John, Sylvain, and Daniel are on hand to talk about the game, and in a conversation about transitioning from fake to real instruments, Daniel casually tossed out that you can learn to play real guitar on “Space Oddity.” While this is not an official confirmation, it’s the closest thing that we can get to an official confirmation.

And yes, you’re welcome for not making a “Ground control to Major Tom” reference that always seems to find its way into anything related to “Space Oddity.”

What’s also interesting to note is that “Space Oddity” was also on the mystery leaked list from a few weeks back. Man, that list is looking more and more accurate every day!

UPDATE: I guess it’s official confirmed after seeing @MrPope’s tweet:

New RB3 song announced! RT @RockBand Check out the @GameInformer Podcast featuring RB3 goodness and @JohnTDrake!

Go to GameInformer to listen to the whole thing, as it is very entertaining!

26 Responses to “Add “Space Oddity” to the Rock Band 3 Setlist”

  • Jason R. says:

    Woo hoo!

  • McCrae says:

    This is amazing I was just in the car an i was thinking “i fuckin hope that space oddity is in” so YES

  • Game!Ov3r says:

    Chicks in white blouses that are open to the navel exposing their black bras is always an instant buy in my book 🙂 On a serious note, I am really looking forward to playing this song.

  • MCA says:

    So we may see The Beach Boys!?!? Awsome:)

  • vApathyv says:

    Excuse me for a moment, as what is about to happen may be a little…reactionary. However.


    …Sorry about that.

  • James! says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE this song. But I have my doubts as to how well it’ll transfer to the Rock Band format

  • Dark Archon says:

    Listening to it now and noticed that they mentioned a couple new things like the option to disable navigation on a instrument to instrument basis so that for instance only the leader can choose songs.

  • Kirksplosion says:

    YES! Amazing song.

    While I’ll keep a healthy dose of skepticism, this practically confirms that rumored setlist. If true, this will be the greatest rhythm game setlist ever, for me.

    • Xzyliac says:

      All that this guy said. Just as exciting as the song itself is the possible confirmation of that rumored chunk of the setlist.

      Warren Zevon and Amy Winehouse! These are a few of my favorite things! Kinda hope the metal choices are a bit better though. And I’m still waiting to see the Prog choices.

      Alas, Space Oddity is in Rock Band 3. That sentence is all you should need to sell ANYONE!

    • Drpepperfan says:


    • James! says:

      I don’t think we should get ahead of ourselves. One confirmed song does not verify a rumored setlist.

      • RockBandAide says:

        It’s not just one, sir. So far, FIVE have been officially confirmed. And another TWO have been corroborated through other reliable rumors. While I’m no quantitative methods expert, nailing FIVE out of thirty songs confirmed thus far is pretty statistically significant.

      • Xzyliac says:

        As the bloke who runs this site has already said it’s quite a few more than one.

        From the tracks we saw in the RB3 trailer itself right on through to this confirmation it seems like every announcement so far has done a little bit more to prove the rumor true.

  • LoopyChew says:

    I’m certain that leak is a proper one, but don’t forget that we don’t know which ones are DLC and which ones are on-disc.

    Still very happy to see most of that list, though!

  • skydog91 says:

    Well I think this songs weird but very innovative for it’s time.
    I also don’t know how well this will transfer to the game..
    But still, who won’t love singing this?

  • Polite says:

    The piano in space oddity is pretty hard to play, and the rest of the instruments are pretty sparse in that song… hmm.

  • Croq says:

    Well, if your instrument is “sparse”, then just have fun singing along with this incredibly epic song! One of the best sing-along songs of all time (some others that come to mind are Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You, both by Queen, and both either in or soon to be in RB).