You’ve Got Flute in My Rock Band

I noticed this bouncing around the blogosphere this morning, and initally didn’t think much of it.  Anyone who’s been around the block and played vocals a few times in Rock Band knows that singing isn’t required… you can hum your way through the songs and do pretty well.  However this woman decided to test out the alternative vocal theory by playing her flute to the vocals of Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold.  Sound wise it’s alright… not a big fan of hearing a flute and Avenged Sevenfold together… I mean, this isn’t Jethro Tull (sorry Mr. Anderson).  But how effective is playing your flute into the mic?  See for yourself above, but her 98% on Expert and 5 gold stars should tell you that it works pretty damn well.

P.S. Please… no band camp references in the comments, OK?

There’s more… after the jump there’s more instrument/vocal mashup vids…

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