Pharrell’s Happy ‘Leaked’?


Late the other night, an interesting discovery was made. Hovering Mudvayne’s Happy? in either console’s RB4 Music Store brought up the very not Mudvayne sounding preview of Pharrell’s Happy. Harmonix has made no comment besides fixing it, and we don’t see it among July’s artists, so possibly expect to see it in August.


You guys excited for Happy or sick of hearing it eighty billion times back when?

5 Responses to “Pharrell’s Happy ‘Leaked’?”

  • Dananon says:

    Do not want.

  • Heirlan says:

    Other people might want.

  • Beefy Hits says:

    I for one like the song and look forward to playing it in Rock Band 4. We have Daft Punk’s Lucky so why not?

  • riqui lugo says:

    I would prefer Weird Al Yankovic version

  • Ospero says:

    @riqui lugo: Literally the only difference between Weird Al’s parodies and the original songs are the lyrics/vocals. No one’s going to stop you from singing “Tacky” while “Happy” is playing (in fact, with “Lump”, I find it easier to get the middle bit on vocals when I sing “run, Forrest, run” rather than just “ba ba ba”).