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Twitter Reacts to Nickelback DLC Announcement
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Twitter Reacts to Nickelback DLC Announcement

…but first, let’s clear this up. The New York Times reported last year that in order to “deflect all curiosity” about the as yet unannounced Rock Band Network, it was given the codename Rock Band: Nickelback. As funny as that is, Matthew Nordhaus (AKA The Overnord of the RBN) commented that working on the Rock Band Network from day one, he NEVER heard that name (starting about 8:00 in on the video below).

In fact, despite Nickelback’s vocal displeasure over Guitar Hero (and rhythm gaming in general), an olive branch was extended to Nickelback from Harmonix, so despite possible personal feelings to the contrary, to the best of my knowledge, Harmonix has never publicly trashed Nickelback.

So with that out of the way… it’s Twitter time!

Did someone say Downfall?!

Yup, just like Old Yeller, Rock Band is rabid. You know what needs to be done, Travis.

Wait… I see what you did there! You replace the “back” in Nickelback with “suck!” Ha! You have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me!

Let’s get serious, here. Even if you could punch DLC in the groin, it could still probably beat the crap out of a kid with a Link avatar on Twitter.

For someone that hates Nickelback, he sure knows the lyrics well enough to make a parody. Oh, “crap” and “back” is a pretty week rhyme. Don’t quit your day job there, Weird Al.

You’re right, you don’t look like a Nickelback fan, James… more of a Miley Cyrus fan look going on there. Come to think of it, I don’t remember hearing you complain about the Miley DLC. Just sayin’.

“You used to be cool. Now your just a corporate sell-out maaaaaaaaaaaan!” Get a job, hippie.

And the inevitable…

39 Responses to “Twitter Reacts to Nickelback DLC Announcement”

  • Piggy says:

    A pickle was more popular than nickleback on youtube… then nickleback got the pickle’s channel deleted…

  • Paige says:

    Wow so unfunny, someones doing a little extra to be in Harmonix employee social circle aren’t we?

    • RockBandAide says:

      Only thing I hate more than people who complain about DLC each week are people who are too cool to laugh at themselves. You sir (with a girl’s name) or madam, are what we commonly refer to as a “douchebag.” Congrats!

    • allanhowls says:

      Wow, so sensitive. Someone’s working extra hard to get their panties in a wad today, aren’t they?

  • 1993mic says:

    People will never stop complaining…

  • Dylan Pritchard says:

    People are idiots. These are popular songs. Miley Cyrus and Nickleback are probably going to be some of the most bought songs, just due to their popularity.

    Although, I sense a shit load of Rock Band Vocal FC Videos of Photograph and Rock Star. ._.

  • allanhowls says:

    “put in bands i like” (sic)

    You, yes YOU, are Harmonix’s sole demographic! Since the world revolves around YOU, could you please let us know your gravitational constant?

    The Internet: Where bored children go to complain when they run out of REAL things to whine about.

    • Sorixas says:

      Real things like what? Not getting the toy you wanted? Not getting a date for Friday night? Not getting Muse DLC?

    • Sorixas says:

      (Forgot to NOT hit submit, lol)

      Twitter was (probably) invented, not to say what’s happening to you at that moment, which would be redundant as you’re typing about what you did before you went on Twitter, but to complain. Whatever happens on Twitter (useless statistic that has no proof), about 90% of Twitter complains about something, whether it’s the Justin Bieber, USA scoring, or Nickelback DLC.

  • Rob says:

    Whenever Rock Band gets DLC I have no interest in (like the past month or so), I just thank them for helping me save up money for Rock Band 3, which will no doubt make be broke.

  • LoopyChew says:

    I think I might start adding “like Muse!” to any tweets make regarding DLC, regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

    …like Muse!

    • LoopyChew says:

      Checking back, at least the guy is being consistent–

      Hey, wait.

      The guy who tweeted those is named Tommy…

      The guy posting THIS article is named RBATommy…


      …like Muse!

  • James! says:

    1) It’s only DLC. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY IT

    2) I actually wouldn’t immediately write-off Nickelback DLC. Their songs are fun to sing along to and the riffs might be fun to play. Those are two of the most important qualities in any song in Rock Band.

    And besides, being a bad song IRL and being a boring song in Rock Band are not two mutually exclusive ideas.

  • Schlagwerk says:

    I’m not gonna buy it, but:

    Haters gonna hate.

    (This is becoming my new favorite phrase)

  • InsaneElvis says:

    I think a lot of people hate Nickelback solely because it’s the IN thing to do.

