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Rock Band March Madness II: Day 2
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Rock Band March Madness II: Day 2


It’s that time of year again! For those who don’t remember, last year we held a Rock Band March Madness tournament where you guys voted on the Rock Band setlist in an effort to determine what the best song in Rock Band was. We’re bringing it back this year, but since we looked at Rock Band last year, this year we’re moving forward and talking a look at Rock Band 2!

A quick note about the bracket. I’m using Challonge to make the bracket happen, and because of the number of songs in Rock Band 2’s setlist, it had to generate a bunch of byes. 44 to be exact. That means that there are a bunch of matchups already in place that won’t be taking place until Round 2, and all the winners from this round will be moving on to face songs that haven’t had match-ups yet. Because of this, in the interest of fairness, the Loser’s Bracket will be made up of the songs that lost in Round 1 AND Round 2.

Before we take a look at today’s match-ups, let’s look at yesterday’s winners:

Journey’s Any Way You Want It def. Bang Camaro’s Night Lies (473-87)
Alice in Chains’ Man in the Box def. Modest Mouse’s Float On (276-274)
Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son def. L7’s Pretend We’re Dead (490-62)
Soundgarden’s Spoonman def. Motörhead’s Ace of Spades ’08 (346-203)
The Muffs’ Kids in America def. Beck’s E-Pro (287-251)

Now, let’s look at what’s up today!

First off, we have a classic rock battle as The Who’s Pinball Wizard takes on Cheap Trick’s Hello There!

Next up, we have two polar opposites meeting as Testament’s Souls of Black battles Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky!

Our next match pits two 80s alt-rock favourites against each-other as Jane’s Addiction’s Mountain Song meets The Replacements’ Alex Chilton!

The next battles features two completely different, but beloved, 90s songs when Judas Priest’s Painkiller faces Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy!

Finally, we have the opposite ends of the difficulty spectrum as Dream Theater’s Panic Attack does battle with Billy Idol’s White Wedding (Part 1)!

All that’s left to decide is who will win, so it’s time to get voting! Polls close in 24 hours, when 5 more matches will be brought to you.

3 Responses to “Rock Band March Madness II: Day 2”

  • Carlos says:

    For some reason… this is really fun . Thanks. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  • Cystic says:

    Amazing to see 2 votes separated a winner / loser!

  • firedoom666 says:

    I like all the songs today (except Mountain Song) so some of these were hard choices

    The Who’s Pinball Wizard vs Cheap Trick’s Hello There
    Pinball Wizard is a much more classic song, so it gets my vote

    Testament’s Souls of Black vs Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky
    This was a really hard choice because I love both songs, but the bass in the beginning of Souls of Black is too good.

    Jane’s Addiction’s Mountain Song vs The Replacements’ Alex Chilton
    Alex Chilton is one of my favorite songs on RB2, Mountain Song is one of my most hated

    Judas Priest’s Painkiller vs Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy
    This one was a really hard choice, I like both songs and I could not decide what is better, so I voted My Own Worst Enemy thinking it would be behind in votes

    Dream Theater’s Panic Attack vs Billy Idol’s White Wedding (Part 1)
    I love both of these songs but White Wedding was one of my most wanted songs back in the day so it got my vote