FULL Video of MTV Games Rock Band 3 E3 Demo

I have been trying my best to document pictures and video of everything I’ve experienced at E3 this year, and this was one of the first things I was able to experience.  I met up with @HMXHenry and @johntdrake before heading in to the MTV Games “booth.” And let me say this: This was not a “booth.” This was an auditorium with a stage inside. In fact, according to the E3 map, the MTV Games booth is the same size as the Microsoft booth.

Anyway, John was cool enough to mention that the MTV Games booth allowed no unauthorized recordings, but I was lucky in that I was one of the authorized parties! So without further ado, here is video of the Rock Band 3 presentation that “opens” the MTV Games booth at E3 2010, clocking in over a whopping 26 minutes… along with new gameplay footage and a few new Rock Band 3 items. I’ll sum up all the new items here along with a summary of my discussion with Rock Band 3 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale in a separate post when I have more time.

HUGE thanks to @BillTVShow, who has hosted the video I captured on his account so as to show it in its entirety! Please visit him on Twitter and on YouTube.

17 Responses to “FULL Video of MTV Games Rock Band 3 E3 Demo”

  • Bishop says:

    Is that non-pro mode keyboard I spy in the video? To this point we’ve seen the shifting track and specific keys, but that track on the left looks just like the standard guitar track with five colors.

  • zigs says:

    The song lengths are awesome! Short, Medium and Long, and then “Neverending Epic Songs” of which there are a total of 9 ;D

    The whole video is fantastic though, I’m so god damn unbelievably excited for RB3!

  • Kirksplosion says:

    The guitar pro looks soooo intimidating.

    I’m having trouble deciding exactly what I’m going to hop into right away. Go into training mode with guitar pro? Start working on keys pro or drums pro? Finish the story mode before messing with pro mode? There’s just so much to choose from…

  • I’m a tad bit confused in respect to the pro bass, is there going to be a bass peripheral or is it just the strat and the mustang six string guitars?

    • Kirksplosion says:

      At this point, there is no bass-specific controller. Like you mentioned, you can just use the mustang or squier. Sounds like they wanted to make it easy for people to switch from bass to guitar without having to switch controllers and such.

      I could potentially see it being a possibility in the future that they’d release bass variants of the two new models, though they haven’t said anything of the sort.

  • Cassie Drake says:

    Does anyone know if you can still play Vocals “the old fashioned way”, using a controller? Cuz I’m primarily a Drums/Vocals player, and I really like getting a score for Vocals. In “All Instruments Mode”, it doesn’t look like Vocals gets a score, but I’m assuming it’s because it’s automatically added and doesn’t have a controller of its own?

    So yeah, I want to know if, assuming I have the space for the controller [ie: not playing with Keys, or Bass, or something], would I still be able to play Vocals and get a score?

    • non_zero says:

      That’s safe to assume. If vocals never used a controller then there wouldn’t be a need for an “All Instruments Mode”, that mode is just a compromise in big band situations because otherwise you can’t have more than 4 people playing at once.

  • BardoLoko says:

    Aren’t the vocals scored in full band gameplay? That’s really a baddd thing!

  • Jopa Panda says:

    I don’t think Rock Band 2 will be exportable, unless they unveil it on November 29th, which wouldn’t make sense lol.

  • Zaphod42 says:

    Wow, my excitement level has just risen even higher! Damn, that’s a great presentation. Thanks so much for uploading this!

    BTW: I’ve just figured out a solution to my drum dilemma: I initially felt bad about investing in a drum kit that would nail me down to only one console (Wii in my case). Then I saw the prices of ACTUAL drum kits… Well, but as the RB3 Pro Drums are actual midi-devices, I could later just buy the MIDI-adaptor and play my drums on my friend’s XBox. Yay! More money saved for the Fender Squire!!! (I wonder, if the same trick works there as well…)

  • kenshinesca says:

    I can’t wait for this. I do have a couple of questions though.

    Will all future dlc have pro guitar mode, and pro keys?

    Will future RBN track support the pro modes?

    I wonder if the price of songs are going to go up? I mean because they are doing more work.

    I really want to know how much that Squier is going to cost me.

    • RockBandAide says:

      I’ll have a full post featuring my discussion with RB3 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale soon, but DLC will be Pro-compatible when RB3 is released, not sooner. RBN 2.0 details have yet to be announced, so no word yet on RBN being Pro-compatible. No word on future DLC or Squier pricing yet.

  • Fleat says:

    Great presentation, I cannot wait for more details, and of course for the game.

    John might have slipped up a little bit. When he is talking about setlists, he mentions that you could make a Whitesnake setlist. Of course there will only be one Whitesnake song in the game at that point (from RB3). He even paused after he said it, maybe thinking that he messed up. We might see some Whitesnake DLC in the coming months.

  • Herbert says:

    wow, 8:05 to 8:08 is just a direct hit at guitar hero. ‘bohemian rhapsody is here as it is meant to be played, with vocal harmonies and keyboard, otherwise what’s the point.’ however, i agree with him completely.