Harmonix Announces Brand New IP, Dropmix

DropMix_Header_-_TMDay one hasn’t really truly started and Harmonix have already dropped a brand new IP on us. In partnership with Hasbro, Harmonix has created a table top card game with all the fast paced music mixing you’ve come to expect from the studio.

So how does it work? Each card represents a different instrument of one song, which you play into a mixing desk. This mixing desk connects to an app available for iPhone and Android that mixes the cards you’re playing. These mixes can be saved after you’ve created them so you and your friends can continue to listen to them after.

The first mode Harmonix has announced is Clash mode, a face off for 1 or 2 players that requires you to earn 21 points before your opponents, although Harmonix have suggested there is far more depth and complexity to it than just scoring.

While light on other details of the game itself, they have announced part of the initial track listing. And while there are a few repeats that fans of Rock Band and Dance Central will recognise, there are some stunning new additions to the Harmonix Family.


It’s a very diverse set list, covering a vast amount of Genre’s and decades. This should make for some very interesting mixes for sure. It’s slated for a September 2017 release and will have 300 cards released for that year.

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  • Javier Reyes says:

    I’m already going to buy, i’ve read a lot of articles about it and it sounds fun