DLC for 8/16: Vertical Horizon and Tonic!


We’re going back to the ’90s again, a nice recurring trend these days. Which are, “Oh, that song!” moments for you guys?

  • Tonic – If You Could Only See
  • Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want

All songs are available for $1.99 each.

3 Responses to “DLC for 8/16: Vertical Horizon and Tonic!”

  • PTownBrave22 says:

    Will be going 2 for 2 on this weeks tracks…

    These will be fun to play and bring it back to the 90s…

    So one would imagine they would group Minaj/Mraz and Heart/Winger for the final couple weeks…

    Either way, this has been a different but solid month for DLC (IMO)

  • Dananon says:

    I’m guessing I’m Yours or better yet, The Remedy from Jason Mraz, then Superbass from Nicki Minaj

  • Dananon says:

    How did I forget about Starships! Now I think it’s gonna be Starships from Nicki Minaj instead of Superbass.