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Harmonix launches Amplitude Kickstarter
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Harmonix launches Amplitude Kickstarter


One of Harmonix’s early cult classics released back in 2003, Amplitude gained respect from critics, but never found a huge audience. Today, Harmonix announced it was planning to faithfully recreate the experience for current gen consoles, by crowdfunding the project through kickstarter, details of which are here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/harmonix/amplitude

“In the 11 years since Amplitude’s release, Harmonix has gone on to create true pop culture phenomena with the original Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central. Still, there was a quiet clawing in the back of our minds. Pleas from Amplitude fans, strangers on the street, and veterans of the studio – we needed to revisit this era of gaming and update it for the modern age!”

Harmonix hopes to raise $775,500 by the 23rd of this month, which will be an indicator to Harmonix that this is a viable project. Its a project that the team has desperately wanted to work on, and this is a perfect way to garner interest and give something back to the fans of the studio that have been around since the Amplitude era.


There are a huge list of rewards for backers, from early access to the full release title to a visit to the studio and even an evening with the Harmonix team! Be wary that after a certain reward tier, rewards are locked to continental North America only, though copies of the game should be available for everyone who backs $15 or more.

Excited/surprised about the announcement? Tell us about it in the comments!

12 Responses to “Harmonix launches Amplitude Kickstarter”

    • LolMunnchy says:

      We just noticed the link wasn’t hyperlinked in the article. We’ve flagged it and it’ll be updated soon. Thanks for noticing that!

  • Excessive_Farce says:

    They just announced it on May 5th, and they’ve set the goalpost at May 23rd? That seems like a very small window of opportunity. I dislike established companies relying on Kickstarter to mitigate their business expenses but I’ll still consider it.

  • The Dave says:

    Not a fan of established companies using Kickstarter either. Although if this were fir Rick Band 4 I might change my tune! (Pun intended)

  • The Dave says:

    Next Gen consoles? No, next Gen Console. PS4 and no XBOX1. There goes half your funding source. Good luck with that. 🙁

  • RickC32 says:

    Rock Band Blitz:
    1). Very similar gameplay mechanics to Amplitude
    2). Name recognition of the Rock Band franchise
    3). Compatible with an enormous existing library of DLC
    4). Available on both XBox and Playstation.

    Amplitude 2014:
    1). Very similar gameplay mechanics to Rock Band Blitz, released 18 months ago.
    2). Not much name recognition for Amplitude brand
    3). No existing library of DLC
    4). Only on Playstation

    I *loved* Rock Band Blitz, but I don’t think it was a big success. Why would this new version of Amplitude fare any better? Why would I buy this instead of play Rock Band Blitz? I guess it has the benefit of Harmonix offloading much of the development cost to pre-orders (because for something like this, Kickstarter is more of a fancy pre-order service than anything else).

    Nonetheless, it seems like an odd venture…

  • HMXhenry says:

    Re: the “established companies” comment, keep in mind that Harmonix is still an independent studio. We’re not owned by Viacom, we’re not owned by Microsoft, and we’re not owned by Disney. Those of you that watched Alex’s keynote at PAX East hopefully have a better appreciation for where we’re at as a company, and where music gaming is in general.

    I get that there’s some stigma around “established companies” using crowd funding, but even established companies need to secure funding for games and prove that the community is invested in what they want to make. Amplitude has been highly requested for as long as I’ve been at Harmonix, so hopefully this Kickstarter will give them the chance to see it get made.

    • bps says:

      I’m on it! I really hope tha You make Vita version, because playing it on the go would be such a blast!

      Also I’d like to notice that Amplitude is Sony’s IP, so there is not a chance for Xbox release.

    • My reaction wouldn’t so much be “why doesn’t Harmonix just fund this themselves,” but rather “Why doesn’t Sony fund this, they own it.” But having seen the PAX Keynote I totally understand why there would be skepticism on Sony’s part, and why Kickstarter is a good match for this project

  • eyescovered says:

    I’m in! Take my money!

  • Dustinator says:

    Don’t have a Sony system. THAT SUCKS. Would have loved to back it but considering the most recent consoles I have are 360, Wii and Wii U……they don’t get my money 🙁