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DLC for 2/16: Rock Band Rewind Tracks
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DLC for 2/16: Rock Band Rewind Tracks


It’s Tuesday morning, which means it’s time for the weekly DLC reveal. Are you somebody that kept up with all of the exports on the previous generation of consoles? If so, your wallet is going to be breathing a sigh of relief this week, as both songs are Rock Band Rewind tracks, meaning they were previously available on discs, so you’ll have to come back next week for new tracks. If you didn’t get those exports done before they expired, here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Panic! at the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon (originally part of Rock Band 2)
  • Sum 41 – In Too Deep (originally part of Lego Rock Band)

Each track will be available for the standard $1.99 price.


12 Responses to “DLC for 2/16: Rock Band Rewind Tracks”

  • Dananon says:

    I ain’t even mad. Keep the RB2 and LRB tracks coming!

  • Jefferson says:

    This is what I mean. Some people can get “new” songs this week, but for me and other people who have all the tracks, we have to wait another week for new music and its mostly pop garbage anyway. No wonder this game didn’t do well

  • hippoo says:

    this is bullshit. This used to be my favorite game but it just keeps going more and more downhill.

  • Jackson says:

    It such a shame they put out nothing but crappy pop songs. Especially the ones that doesn’t belong in a rock music game. And now they’re releasing import songs as dlc one by one. They are really dropping the ball with this.

  • Jefferson says:

    When I purchased the game “the revival of music games blah blah blah” whatever. I expected it to at least be on par with its predecessor, but its not even as good as the first game! Soundtrack on this game was horrible. Thought they’d make up for it in dlc but they release pop garbage in ROCK band and re-release old songs. Not saying stop the re-releases but put out new content on those weeks too. It’s b.s. And they wanted 1 million to make a pc version and bring up RBN… What??? How do you put out a half assed game then ask for more money. Foh

  • Mikey says:

    Stop whining go play one of the three thousand songs already in the game

  • Jefferson says:

    If I want to bitch about it, I can. And if I wanted to play the “3,000 songs in game,” I wouldn’t be here, you dolt

  • Mike B says:

    I like the pop releases as much as the more Rock ones. Sure there’s been more pop music than before, but they still bring us some great rock tracks. In the last weeks we got I Will Survive, I Wanna Rock, Dont You (Forget About Me), Hold the Line, a Metal pack, an Aerosmith pack, etc. And next week we’re getting Black Betty. Sure it’s a bummer that as longtime fans we are not getting new tracks this week, but it’s not the end of the world.

  • LCS says:

    How sad your life must be if you feel the need to take time to bitch about something so trivial. Especially about something that you claim is crap and not worth it. Why don’t you just cut your losses, stop playing this game so you don’t have to bitch every week, and try and find something more constructive to do?

    Let me guess, if it isn’t death metal with vocals that sound like a constipated person yelling in pain it’s automatically pop crap?

  • Moon says:

    Don’t they need money since they’re going solo on this rock and because if I recall they were getting help from EA andMTV in the others and I don’t recall either helping now

  • Dananon says:

    Jefferson can complain if he wants to, I’m sure he paid his money just like every one of us.

    I for one, as a lover of pop music and most of everything else, don’t mind the pop or the re-releases, but I can completely understand the other side of the argument. Don’t be reductive and condescending. As it stands, this is the current status quo. More pop = more money = higher potential to eventually get bigger, better, and more sought after songs.

    No you don’t HAVE to buy everything released, but you also don’t have to lap up everything like it’s mother’s milk. Consumers have the right to have an opinion about their purchased product, but they should also always weigh the situations of the producers.

  • Colwynn says:

    As a fan from the beginning, I am not surprised.

    Everyone knew that on this second go around, we would be getting far less DLC than we had been used to. I, for one, am happy to be getting regular DLC at all, even if it’s not necessarily my preference.

    And good for the folks who are new to the game or missed out on the original exports.

    Harmonix has come through on just about everything that has been brought to their attention and in my opinion they rarely disappoint.

    My only concern going forward is whether or not we’ll ever see any more “big name” DLC in the future.