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Rock Band 4 DLC for 8/17: Free Rock Band Rivals Singles Part 2
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Rock Band 4 DLC for 8/17: Free Rock Band Rivals Singles Part 2


Last week’s Rock Band 4 DLC saw the release of two tracks that were available for free, exclusively to Rock Band Rivals owners, and this week is more of the same, with an additional two free Rivals tracks, which will be available this Thursday, August 17:

  • Arctic Horror – Black Seas
  • The Black Cheers – (You’re) Breakin’ Up


5 Responses to “Rock Band 4 DLC for 8/17: Free Rock Band Rivals Singles Part 2”

  • Rob says:

    yeah, so another bad week of DLC, and another exclusive to Rivals, which I didn’t buy, because I don’t play RB online… kinda glad I saved the money. Rock Band’s life looks like it’s coming to an end

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      I would wait, and see what happens with the spotlight pass towards the end of the month before writing things off.

      That seems to me like the type of thing they’ll want to push with bigger songs, so I could see them holding back bigger content until then.

      If that comes, and goes, and you don’t see some bigger artists/tracks, then I think there would be more to the idea of writing the game off.

    • Dr_Drummin says:

      There is a lot more on Rivals than online multiplayer. MP is only a small part of the Rivals update. In fact, you do NOT need to have online MP to enjoy everything else Rivals has to offer. The free songs are an obvious nice enticement. It also serve the purpose of exposing bands (probably from investors) that otherwise would likely not get much commercial exposure. I don’t think there is anything wrong or nefarious about doing that. In fact, most of that “free” music is quite entertaining and pretty good. Of course, there is trash as well, but hey, is free. They’ve put out a couple dozen free songs. I find hard to put a negative spin to that.
      I still think the game is solid and growing. I read people every week, in the forums and in Reddit asking for info to get started in the game.

      • Rob says:

        i’ll hold out on rivals until i see some juice. I don’t want the game to die, i go all the way back to the beginning where we got 9-12 songs per week. This latest go round seems to be weeks of pop, with a little rock thrown in here and there… i don’t mind some of the pop/hip hop songs, like This Is How We Do It, but they typically get a couple plays and fade deep into my Dlc library… i was just hoping for more. i know the days of 9-12 songs per week are a thing of the past, but just give me something to work with.

  • PTownBrave22™ says:

    I have Rivals and I never use online multiplayer…

    I will say I’ve had my doubts about the longevity of RB4 considering they have turned over a ton of staff, have a TERRIBLE new Community Mgr, and have basically thrown RB4 much to the side while focusing on other projects, as well as one of their partners shuttering the RB portion of their business because of P/L margin…

    Many more weeks of no name DLC and we won’t have much of a game…

    Lucky enough for me, I have over 1k songs so I can play my backlog for quite some time, but I am hoping the days aren’t completely gone where I get excited about a months worth of new content.

    Given I am older now and don’t get to play as much, but I would give them my money just the same if they continued to put effort into the game…right now, like you Rob, I am not so sure.

    Lets all hope Spotlight Pass is their beacon to heading in the right direction, because if that flops, it may be a nail in their coffin.