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Rock Band 4 DLC News: August Tracks, Free Rivals Songs, & Spotlight Pass
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Rock Band 4 DLC News: August Tracks, Free Rivals Songs, & Spotlight Pass


Today, Harmonix issued a press release featuring a number of announcements for upcoming DLC plans.

The biggest announcement comes in the form of the Season 2 Spotlight Pass, which will be available for $13.49 starting on August 24 on Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The Spotlight Pass will cover the eight weeks of content released during Rivals Season 2 between August 24, and October 17.

Each week, Spotlight Pass purchasers will get whichever new release is featured as that week’s Rivals Spotlight song, with eight songs in total.

In addition, more of August’s DLC songs were announced. They include:

  • Catfish And The Bottlemen – “Postpone”
  • Garbage – “Stupid Girl”
  • Sugar Ray – “Every Morning”
  • Ted Nugent – “Stranglehold”

And, finally, more free songs are coming to Rock Band Rivals owners, including:

  • Arctic Horrors – “Black Seas”
  • The Black Cheers – “(You’re) Breakin’ Up”
  • Parks – “Sweater Weather”
  • Spirit Kid – “To My Romeo”

9 Responses to “Rock Band 4 DLC News: August Tracks, Free Rivals Songs, & Spotlight Pass”

  • BC says:

    So for the DLC, two fun songs, one I’ve never heard of (Postpone), and Ted Nugent (who I avoid like the plague for all the nasty things he’s said – but apparently he has changed his tune. Too little, too late?)

    Why would anyone buy that pass without knowing the songs? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      I would hope that they’re going to announce which eight songs you’ll get when they start selling the pass, otherwise buying it seems like an iffy idea, especially up front, unless you’re WAY into the Rivals mode, and feel compelled to always have the spotlight songs every week.

    • Excessive_Farce says:

      Ted Nugent changed his tune when the pendulum started swinging in the other direction, i.e., when one of his fellow racist blowhards, rather than a religious minority group or a bunch of first graders, was targeted with gun violence.

  • Cody Hall says:

    I just want head to head multiplayer or group play younknow the best featyres from the older games quickplay online just join someone else and see who does best or quickplay band just joi. A band and play (not a friend) but random people like a 1v1 or team match wtf happened rock band your killing yourself

  • PizzaBandit says:

    Holy crap! I’ve been requesting Stranglehold for years. This just made my day.

  • Scott says:

    “Give us 13 dollars for 8 songs you have no idea what are!” Lol its not even a good deal and it’s a hell of a gamble. Stranglehold will be badass though and [hopefully] not the garbage rerecording that was in GH4.

  • Soundsgood2me says:

    I’m actually intrigued by the spotlight pass. As someone who usually buys the new DLC anyway, saving a couple bucks is definitely worthwhile.

    As far as not knowing exactly what I’ll be getting (which admittedly does kinda suck) that’s just how season passes work so there’s no sense in me giving Harmonix any flack for that.

    • Mcmax3000 says:

      A lot of developers will give details about what the season pass contains before they sell it. Usually a week, or two before launch, there will be a press release outlining their DLC plans.

      It’s also very possible that Harmonix will give more details about what it will contain. The pass isn’t available for a few more weeks, so there’s still plenty of time for that.

  • Soundsgood2me says:

    Lotta devs do, lot dont. Most of the games I buy season passes for only give you an outline of their content til just before the dlc packs come out. Just gotta wait and see.