    Then others, like me, don’t really like the music and wouldn’t buy it, but I just put them with any other band I wouldn’t buy the music from and get on with life. There’s scores of band on the RB:DLC list that I really don’t like.

    Well Nickleback haters, at least its DLC and not part of the main game setlist eh? Unlike “Visions” …

    • davebo says:

      Hah! I was typing the same thing about Visions right as you were posting that. So glad I’m not the only one!

  • Jason R. says:

    Is the last Tweet from you?

  • Michael Prachar says:

    Crybabies: Get over it. Rock Band has Miley Cyrus and Nickelback for the same reason Porsche started making SUV’s; so they could make enough money to give you the product you really love. It’s a business, dumbass. If you want to illustrate your objections to life in the real world then then play Frets on Fire and go away.

  • davebo says:

    As much as I hate Nickelback (and sure Miley and Lady Gaga and all the other DLC that is in no way “rock”,) I have no problem with Harmonix puts out DLC I don’t want. This site had a poll just the other day about waiting to buy DLC until RB3 is out so you get the pro mode charts. Well that’s a great idea. If they keep putting out DLC like this then by the time DLC includes pro mode charts, I might actually be able to afford the 6 string guitar to play them on!

    I have no problem with Rock Band becoming a catch all franchise with the worst pop music available as long as it puts it above Guitar Hero and ensures a successful future for Harmonix. The only time this becomes an issue for me is when they release new disc games and we’re all stuck having to play garbage we don’t like just to complete the game. And you know what, as bad as Nickelback is, at least I know I could play their crummy music and get it over with, unlike that song Visions in RB2.

    • LoopyChew says:

      “we’re all stuck having to play garbage we don’t like”

      I’ll have you know that Garbage is an awesome band, thankyouverymuch, and I’ll not stand to see people sully their good name!

      …like Muse!

  • SaikoSakura says:

    Everyone should be happy it’s optional DLC and (most likely) NOT on-disc with RB3. Ignorance in this case is truly a blessing.

    • Amazing point. There’s nothing I hate more than the chance I’ll have to play chop suey because it’s on disc, I think we’ve all dodged a bullet 🙂

    • SebastianSB says:

      That’s assuming How You Remind Me isn’t on the disc xD

    • SaikoSakura says:

      Assuming RB2 songs are exportable to RB3 you’ll have the option to make a custom song setlist to prevent playing songs like Chop Suey. If NB happens to show up on-disc in RB3, I’ll be sure to prevent it from occurring on random.

  • SebastianSB says:

    I’m downloading this =P

    I actually listened to Nickelback for years before I even knew they were hated so much. I never listened to the radio so they weren’t overplayed, and I didn’t have any musical bigots around me to make fun of me. I realize now that they’re remarkably unoriginal, but that doesn’t really make them bad. I just found them on a random youtube surf. Granted, I was about 14 years old when that started.

    • Oathbreaker says:

      This is the most tragic thing about our musical culture. We seem to have two camps: 1) Folks that love a pop group seemingly only because it’s popular 2) Folks that love to hate a pop group because it is popular. And then my friend we have me and you in group 3) that like whatever the eff we think sounds catchy and as a result feel browbeat into defending, equivocating, or submitting to group 2).

      Chances are half the haters of Miley and Nickelback haven’t seriously given any of their stuff even a decent shake. Did you -really- like that hip indie artist the very first listen? Yeah right.

      For the record, I don’t listen to either of those artists and have no desire to buy their DLC, but guess what, there is a crapton of other songs in RB to buy. Besides, I hate half the crap group 1) and 2) complain there should be more of and you didn’t hear me complaining when it was added originally.

      Now… crappy ON DISK RB3 song selections… that I might get annoyed about since I am actually paying for that.

  • greeb says:

    Personally, I won’t buy it, but there’s a real problem with Nickelback having six times as many songs as The Strokes or Muse in Rock Band.

  • Rey says:

    What’s next, Linkin Park?

    *Oh please, good God, yes please…

  • ramza89 says:

    If you don’t like what’s coming out, DON’T FUCKING BUY IT. Good lord, it’s not a difficult solution. Personally I think Nickelback has a few good songs, as such I will give the pack a look. If you don’t like them, just simply ignore it and wait for whatever DLC you want.

  • kennethv says:

    Sweet, I get a 2nd week to get caught up on some tracks I’ve missed…

    ..like Muse.

    Oh wait, damn.

    Oh well, deftones will have to do.

  • Fuelie79 says:

    lmao! I now have even more respect for Cliff Blezinski!


  • Steadysphere says:

    I stand my belief that nothing will ever be worse than the Hautewerk pack.