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Missions returning with latest Rock Band Rivals update!
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Missions returning with latest Rock Band Rivals update!


Rock Band Rivals just keeps getting bigger. In addition to the new Seasons changes coming in the latest patch, players with the Rivals expansion will also be treated to a beefed-up return of a much beloved feature from Rock Band 3: Missions!

From what we know so far, the new setup for Missions appears similar to Rock Band 3’s goals system with several notable changes. Challenges in the Missions system can be varied, with some of the supplied examples being “hit 250 notes in Overdrive in a single song” or “get three Unison Bonuses in 10 different songs.” According to the blog post, there will be generalized missions that may be completed in normal Quickplay (potentially even by accident, depending on your skill level), as well as crew-based missions and missions relating to specific songs or groups of songs. Harmonix has confirmed that Missions will change or be added from the server without the need for a future patch. This suggests that Missions will be a little more dynamic than before, with more missions coming in the future.

Unlike the previous game’s goals, Missions will reward players with all-new badges and points as opposed to locked Rock Shop items. These badges will be affixed to the user’s online profile, similar to how Crew badges already work in Rivals mode. A favorite badge can also be set to display with the player’s username while playing online- all for those sweet bragging rights!

For all the juicy details and some additional GIFs and screenshots about this new addition, head on over to the official Harmonix blog.

Are you excited about the return of Mission-based play? What types of missions are you wanting to play the most? Let us know in the comments below!


3 Responses to “Missions returning with latest Rock Band Rivals update!”

  • Mathieu says:

    I hope it’s coming soon cause that seems amazing 🙂

  • 01Starscream says:

    This is okish in my febel opinion. I say febel because I wasn’t a huge, over the top missions guy. Quickplay was my go to for rb3. But anything added is cool with me.

  • LF says:

    You’re forgetting the most important reward from RB3 missions: fans for your fan-count total! Being a jack-of-all-trades multi-instrumentalist allowed me to be #1 on my friends list in Fan Count while not even coming close to the top on any particular single instrument. 🙂 That makes Fan Count the only stat that counts.