“An Awkward Hour with Rock Band Designers” PAX East Panel Video

Image from SaikoSakura on Twitter

Sorry for the delay on putting this up. I’m not as good with video editing as I should be (not to mention that it’s probably time to upgrade some of my hardware), but I finally was able to process and post the video on to YouTube. The panel itself was over an hour long, so I had to break them up in to separate videos, but everything is available embedded after the break, so go make some popcorn and settle in for a taste of what it was like at PAX East!

While everyone was still filing in to the hall where the panel was held, Dan Teasdale played this video.  If you remember, the band Tribe was featured on the Rock Band 1 disc.  And if you haven’t seen the “shreds” videos on YouTube, where the original audio has been scrubbed and  replaced with something much funnier, check out the sample I posted my first day back from PAX East.

Once this was over, the panel began.  It featured Chris Foster, Brian Chan, Sylvain Dubrofsky, Casey Malone, and Dan Teasdale, designers at Harmonix.

At this point, the battery on my camera died. Luckily, in the time it took me to swap in a fresh one, I only missed a short video clip, that is available on YouTube and included below…

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