Rock Band Community Nights: Bullet for My Valentine Giveaway (360 Only)


Hey guys, another giveaway for you all. This time, it’s for Bullet for My Valentine! Here’s the pack you’ll be playing for:

  • Bullet for My Valentine – Scream, Aim, Fire
  • Bullet for My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall
  • Bullet for My Valentine – Your Betrayal

All you have to do is answer some trivia on the band. We have 10 codes for the Xbox 360 to give away, so pick a question, quote it and answer in the comments below. Here’s your trivia:

  • What country are the band from/originally formed?
  • What name did the band originally form under?
  • What is the name of their latest studio album?
  • How many albums were BFMV tied to in their original contract with Sony BGM?
  • Which song from the pack received the pro guitar/bass upgrade upgrade, and what difficulty rating did both charts receive?
  • Which single is the only one to have charted on the Billboard 200?
  • What three classic rock artists has Matt Tuck said to have inspired his song writing?
  • Where did the band play one off gig in London in 2006?
  • What UK festival did the group sub headline in 2013?
  • What date was “Waking The Demon” originally released on the Rock Band store for the Xbox 360 and the PS3?

You know what to do. Quote the question, answer below. But be quick! Best of luck everyone!

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