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PAX East 2017 RockBandAide Coverage
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PAX East 2017 RockBandAide Coverage

pax-east-2017-logoHey guys, it’s almost that time of year again! PAX East is just around the corner (March 10-12) and with little over a month till the event, we’d love to here what you guys would like us to check out and ask the Harmonix crew. Myself (LolMunnchy) and Delibird444 will be attending this year!

It could be anything. Are there any panels you want us to try and cover? Anything game specific things you want us to ask Harmonix? Upcoming updates to Rock Band? How well Nick Mudry’s mozzarella stick review business is going? We’ll try and get it asked/checked up.

And don’t be afraid to shout out if you’re gonna be there this year either. Make sure you guys check out the rock band set up where ever it may be!

16 Responses to “PAX East 2017 RockBandAide Coverage”

  • Jose Jimenez says:

    Are you actually considering adding rock in spanish to Rock Band. No more Juanes please.

  • Tyler says:

    I’m sure you’re going to do this anyway, but ask about DLC output. Are they ever going to get back to more than 3 songs a week? Most weeks these days we’re lucky to even get 3.

  • TBass says:


  • JCLexicon says:

    Will some of the features or visual aspects of Rock Band VR (improved lip sync animations, singer sings and plays guitar at the same time, talking to band members between songs) make their way over to Rock Band 4 in the next expansion/round of updates?

  • Dananon says:

    Will the ability to use multiple instruments to play the same instrument in game be implemented? Like in Guitar Hero 5 (Up to 4 people playing guitar).

  • HaloGamer925 says:

    Do they have any info on dates for De-Listed DLC before RB4 being available to players? Also is RBN ports still on the table to possibly come to RB4? Even if only select tracks?

  • MaximusDM says:

    Do you miss keys and pro guitar as much as I do?

  • Sam says:

    Is there any plans to support rock band in 2018 or is the game done after 2017? Were they also pleased with the performance of Rock Band Rivals?

  • Troy says:

    I’ve been a well known critic of hmx for their rb3 launch and the rb4 launch. however, that being said. i recently got rb4. I must say I am impressed. I like the graphics. the game play. The rivals competitive nature is cool. The stats etc. Would LOVE to get my rbn songs back?

  • I have so many questions. What is the next update for rivals going to be on? (Improved character customization, animations, other things I’m forgetting, etc.) Is there going to be another expansion in the fall? When are we getting our delisted songs back? (Metallica, Journey, SOAD)
    When are you going to fix single songs like stay together for the kids? When are you going to fix rock band free pack 01? (the one with visions) Are old RBN songs going to come back for rock band 4 eventually or no? Are we going to see more game modes that are new to rock band? (Like rivals mode and rockudrama)

  • Is there any reason as to why the dlc output for this month (February) is low? Even with the rereleased export songs, we still have 5 new songs this month. Are you guys working on the next updates for rivals? Are you guys working on matchmaking? Rock Band VR dlc? What exactly is it?

  • Are there any big dlc announcements coming? Whether it’s a really good song or a really good artist, will we be seeing a surprise when it comes to that sort of stuff?

  • Did Rock Band Rivals sell well? Did it sell well enough for you guys to work on another expansion?

  • Kerseowns says:

    Any chance of Bass boost, Static vocals, and fixing singer gender (when playing alone, not online) returning?
    Also challenges from RB3 return?
    More than one instrument per console online?

  • Brett says:

    Is there gonna be tattoos and custom art coming soon to rock band 4?

  • Dananon says:

    Will there be an option added to output into 4k for PS4 Pro owners?