Rock Band 4 DLC for 8/10: Free Rivals Singles


This week’s Rock Band 4 DLC will save Rock Band fans some money, as both of the announced songs will be free, however they are only available to owners of the Rock Band Rivals expansion. The following songs will be available on Thursday, August 10:


  • Parks – “Sweater Weather”
  • Spirit Kid – “To My Romeo”



2 Responses to “Rock Band 4 DLC for 8/10: Free Rivals Singles”

  • PTownBrave22™ says:

    I am a bit concerned about the well being of the product…down to 2 tracks per week for quite some time now, laying off tons of their staff, incl their community mgr who did a ton of things for their product, and now tracks only available if you bought Rivals to try and entice a few folks to jump on board (Who probably won’t)…

    They keep up very little on their social media interactions these days…don’t ask them a question because odds of it being answered these days are slim to none..

    I definitely don’t want to see Rock Band die, but it seems to be circling the drain from everything I am seeing.

  • Dh1969 says:

    I agree uptown. I came to the party late as rock band 4 is my first installment so I missed out on a lot with the earlier versions. I see where the licensing has run out on a lot of classic rock music and what seems to be being released now is a bunch of B rated music to me.