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Rock Band Rivals Details! Modes, Songs, Koolness!
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Rock Band Rivals Details! Modes, Songs, Koolness!


Oh, THAT’S what the name means. We’ve got some fresh details on Rock Band Rivals now, including new modes, new songs, new places, and familiar faces. Rivals is shaping up to make Rock Band 4 bigger, better, and kooler than we’ve seen. If you’re looking to crush your friends week after week, or flub your way to failure, Rivals offers something for everyone(except that Zeppelin Kool Terry wanted). And don’t forget about online play.




The first new mode to the game will be Rockudrama. If you’ve been craving the purest story mode ever seen in a music game, you’ve come to the right place. If your Rock Band career has been missing out on cameras and terrible hair, it shall want no longer! Kool Terry and the gang of people presumably more well-rounded than Terry exist in dynamic video clips that walk your band through a Behind the Music-style story, complete with the ups and downs you crave. Based on your band’s in-song performances, clips will play out differently through the story, while you earn ‘Fame’ for your playing.



Not only that, but we’ve got new venues coming, as Rockudrama takes you through specific locales to document your ‘rise and fall and rise’. We can definitely see a venue featuring some terrifying run-down animatronics that look like they were pulled from the basement of the last Chuck E. Cheese. Hopefully the rest of the new venues will all be filled with such…personality. And fewer decaying animals. We’ll have to wait and see how many potential ‘endings’ your band can reach based on how good or terrible they are, but Rockudrama looks quite promising for some flavor in the gameplay.




The next new mode is aptly called Rivals. You form a Crew of up to 10 players of all instruments and skill levels and compete against other Crews asynchronously. Weekly challenges are back from Rock Band 2, and everyone can participate. There will be ways for non-Expert players to contribute through focused efforts, and Expert players can do what they do. Weekly challenges aren’t all, though, as the mode will also have longer-term ‘combat’ for Crews to accomplish in any gameplay mode. Playing Tour? You’re helping your Crew. Quickplay at a party? Your Crew is happier for it. Even Rockudrama performances will funnel back into Crew stuff, which makes it sound a lot like RB3’s Goals, with everything piling into a single tracking melting pot. It’s time to call up your friends and brainstorm a Crew name.


As for other goodies outside of modes, we’ve got songs and Rock Shop items! Of course, everyone is interested in songs first and foremost(hello, people who jumped ahead!), so we won’t keep you waiting.

Any preorder gets you…

  • Bring Me the Horizon – Happy Song
  • Capital Cities – Safe and Sound
  • Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight
  • The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
  • Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Semisonic – Closing Time
  • Sia – Chandelier
  • Skillet – Feel Invincible
  • Weezer – King of the World

Preordering on Amazon adds…

  • Maroon 5 – One More Night
  • Matchbox Twenty – 3 am

You can buy those standalone at a future date if you don’t preorder through Amazon or at all.




There will also be a handful of clothing items for purchases. Buying Rivals in standalone disc/digital gets you a shirt with HAMBURGERS on it. People who buy the $30 digital version(already owning a previous disc) will also get a Sword Guitar. That should help add some non-standard options to your wardrobe. Another new bit of news is that guitar bundles will feature a mail-in offer for a free microphone, if you were looking to add one to your harmony pile or you’re just getting into the game and want a cheap way to get started.


And that’s everything! What do you guys think of Rivals? Shaping up well? Excited for Kool Terry? Let us know!

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